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These Elizabeth Warren Halloween Costumes Are What Your Neighborhood Needs

Halloween is basically a time to live out your wildest aspirations, whether it's adopting a certain personality or wearing an outfit you wouldn't otherwise put on. And the same goes for kids — so if your little one is already showing political aspirations, then, really, why wouldn't you help them pursue an Elizabeth Warren Halloween costume? When a parent's creative inspiration and a child's love for dress up come together, they can make Halloween magic.

There are so many reasons why dressing up as the Massachusetts senator makes perfect sense for your kid. Because, seriously, Warren is working it on the campaign trail, and there's really no reason why your kid can't bring that energy to hitting up houses while trick-or-treating. Plus, why not give them a chance dress up this Halloween as an educated, bad*ss woman whose speech on the Senate floor led to a movement and her own #LetLizSpeak hashtag?

Yeah, so if you have a change-maker on your hands, then the 70-year-old, Oklahoma-born grandmother is basically the costume your little one needs. Here's everything required to pull off the Warren's look, including her staple black camisole and pants, as well as suggestions for a colorful blazer to bring it all together.


A Bold Blazer Or Cardigan

There is no other piece that is more important to an Elizabeth Warren costume — except for maybe the wire-rimmed glasses, but we'll get there — than the addition of a vibrant blazer or cardigan. You can go with her tried-and-true democratic blue:

Or try an equally bold cardigan in a number of hues, like this yellow one from H&M.


A Black Tank And Leggings

In addition to a colorful blazer or cardigan, Warren's staple pieces appear to be a black camisole paired with black pants. And with a variety of basic kids' tanks and leggings out there, that's an easy costume element to nail.


Sensible Shoes

While you're out costume shopping, don't forget to snag a simple pair of black flats, like these from Target:

Or if your Sen. Warren is a little one, than this toddler option will do the trick:



OK, this detail is kind of essential: The classic Elizabeth Warren wire-rimmed glasses. Studious, smart and basically the eyewear version of "I have a plan for that," these glasses are a must.


Candidate-Worthy Accessories

Sen. Warren is no stranger to making a statement, so these accessories seem like a natural pick for any costume meant to depict the former law school professor.

For starters, this "Nevertheless She Persisted" button is a spot-on pick given that the viral phrase was the result of a 2017 statement given by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as to why Warren was silenced by the Senate during a floor speech where she read a letter from Coretta Scott King.

Of course, you can also always opt for a campaign button because that's an easy way for your little trick-or-treater to let everyone know who she is.

And, really, if neither of those are an option, then take a cue from Warren and arm your little one with the words of Taylor Swift. During a 2016 speech at Bridgewater State University, the Washington Post reported that Warren said (and sang) of the "haters": "As one of the great philosophers of our time has said… 'haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.'"