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10 Middle Of The Night Snacks For All Your Pregnancy Cravings

Getting hungry in the middle of the night is the staple side effect of pregnancy. Growing a baby is hard work, and it requires ample energy, so it's no shock that you would be hungry around the clock. The best middle of the night snacks when you're pregnant will ease your hunger and provide you with nutrients you need.

When I was pregnant I could not eat much during the day, but for some reason, I could plow through some food late into the night. And I craved some truly bizarre foods, be it deviled eggs at 4 a.m., or salt and vinegar almonds at midnight. "Pregnancy cravings can be caused by a number of things, including hormones, a heightened sense of smell and taste, and nutritional deficiencies," Intermountain Healthcare noted on their blog. For instance, if your body is in need of vitamin C, you might go for an orange. Not only does it smell nice to even the most sensitive of noses, it's healthy and delicious. (Plus, it's dead easy to prepare.) Or perhaps you might be a tad dehydrated, so you crave shave ice or juicy pears.

Maybe, you're not deficient in anything other than a sensation of being full, so you make a bowl of popcorn and toss in peanut M&Ms and sprinkle the whole things with chili powder and salt, because you're pregnant, and it's delicious. (It also causes nasty heartburn, so maybe don't eat this one in the middle of the night.)


Frozen Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas

I had the worst leg cramps when I was pregnant. The muscles in my lower calves would seize up so badly that I could see it happening. The Harvard Health Blog noted that diets rich in magnesium and potassium can help prevent these nightmarish occurrences.

Frozen dark chocolate covered bananas, (they sell them in the freezer section of Trader Joe's) work well for this because bananas have potassium and dark chocolate has a ton of magnesium, according to the Cleveland Clinic.


French Fries Dipped In Guacamole

Hear me out. This goes back to the achy legs and cramps, as avocados are rich in magnesium, and potatoes are dense with potassium, as per the University of Michigan, but also, the duo satisfies something deep within the well of the pregnant psyche that wants you to eat different combinations when you're pregnant.

French fries are easily reheated in the toaster oven or air fryer, and packaged guacamoles are getting better and better. Together? They are ethereal.



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I got so bloated when I was pregnant, but at times, I was also really dehydrated from vomiting all of the time. LiveScience wrote that watermelon has a unique composition that has both diuretic and hydrating properties, so you can debloat and get the fluids you need while crunching away on this delicious fruit.


Cold Pizza

There is no other reason for this selection other than there is something wonderfully sensual about eating cold pizza, straight from the fridge, in the middle of the night, with your belly and underboob area getting the delightful breeze from the chilly refrigerator.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Who is going to complain about your breath (or other air that might leave your body and not smell great... yes, I'm talking about gas)? Your partner? Are they pregnant? Do they have these cravings? Are they currently manufacturing a whole human in the recesses of their person? No? Their opinion doesn't matter, and Johns Hopkins Health wrote on their blog that eggs are great for pregnant moms.



It's full of calcium, and the Cleveland Clinic wrote that it's one of the best foods you can eat when you're pregnant, but let's be honest, it's also easy to eat when you're half asleep, it's filling, and some of them even come with crunchy stuff to dump into your yogurt, like granola or nuts.


Your Partner's Leftovers

You're pregnant and you deserve that pasta carbonara more than they do by default.



It's healthy and full of magnesium and potassium, healthy fats and protein. Plus, in the middle of the night, no one is there to judge you if you scrape the last bits of the container with your finger and lick it off.



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Folate is a key nutrient needed during pregnancy, and it just so happens that they add it to many cereals, including Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. Both of which are delicious in the middle of the night, and the combination of protein from the milk and the whole grains in the Cheerios will help you fall asleep , according to a report on CBS News.


Sweet Potatoes With Peanut Butter

The Cleveland Clinic explained that Vitamin A is crucial during pregnancy, and sweet potatoes are chock full of the fat soluble vitamin. I love keeping roasted sweet potatoes in the fridge and topping them with drizzles of peanut butter. It's tasty warm or cold, really filling, and super healthy.