Unique cupcakes with sharks and green frosting with white.

Your Baby Sharks Will Attack These 10 Easy & Adorable Shark Week Desserts

Let's face it, some weeks are better than others. And friends, I'm here to tell you that Discovery Channel's Shark Week, happening from July 28 through August 4 this year, is chomping through the competition to become many people's favorite week of the year. Whether you find them frightening, fascinating, or both, there's no denying that sharks are captivating, especially for kids. So what better way to celebrate sharks in all their glory than by taking a bite out of these easy Shark Week desserts?

It's hard to believe that Shark Week has been around for 31 years. In that time, it's grown from one show where people observed sharks in submerged cages to a complete cultural phenomenon that has broken ratings records for Discovery, according to an article on Digiday.com. This year, Discovery's plans for Shark Week include the event's first scripted feature-length film, as well as a host of other new shows certain to have you on the edge of your seat.

So whether you're planning a Shark Week-themed party, or just want to try some fun desserts out with your kiddos to usher in the festivities, the 10 easy shark-themed desserts below are guaranteed to get fin-tastic reviews.


Mini Jello Aquariums

Ok, take a seat because this is so freaking clever I can hardly stand it. These mini Jello aquariums from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen are so colorful, fun, and easy to make you literally have no excuse not to try them.


Shark Frenzy Ice Cream

Honestly, I almost stopped writing this article so I could make this shark frenzy ice cream from A Night Owl's blog. You'll need about 20 minutes to prepare (no ice cream maker needed) and then at least five hours for it to freeze. I can feel the glorious brain freeze already!


Shark Popsicles

All you need for these tasty shark popsicles from All for the Boys are some shark gummies, a clear or blue drink (such as a sports drink or lemonade) and a popsicle mold. Simple and oh-so-fun to bite into.


Kid's Shark Drink

Dessert doesn't have to mean a baked good, and this kid's shark drink from Desert Chica is the perfect way to cool off after you've sweat it out watching all those shark attacks. p.s. I'm pretty sure you could add some vodka to this and make it a "big kid's" shark drink. You're welcome.


Super Sweet Sharks

These super sweet sharks from blogger Bakerella are a bit more involved than some of the other desserts here, but once you bust these shark-shaped red velvet cake pops out for your friends and family, their reactions will be worth the work.


Marshmallow Fluff Shark Fin Cookie Cups

These marshmallow fluff shark fin cookie cups from the Young at Heart Mommy are made easy if you take her suggestion to use pre-made, ready-to-bake cookies. Kids will love helping you put these together before they gobble them all up.


Shark Bait Snack Mix

When it comes to desserts that are a mix of sweet and salty, I'm like a shark who just sensed blood in the water: all over that sh*t. This shark bait snack mix from the blog A Few Shortcuts is the perfect combo of popcorn, white chocolate, and fish gummies that will please all your taste buds. And, you can even download the adorable shark bait printable popcorn box to complete the treat.


Watermelon Shark

Can you even handle this? Because I, for one, most certainly cannot. This adorable watermelon shark from the Gluesticks blog is the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of, and by the looks of her directions, not as challenging to accomplish as one might think. Fill it with the fruit and candy of your choice and then bask in your shark dessert glory.


Shark Cupcakes

I had to post a picture of the inside because OMG it's genius: strawberry preserves that look like blood when you bite in! These creative shark cupcakes from Meg's Everyday Indulgence are the perfect treat for every shark fan with a sense of humor and a sweet tooth.


Shark Tooth Party Snack

Can you guess what makes the base for these clever little shark tooth snacks from Kara Carrero of Extremely Good Parenting? Bugles! I haven't had those chips in ages but still remember how much fun it was to pretend they were teeth. Now you can make them a sweet tooth treat with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar. Your littles are going to love playing with these almost as much as eating them.