10 Cute Cat Halloween 2018 Costumes That You'll Want To Pounce On Stat


Cats have no idea what Halloween is (and chances are they wouldn't care if they did), but that doesn't mean they don't look absolutely adorable in costume. Maybe you're having a Halloween party and want to show off your fur baby to your friends, or maybe you're trying to get your cat Instagram famous one holiday at a time. Maybe you just really like how your kitty's grumpy face looks when it's squished into a hat. Whatever your reason, you're looking for a Halloween costume for your cat, and I support you completely. Why waste an opportunity to make an already cute animal even cuter?

Plus, if there's ever been a time when the cat-loving community needs to come together for positive PR, it's now. Dogs are officially more popular than cats online after years of feline dominance, The Outline reported, and I refuse to take that lying down. Yes, there are still plenty of famous cats to follow on Instagram, but this is no time to get complacent. You need to remind the world that kittens reign supreme.

The good news is there's no shortage of costume options if you're dressing up your cat (or any of your other pets) this year. Whether you're going for a classic animal disguise or a more elaborate movie reference, someone with an insanely fun job has made the ideal costume for your feline. Read on to discover some of the best cat costumes on the market this year, and prepare yourself for the cutest Halloween looks you've ever seen.

Sushi Rollin

Sushi Roll Cat Costume


Talk about cute enough to eat. From the seaweed-wrapped sushi piece to the roll hat, everything about this costume screams wrapped to perfection. Bonus: the suit attaches with Velcro, making it easy to get on and off your furry friend.

The Jaws of Life

Funny Cat Shark Costume


Jaws would have ended quite differently if a cutie in this costume had jumped out of the water instead of the giant shark. With its thick fabric and a hood that slips on and off, this suit is perfect for outdoor cats running around during spooky season.

Darth Vader

Rubie's Star Wars Collection Pet Costume


Troublemaking cats can finally give in to the dark side with this 'Star Wars'-inspired look. Plus, the outfit is made for dogs and cats, so even bigger felines should be able to fit into the Overlord's costume. May the force be with you, indeed.

Paw-lice Cat

Police Cat Costume


Somebody call the paw-lice because this is so adorable it should be illegal. Even better, the uniform only goes over your cat's front legs, so your little guy won't be uncomfortable while on cuteness-duty.

Slice of Heaven

Pizza Slice Pet Suit


I actually squealed when I saw this costume because oh my god. The suit goes around all four legs for a secure fit, instantly transforming your cat into the most adorable snack of all time.

I Wanna See Your Peacock

Peacock Cat Costume


I'm imagining Tweety Bird tricking Sylvester into wearing this costume, and that mental image alone is enough to convince me to buy this ensemble (I don't even have a cat). This two-piece goes on easily thanks to a Velcro attachment, and the headpiece should fit your buddy no matter the size of her head thanks to the elastic headband. I'll take 10, please.

King Purrington

Bootique King Purrington Cat Costume


Finally, a costume worthy of cats everywhere. Your cat will probably never want to take off the plush, faux-fur fabric cape, though the Velcro-attachable hat might just be for special occasions. Bow down, humans.

King of the Jungle

Lion Mane Wig


This wig simply slips over your cat's head to transform him into the king of the jungle. Start working on your roars, kittens.

Bumblebee Cat Costume

Bumbleebee Cat Costume


I didn't think it was possible for cats to get any cuter until I saw this costume, and now I'm all abuzz. The black and yellow striped bodice attaches with three buttons, and the antennae are built into the hood, so it's ridiculously easy to put on too. Could it *bee* any better than this?

Dragon Cat Costume

Night Fury Dragon Costume


There's a new mother of dragons in town, and you probably need to change her litter box. From the horned hood to the winged tail, this outfit is perfect for a fiery transformation. Pro tip: the costume tends to run small, so order a size up to make sure your cat doesn't feel too constrained.