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10 Fascinating Facts About Aquarius Babies, According To Astrologists

If you've given birth between Jan. 20 and Feb. 20, your baby is a for-real Aquarius bundle. And like all of the zodiac signs, there are definitely some fascinating facts about Aquarius babies. Your birth chart — though not set in stone as predestination — can definitely tell you a lot about yourself, and this includes your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, etc. However, your sun sign is what most people are focusing on when they ask you about "your sign." And that's understandable since it is closely related to your identity, according to astrologists.

So what is an Aquarius' identity like? Overall, the energy of an Aquarius is freedom-loving and charitable according to Lumi Pelinku, "The Celestial Astrologer" and spiritual coach. "They are ruled by the planet Uranus, and if you are familiar with this planet’s appearance, the rings that surrounds the planet are vertical as opposed to horizontal, which in itself is what describes an Aquarius personality — beyond the norm and otherworldly," she tells Romper.

Basically, "be prepared to raise an absent-minded genius," says Suzie Kerr Wright, an astrologer, psychic medium, Reiki master, and certified life coach. "They're inventors, creative, and hilariously funny."

As far as what makes an Aquarius baby different from children with other signs, Wright tells Romper, "They're always just a little bit different, and see things that no one else does and in a way no one else does. They can't tolerate injustice, and will be the ones who become friends with the 'misfits' and outcasts. They generally do have a lot of friends from many different backgrounds."

Check out more fascinating facts about Aquarius babies and children and just what makes them different. You may have just given birth to the next Albert(a) Einstein.


Aquarians love groups.

"Children that are Aquarius have a love of forming groups and sharing their stroke of genius ideas with other children," Pelinku says. "They are inclined to form cliques that contain all the walks of life. They are thought-provoking at times, and this can be quite intimidating to other children because of their bizarre ideas. It takes time for humanity to catch on their point, but eventually their message will be received open-heartedly."


They're absentmindedly brilliant.

"Curious, wandering, and forgetful, they seem to be daydreaming, but they're really processing everything they see/hear at a super fast rate. They are like the brilliant professor who puts his shirt on backwards and doesn't know," Wright says. "They're definitely brilliant but lacking common sense sometimes. They wander from curiosity to curiosity and then forget where they were going. You'll get notes from teachers about how they have trouble paying attention, but they're super smart, acing tests, and staying ahead of other students in school."


They express their emotions through creations and inventions.

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"They're extremely inventive, although they probably couldn't tell you what made them think to build or draw or create something. They just know that they're supposed to create a certain outcome and they do it. But they can't tell you before they start how they're going to do it," Wright says.

If you ever wanted a kiddo that walks to the beat of their own drum, Pelinku says you've got one in an Aquarius. These children are emotional beings, but don't always express it openly. Instead, they'll "harness their energy toward their creations, and this mindset will carry on throughout their lifetime. Many will be inspired by their ways of being because of their continuous dedication of giving back to humanity rather than serving themselves."


They don't miss a thing.

"When they're little ones, they'll embarrass you by asking questions about things you didn't think they heard or understood because they're so curious," Wright says. "For example, if they overhear you talking about someone and saying they've got 'issues,' you can bet your Aquarian little one will walk right up to that person next time they see them and ask, 'What does it mean that you have issues?' And then you're faced with the task of explaining how they heard it."

Oh boy. OK, so a kid who doesn't miss a thing. And also will "want you to explain things in explicit detail, and they don't understand subtlety," Wright adds.

Bonus: this kid will also remember everything and use it against you later, according to Pelinku. "They store information in their sharp minds like an internet archive. So be mindful of the impact you can be to your Aquarian child’s life."


Aquarians need to figure things out on their own.

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"You have to learn to let them figure out why something is not a good idea if you tell them they can't or shouldn't do something. They need to sort it out themselves, then they'll pick the right thing," Wright says.


They will surprise you.

"They will keep you on your toes when it comes to what they believe or need. Just when you think you have them figured out, it changes. And they'll surprise you with their amazing talent for making this world a better place," Wright says.


Aquarians always think outside of the box.

"Parents of Aquarius children will be inspired to think beyond the box, or change the box altogether," Pelinku says. "These children are geniuses from the start, and will teach parents to always take chances as opposed to living according to the collective’s conformity. Aquarians are naturally determined without being ostentatious, and they share their strength through helping others."


They're accident-prone.

I mean, you should probably keep an eye on your kid no matter what, but Pelinku says an Aquarius is often so into their own thoughts that they can become accident-prone.


They're "eternally curious."

Wright says, "Aquarians are eternally curious. You can expect the unexpected and you'll learn a lot from them. They never meet a stranger — their curiosity makes them want to talk to everyone and they ask incredibly insightful questions. Even as little ones, they're almost like an old person. An old, insightful soul. With a twist." I feel like maybe you should keep a notebook around while parenting your little Aquarius to write everything they say down.


Aquarians can be unpredictable.

And, like all children, Aquarius babies aren't exactly known for consistency. "They can be calm and happy one minute, then fly into a rage unexpectedly and no amount of logic or emotional support will pull them out of it. They can be very hard to understand as their minds work so differently," Wright says. But, "they are consistent with their inconsistency." Hashtag blessed.

So if you do have an Aquarius baby, be prepared for them to grow into an eccentric, brilliant, creative, yet kind-hearted individual who always tries to help others, do the right thing, and include everyone. Also be prepared to censor everything you say around them so you don't have an awkward situation on your hands. You never know, they could be the next great inventor and everyone's favorite absent-minded professor.