10 Best Advent Calendars For Moms (Because We Deserve A Daily Prize)

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'Tis the season of surprises and for many of us, that means enjoying the time-honored tradition of opening an advent calendar. Long a pastime of only the young, advent calendars have evolved to entertain the whole family, so I've compiled the best advent calendars for moms — because after playing taxi driver, short order cook, maid, and mama, I deserve a fun little surprise every day.

I remember my advent calendar growing up. It was a big, quilted thing my mom would hang on the wall, and each day we'd move a little felt toy closer and closer to Christmas. My kids have had all kinds of festive advent calendars over the years, from the traditional sort filled with chocolate to cool sticker advent calendars that work like a puzzle and so many more. But the best advent calendars for moms are way more exciting in my book, because they can include anything from high-end beauty products to cozy knitted things, to decadent, over-the-top chocolate and wine. There are way more options than there are days in Advent, so maybe do yourself a solid and buy a few. I mean, it is the holidays. What better way to reward yourself every day?


Beer Me

Beer advent calendars are all the rage, and this one is a bargain. At just $79 for 12 of the most highly-rated craft brews, this box from Give Them Beer is perfect for any beer aficionado mama.


Lush Wins

Holy, there are some serious savings happening here. This Lush Advent calendar has everything from bath bombs to shower gels, and it's packaged in a gorgeous reusable hat box. I think my daughter might actually cut me for it, so I'm going to have to hid this one from her.


Everything You Need

Why is it that small products are so much cuter than the big ones? This advent calendar from Amazon features 24 different high-end toiletries from lotions to serums to shower gels, and the adorable tree shape is perfect for the season.


A Cuppa

As a tea devotee, I can't imagine a more relaxing advent calendar out there. Although, I would caution against opening this one at night, as you might be getting a serious bite of caffeine that you won't want to consume before bed. This selection includes teas like Scandinavian elderflower and Chinese black teas.



After a long day of shopping and making merry, it might be nice to make things a whole lot merrier with your partner, am I right? You're going to want to keep this box of the 12 days of lingerie from the kids, but it is undoubtedly the most fun box on the list. Fun fact: did you know there's research out there that says that couples who are open with each other and talk about what they like sexually are happier in their marriage? That's what The Gottman Institute reported, and this advent calendar could kick off the convo.


Goodies Galore

True story: I love outlet malls, and it seems that every outlet mall I've ever been to has a Harry and David. I can't help but stop in and get a few bags of Moose Munch, and maybe pick up a gift of fancy-wrapped pears for a friend. This advent calendar has all of their best goodies, and would make a fabulous gift.


Wine On

This calendar doesn't mess around. 12 half bottles (two glasses per bottle) of wine make up this collection, and it's a great winter warmer to go with your new weighted blanket.


Color Me Ready For The Holiday

This is pretty unique. This advent calendar is actually 24 coloring book pages, each designed with an original work of art meant to be colored one day at a time. At $7, there's no reason to pass this up. It's even great for older kids and partners, so I'd buy a few. Note that it does not include markers or coloring pencils, so make sure you stock up.


For The Stationery Obsessed Mom

I am nerding out all over the place on this calendar. 24 different erasers for the holiday, which will undoubtedly come in handy to erase any resolutions you might regret come January.



I have been candle obsessed since I read the uber-popular The Little Book of Hygge a few years ago, and learned about how they are one of the keys of a cozy life. I've had them lit year-round ever since.

The book is right, it's lovely, and this advent calendar is perfect for those like me who love nothing more than a light scent and a soft glow.

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