Here Are 10 Super Cute Earth Day Crafts To Try With Your Kids

Earth Day isn't like other holidays. We don't have big family gatherings to celebrate, and we don't spend tons of money on stuff we don't need as gifts. Instead, the best way to honor Earth Day (April 22) is by doing things that are good for the planet, our bodies, and our spirits, like creating something new and beautiful out of found or recycled objects. Getting into some Earth Day crafts for kids can help to keep your family busy and tap into their creative side while they're doing their part for the planet.

But your kids aren't into crafts, you say. Or maybe you think that your family just doesn't have the artistic talent. Here's the thing: Crafting is not necessarily about the end product (although it’s always nice when your project turns out pretty, or somewhat like you intended it to). It’s more about the bonding that occurs as you try to build something together, laughing at your mistakes and learning how to make them right. And it’s also about accepting the imperfections in your artwork (and in your life, really), and loving them anyway. And isn't that a lesson Mother Earth would want you to learn?

Plus, crafting can help to relieve anxiety and improve focus and self-esteem. So give your masterpieces a meaning with these 10 easy Earth Day crafts for kids to celebrate the planet and each other.


Juice Can Lid Garland

30 Minute Crafts

Instead of chucking all of those juice cans into the recycling bin, you can create some artwork out of the lids. This craft, which comes from 30 Minute Crafts, consists of some can lids, a paintbrush, ribbon, scissors, and other household tools that will ultimately transform into a garland that will look gorgeous painted with any colors.


Kawaii Unicorn Mason Jar

Creative Green Living

Give your plant a new (and pretty!) home with this adorable unicorn mason jar planter. All you’ll need for this craft, which comes from Creative Green Living, is a planter, some felt sheets to turn into roses, glitter, a hot glue gun, a marker — and oh yeah, a plant to put in it.


DIY Floral Birdhouse

30 Minute Crafts

You can welcome beautiful birds to their new abode with this sweet birdhouse from 30 Minute Crafts. Although this one uses a pre-made birdhouse, you can always make one out of a shoebox or any other cardboard box you might have on hand.


Flower Pounding

Pink Stripey Socks

Sure, you could pick some pretty flowers and put them in the vase, but wheres the fun in that? Instead, make some awesome artwork with this Flower Pounding idea from Pink Stripey Socks. Just take some flowers, a paper towel, paper, and a hammer, and start whacking away. You’ll have a pretty design — and get out some aggression, too.


Milk Carton Bird Feeder

To make this super cute and easy milk carton bird feeder craft from Crayola, all you need are some art supplies, an empty milk carton, and bird seed (of course). Your feathered friends will thank you.


Grass Crowns

Delia Creates

Now that your kiddos are eating lunch at Chez Mom’s more frequently, you probably have a surplus of brown paper lunch bags. So put some of them to good use with this Grass Crowns craft from Delia Creates. It’s a super easy craft that only requires a brown paper bag, some green crayons, and the patience to cut the strips of grass. Be ready to crown your kid the King or Queen of Earth Day.


Painted Rocks

Mod Podge Rocks

Give all those rocks that your kiddo has been picking up on your daily walks a pretty purpose. This idea from the Mod Podge Rocks blog makes rock painting a pretty easy process. Look for stones that have a somewhat smooth surface to make painting easier, and be sure to have your supplies (like paint, Sharpies, paintbrushes, and a clear brush-on or spray sealer) on hand.


Ladybug Bug Catcher

Creative Green Living

If things are buzzing in your backyard, this cute little Ladybug Catcher from Creative Green Living can help you see nature up close and personal. It uses a recycled earth-friendly jar, and all you’ll need to do is paint the lid. Top it off with some googly eyes and fuzzy antennas made from chenille stems, and you’re good to go bug hunting.


Paper Bag Stars

This paper bag star craft from Crayola looks like the kind of thing you'd have to be Martha Stewart to master, but the step-by-step instructions are actually surprisingly simple. And the results are so impressive! Plus, it gives you something to do with the zillions of paper bags lying around the house.


Mod Podge Reusable Water Bottles

Handmade Charlotte

If you’re taking lots of spring walks around your nabe, you’re going to need something to keep your kids healthy and hydrated. Reusable water bottles (like the ones from Handmade Charlotte) allow your kiddos to get creative with their H2O. You can use any scraps of colorful or printed paper you have on hand, along with some Mod Podge gloss and a brush.