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10 Cat Names Inspired By The Royal Family, Because Felines Reign Supreme

Just like the trendiness of certain baby names can be influenced by popular members of the royal family, so are the names people choose for their pets. And just because the Queen has long been associated with a certain fondness for dogs doesn't mean that cat owners can't look to the monarchy for moniker ideas — felines have always had a place in the palace, too. So what are some regal cat names inspired by the royal family?

Since cats clearly consider themselves to be royalty, it only makes sense that they should share their name with a prince or princess. Supercilious and demanding, cats won't lift a paw if they don't feel like it, nor do they have to... because cats know exactly how to make everyone wait on them hand and foot with just a swish of the tail. You're not really your cat's owner, as much as you might like to believe you're the one in charge; you're her servant, and she knows it. With their easy affection and obvious enthusiasm, dogs are like the commoners lining up to snap pics of a royal carriage as it passes; cats are like the royalty inside, aloof and mysterious. Dogs love everybody, whereas cats will make you work for their love... but true cat people don't mind putting their kitty on a pedestal.

Choose one of these royal names for your cat and you'll never forget that your pet is a cut above the rest. (Not that she'd let you forget, of course.)



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Proving how beloved the late Princess Diana will remain forever, research from Banfield Pet Hospital showed that the name was still popular with pet owners in 2017, Parade reported, particularly for cats: 43 percent more dogs and 54 percent more cats were named for William and Harry's beautiful mom.



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The same research from Banfield Pet Hospital found that George was the most popular royally-inspired pet name in 2017 (that's one charismatic little guy!).



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It's no surprise that Charlotte is another popular choice (#2 on the list), considering that she pretty much has the world wrapped around her charming little finger. A lovely name for a cat who knows she's lovely.



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Harry is a name that instantly gives a pet (or person) plenty of character, especially if you're choosing it with the effortlessly appealing Prince Harry — now Duke of Sussex — in mind. Obviously perfect for an orange tabby.



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William might seem like a formal name for a cat, but it's also a classic... even if Prince William and his family are currently the owners of a dog, hamster, and several chickens. (Surely there's room for a cat in the mix? As long as it's kept away from the chickens and the hamster.)



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Kate Middleton made headlines when she met the feline star of A Street Cat Named Bob at the film's premiere, mostly because "Bob" appeared less than impressed with the Duchess. Still, Kate is a super cute name for a cat (Kate the Kitty!).



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It's pretty safe to assume that Meghan Markle likes cats (who can forget the incredibly popular "kitty flats" she wore to mark her "return to Instagram" back in 2017, as InStyle reported?). She'd definitely approve of a cat being named in her honor!



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No statistics yet on how many pets have been named after the newest royal, but you can bet the name is growing in popularity for humans and animals alike.



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Yes, she's obsessed with Corgis. But Queen Elizabeth loves cats, too, as a series of drawings she made when she was a toddler revealed, according to Catington Post.



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Interestingly, while Camilla was something of a controversial addition to the royal family, the list from Banfield Pet Hospital found 92 percent more cats were named Camila, a variation of Camilla (Prince Charles’ wife), in 2017.