10 Cheap Graduation Gifts For Preschoolers That Are Actually Priceless

Graduation gifts aren't just for teens leaving high school behind or young adults ditching their dorms for good. Preschool graduation is a pretty big deal, too — not to mention an emotional one (probably more for you than your kid though, TBH). Not only does it signify an important early academic moment, it also represents the transition from little kid to big kid (like, for real this time). How did it happen so fast? Sadly, you can't stop time... but you can make this moment a special one. So what are some great, cheap graduation gifts for preschoolers? (Hey, just because you want the moment to be special doesn't mean you have to dip into her college fund.)

Luckily, even though she's a big kid now, that doesn't mean she needs a big, expensive gift. Something fun, something meaningful, something that shows how proud you are of all her accomplishments this year... that's all you really have to think about. Of course, it doesn't hurt to choose a present that will help to prepare her for next year — and there are lots of ways to do that for around $20 or less. Which is a good thing, because remember that aforementioned college fund? You should probably start contributing to it now. (But first, check out these gifts.)

1'The Wonderful Things You Will Be' by Emily Winfield Martin


A bestselling book for a reason, this beautifully illustrated tale encourages little ones to think big about the future, including lines like: "Will you stand up for good/By saving the day?/Or play a song only you/Know how to play?"

2'Straight Outta Preschool' T-Shirt


Soft, comfortable, and hilarious, the design on this t-shirt is actually dyed into the fabric — no screen printing or vinyl involved — so you won't have to worry about it peeling or cracking, no matter how many times you wash it (a lot of times).

3Deluxe School Memories Keepsake Photo Album


The coolest thing about this school memories album is that it's a keepsake meant to last for your little one's entire academic career, with pages for preschool through 12th grade where special papers, pictures, and other treasures can be saved.

4Graduation Dog With Autograph Pen


Not only is this friendly-looking stuffed dog a great opportunity for your graduate and all his pals to practice their name-writing skills, it's going to be ridiculously awwww-inducing to look back at those scrawled signatures in years to come.

5Personalized Peanuts Backpack

Pottery Barn

Give them a gift that shows they're ready for the big leagues (a.k.a. kindergarten) with a backpack featuring some of their favorite characters (which just happens to be marked down from $45!). It's an extra $10 for personalization.

6Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank


It's never too early to start teaching kids that small change can really add up, and because you can watch the screen change as this digital piggy bank automatically counts and totals new coins, this bank is also a fun way to work on basic math skills.

7ALEX Toys Artist Studio Colossal Art Set


Originally priced at over $50, this art set includes everything your creative soon-to-be kindergartener could ever need to tackle school projects, rainy afternoons, and sudden bursts of inspiration.

8Learning Resources Plastic Pattern Blocks


A bright and cheerful block set including 250 pieces with 6 different shapes (including hexagons, trapexoids, squares, triangles, and parallelograms), working with these pieces is a perfect way to build those all-important STEM skills.

9Mudpuppy Jumbo 'Our World' Puzzle


As little ones start figuring out just how big the world out there really is, help them to figure out their place in it (and dream about future travels) with this educational but still super fun puzzle. Bonus: The pieces are just the right size (i.e., not too big).

10Monopoly Junior Game


Now that she's headed off to elementary school, she's ready for "real" board games; in fact, they'll help her to practice things like taking turns, counting, and so on. This simplified version of the classic is challenging (but not too challenging), and you'll actually have fun playing along.