10 Cute Cat Halloween 2018 Costumes That You'll Want To Pounce On Stat


Cats have no idea what Halloween is (and chances are they wouldn't care if they did), but that doesn't mean they don't look absolutely adorable in costume. Maybe you're having a Halloween party and want to show off your fur baby to your friends, or maybe you're trying to get your cat Instagram famous one holiday at a time. Maybe you just really like how your kitty's grumpy face looks when it's squished into a hat. Whatever your reason, you're looking for a Halloween costume for your cat, and I support you completely. Why waste an opportunity to make an already cute animal even cuter?

Plus, if there's ever been a time when the cat-loving community needs to come together for positive PR, it's now. Dogs are officially more popular than cats online after years of feline dominance, The Outline reported, and I refuse to take that lying down. Yes, there are still plenty of famous cats to follow on Instagram, but this is no time to get complacent. You need to remind the world that kittens reign supreme.

The good news is there's no shortage of costume options if you're dressing up your cat (or any of your other pets) this year. Whether you're going for a classic animal disguise or a more elaborate movie reference, someone with an insanely fun job has made the ideal costume for your feline. Read on to discover some of the best cat costumes on the market this year, and prepare yourself for the cutest Halloween looks you've ever seen.