10 Breastfeeding Moments That Prove You're A Badass Mom

by Kristi Pahr

Breastfeeding your baby is an amazing thing, but it can be hard and scary and emotional and just damn difficult, especially when you're starting out. It's not uncommon for new moms to question what they are doing and aren't confident that they've made the right choice. It's not uncommon to seek some validation, or at least a sign you're on the right breastfeeding track. Thankfully, there are more than a few breastfeeding moments that prove you're a badass mom.

When my oldest son was a newborn, I blew up Google with an onslaught of breastfeeding questions. Inquiries like, "How long should my baby nurse on each side?" and, "What if my baby falls asleep while nursing?" and, "How do you know if baby is getting enough milk?" and, of course, "How do you know baby is actually nursing?" only made me increasingly nervous and unsure. In other words, I was a mess. I was so unsure and so nervous about my ability to breastfeed and sustain my son, so I was definitely not feeling like much of a badass.

In those initial breastfeeding moments, I definitely could have used someone to tell me all the things my body was doing right, all the things that are so incredible about breastfeeding, and all the things I was providing for my son. Then, maybe, I would've been a little more confident in my abilities. So, with that in mind, here are just breastfeeding moments that prove you're a complete and total badass. Keep up the awesome work, ladies.

That Very First Latch

There are few moments in life that are more amazing than the first time you nurse your baby. That first latch is magical and reminds you of the incredible thing your body just did and will continue to do.

You nurtured your baby inside your body and now you're nurturing your baby outside your body. Your journey is just beginning.

When You Keep Going Even Though It Hurts

Just because it's natural does not mean it's easy. Sometimes, breastfeeding is hard and sometimes breastfeeding hurts and blisters, cracked nipples, latch issues, and lip ties are definitely things. The fact that women go through the aforementioned, all in the name of feeding their children, just proves how badass women are.

When It Finally Hits You That Your Body Makes Milk

Your body literally makes food. Everything your baby needs to survive comes from you and your breasts. That is so freaking badass, I can't even.

When You Nurse In Public

The first time you go out and your baby starts to squirm and fuss and you know exactly what you need to do to settle him or her down. Whether you go find a private spot or just pull your boob out and do what needs to be done, you are uniquely equipped to calm your baby. That is an empowering and badass feeling.

When You Pump

Pumping is unpleasant and time consuming and just generally a pain in the ass. If you commit to exclusively pumping or pumping so your baby can have your milk when you are unable to nurse, you are a legit badass, because really, pumping sucks.

When You Have To Change Your Diet

You suspect your baby has a food sensitivity so you start an elimination diet. Checking ingredients, changing recipes, avoiding your faves (which can including avoiding cheese which, you know, is hell); elimination diets can be nothing short of hardcore. Sticking with it so your baby can nurse is intense. If that's you, and you're literally giving up cheese for the benefit of your child, you're a badass.

When Your Baby Thrives

Those fat rolls? The baby cankles? Yeah, you did that. Your baby is gaining weight and thriving off what your body is creating. That is some badass mama magic.

When You Keep Nursing Even Though You Get Side-eye

Not everyone in your family or circle of friends is entirely supportive of you breastfeeding, but you do it anyway. Carry on, badass. Feed that baby with pride.

When You Hit Another Milestone

Six weeks? Badass. Three months? Badass. Six months? A year? Now you're breastfeeding a 2-year-old toddler? You're a freaking rockstar.

When You Wean

Regardless of when you wean, looking back over your breastfeeding journey and knowing that you fed your baby with love is a feeling unlike any other. It's not easy to sustain another human life with your body, and nothing but your body. You are such a badass, mama.