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You & Martha Stewart Would Totally Agree That These Fall Decor Trends Are #Goals

by Cat Bowen

There is no home maven more famous than Martha Stewart. She is the holiday decorating superhero by whose standard we all judge ourselves. Her style is chic, bougie farm estate with a hint of snobbish whimsy. Basically, she is goals. Her Halloween decor is absolutely legendary, and she's been making all of us step up our game for years. In honor of the hostess with the mostess, I've found a bunch of fall decorating trends Martha Stewart and you can agree on.

Her Halloween home transformations have ranged from kitschy goth to cute and light. The one thread that remains consistent through the years is that she has always had a few handmade elements scattered throughout. She might have cut crystal candlesticks, but they'll be supporting tiny handmade pumpkins, or she might have Wedgewood table settings with a pumpkin punch bowl. The way she flawlessly mixes what could be over-the-top opulence with a little bit of understated easiness makes her designs the ones to emulate.

Also, since she's friends with Snoop Dogg, you know that her parties are absolutely going to be the most fun, and no one is going to go home wishing they hadn't bothered attending in the first place. To put it simply, we do not deserve Martha Stewart.


Enchanted Wreath

Is this not the most gorgeous skull wreath you've ever seen? I can totally see how this could end up in a Martha Stewart Halloween.

I want it to be a part of my Halloween. In fact, I want to design my whole Halloween theme around this wreath. The colors, the creepy foliage, the skulls that look like they could set curses on everyone. All of it.


Black Pine Wreath

Why on earth do I only have one front door? Do the truly wealthy have more than one? Is this a secret of the super rich that I can dream about so I can have and use this wreath, too? Maybe I'll just hang this one inside like it's styled on the website. I can hang it in front of my bookshelf that holds my horror novels. (Yes, I have an entire bookshelf for horror novels. It's a thing.)


Skull Decanter Set

I am filling this with gin and keeping it out all year long. I can be a goth witch character from Mad Men. Whenever I have guests, I can simultaneously impress and terrify my guests when I roll out my bar cart. It goes really well with my millennial pink recliner from Ikea. Right?


Cute and Cheap

The queen of the home has had affordable lines of products for years. She was one of the first to bring luxury to the masses. Products like this velveteen skull straddle that line between luxury and affordability, and I am here for it.


Straight Fancy

I love Z Gallerie. Everything in there looks like my fancy grandmother designed it, and that makes it fantastic. It's all reasonably priced, but glittery, gold, and sometimes a bit gauche in the best way. These pumpkins are truly something else.


Gorgeous Garland

If I didn't live in a New York City apartment, this would be over my fireplace. I would gaze at it, and point it out in all of my Instagram stories. "Look at my garland, isn't it gorgeous?"


Super Cool Glassware

This would go really well with my new skull decanter, right? Say I'm mixing up a French 75, and I need a wine glass. I pour my gin from my skull decanter into the skeleton wine glass, top it with champagne and simple syrup. All while my guests wonder why they're drinking from bones in February. OK, they're my guests, they know what's up. Styles range from $25 to $30.


Summon The Dead Or Maybe Just Cheese

How often have you wondered, "Man, I just wish I could get some help from the undead with this charcuterie board?" If you're anything like me, it's been at least a dozen times. Now, with this spirit board cheese tray, you can ask your dead dairy farmer relative from Italy which gorgonzola goes with pumpkin jam.


This Punch Bowl

So I'm working on a theme. I think the punch will have to be non-alcoholic, though. My kids would want something out of the bowl for sure.


Pumpkin Chic

Another delightful, affordable option from the place where all of my money goes. Maybe this is why I only have one front door and no fireplace.