Multitask Like A Boss With These Beauty Products For Eyes, Lips, & Cheeks

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Multitasking is something every mom does, every day, without even realizing it half the time. What other choice do you have when you need to pack lunches, make pediatrician appointments, sign homework and put a load of laundry in the dryer all in under 10 minutes? Naturally, this uber-efficient approach makes sense when it comes to makeup, too — so when you find one amazing product for your lips, cheeks, and eyes, it's cause for serious celebration. Not only are you saving time, you're saving space in your makeup bag, too!

Perhaps our mothers and grandmothers had more time for complicated makeup routines involving multiple steps every morning, but moms today are busier than ever. You might feel like you're lucky if you can manage to brush your teeth and stick your hair in a top knot before you rush out the door. Thankfully, though, more and more brands are realizing that the time has come for streamlined beauty. So even if pulling off the perfect cat-eye is something you can only manage on special occasions, you don't have to settle for the "lip balm only" look just because you're always running late. And from mess-free makeup in stick form to sheer creams and gels that blend like a dream, these products are as foolproof as they are practical (so there's less chance of making a mistake and having to start all over again).

Once you go the multifunctional makeup route, you might never go back!


Bite Beauty Multistick


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