These 10 Beautiful Menorahs Will Shine A Light On Your Holiday

There is something utterly magical about the glow of the Menorah, and the tradition of lighting the candles. This symbol of the miracle of light in the Jews' darkest of hours fills a home with a sense of purpose and history. The most beautiful menorahs are stunning, for sure, but they're also a powerful statement about history, and what it means.

This year, my family will be celebrating at our house, with various in-laws and friends, and while the children play with dreidels and the adults eat more latkes than what is socially appropriate, in the background will be the glow of the small menorah in the window. It's always been the plan to upgrade the menorah when we move, and since we've been looking for a house upstate for some time, I think this year may be the year we get something more grand. Since Hanukkah begins on the night of December 22, I'd better get a wiggle on if I want it to arrive in time to light.

The menorahs on this list range from very inexpensive to "when I get that big bonus check," and styles include electric models (which are great for homes with cats or small children). The one thing they all have in common is that they're gorgeous.


This Floral Menorah

This menorah has lovely irises as candle cups. In a traditional silver color, this menorah is subtle but shimmering.


An Oil Menorah

This is designed for oil, but I think it would also work for candles. I love the glass, and can imagine how it would cast and reflect the light.


Copper Menorah

This copper menorah looks hand-hewn, and cast in the window, it would reflect sunlight beautifully. The rustic finish is a plus, too.


LED Display Menorah

How lovely is this electric menorah? Bonus for all of you "extra" Jews; once they're lit, you can make them twinkle and chase each other. Because I'm particularly terrible, I will make horrible jokes about how we don't deserve the light every time it blinks, and my family will groan. I'm sorry, and you're welcome.


A Menorah With A Message

This menorah has a portion of the miracles prayer etched upon its surface. The multicolored beads make festive, yet modern, candle holders.


A Modern Menorah

This unique menorah is designed from ceramic materials, and it gives off an ancient vibe that really emphasizes the history of the holiday.


A Hand-Painted Menorah

Blue and white are the traditional colors of Hanukkah decor, and this one takes those colors and elevates them on the menorah.


A Designer Menorah

I love how the candles of this menorah are connected... they look almost mechanical, and in the gold, it's delightful.


A Wooden Menorah

This menorah is carved from olive wood, which is special because the oil that burned for eight days in the story of Hanukkah was pure olive oil. This is touching and beautiful.


A Menorah For Plant People

This is the perfect menorah for the plant lady in your life. Not only does it look like it was ripped from nature, the maker on Etsy has made lovely matching planters.