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Aquarius girl baby names
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These Aquarius Girl Names Are Just Right For Your Clever Baby

These names are perfect for your smart, loyal water-bearer babe.

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If you’re expecting an Aquarius baby this year, then you’re getting into crunch-time to pick out a name (not to stress you out or anything). Aquarius season falls between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, and while the word “aqua” appears upfront in “Aquarius,” Aquarians are actually Air signs who are said to be water-bearers, bringing water to land. These names for your Aquarius baby girl capture both the airiness and the watery elements of their sign, and some also shed light on the best qualities of Aquarians. They’re said to be fast-learners, wise, empathetic, free-thinkers, good friends, and full of energy (so buckle up).

Whether you know you’re having a girl or it’ll be a surprise, you’ll likely want to have a name ready to go (because it’s hard to make decisions about what to eat, let alone what to name a child, in those hazy days after birth). If you or your partner are having trouble agreeing or you could just use some fresh inspiration, check out these names for Aquarius baby girls. Some pay homage to the water-bearer, others are inspired by the free-spirited nature of the Air sign, and some are a nod to the cold, quiet winter season.

These Aquarius baby girl names are just as strong and charming as your baby will be.



A unique alternative to Nora, Nova is a Greek name meaning "new, original." It’s an unusual name that still lands in Social Security’s top 50 girls names. The name has a celestial vibe fit for your one-of-a-kind Aquarius.



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Meaning “noble strength,” Audrey is a name that’s due for a resurgence. Known for their bravery and courage, this name sums up some of the best qualities of Aquarius babies (even if their courage sometimes meanings jumping out of their cribs).



Meaning “sky blue” in Spanish, the name Azure conjures images of a vast cloudless day. Aquarius are deeply entrenched in the elements; they’re Air signs but they’re also water-bearers, and the sky is the perfect combination of the two.



Muriel is a Celtic name meaning “of the bright sea.” It’s a fitting name for a water-bearer babe and it’s a unique alternative to Miriam or Merryl, making it a sweet Aquarius girl name.



Give a nod to the Air sign with Aura, a name with Latin roots meaning “wind” or “soft breeze.” The name has a melodic quality the rolls off the tongue. If you’re more into the water-bearer imagery, Ara is a nice alternative meaning “bringing rain.”



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No need to beat around the bush if you’re looking for a snowy inspired baby name for Aquarius. An homage to the quiet cold season, Winter is a memorable name everyone will know how to spell.



Cara is a name with lasting power and a simple, sweet meaning; it’s Irish Gaelic, meaning "friend." Those born with a rising Aquarius sign are known for being independent yet loyal and loving to their close circle.



Meaning both “bright” and “snowy” the name Neve is of Irish and Latin origin, and is a sweet choice for your curious, creative Aquarius baby, especially if they’re born on a snowy day. This name is short and easy to pronounce, but not super popular; perhaps the only well-known person by the name is Neve Campbell.



The name Violet is perfect for Aquarius girls born in February as the gorgeous purple blossom is the second month’s flower. Its bright purple color is as unique and bold as Aquarius themselves, and this is a timeless name for a little nature lover.



From the Old French for “woman of the people” the name Genevieve is fitting for the friendly nature of the Aquarius. Genny or Vivi are sweet nicknames for this regal name.



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Hali is of Greek origin, meaning “sea” so it’s appropriate for your little water bearer babe. You may recognize this name from Game Of Thrones, and in most cases it’s pronounced like Halle (think Halle Berry).



Aquarius may not be the chattiest people in the room (that role is for Gemini and Sag), but they’re known for being deeply caring and loyal to their close circle. The name Ruth is Hebrew for “compassionate friend.”



Cordelia is of Welsh origin, meaning “daughter of the sea.” This is a strong and unique name for your Aquarius child and it can be shortened to several cute nicknames like DiDi, Delia, or even Lia.



Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, a name fitting for your sage Aquarius baby. She’ll have big shoes to fill, but if anyone personifies cunning intelligence, it’s an Aquarius baby.



Perfectly capturing both the water and airiness of the Aquarius, Avonlea means “field by the river” and is a gorgeous, unique name for your baby girl. It also happens to be the name of the town that Anne of Green Gables called home.



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Isla means “island,” the perfect name for your Aquarius baby girl. It’s popular right now, and it just so happens that actress Isla Fisher is an Aquarius.



Aquarius kids are known for being full of energy (so get ready to chase them around all day). Juniper is a cute and timeless name meaning “youthful” (aka vivacious, aka hyper), and it’s a lovely name for your boundless baby.



You may be surprised at how quickly your Aquarius baby picks up new skills and concepts. The name Sage, meaning “wise,” is a lovely name for your little fast learner who possesses an inherent wisdom. Plus, it also conjures up the pretty, fragrant Sage plant.



Alizee is a stunning, uncommon French name meaning “trade wind.” This name is a pretty alternative to Elise or Alicia, and it just so happens to be Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law’s name. Plus wind is evocative of the Air signs, and it also often goes hand-in-hand with rain, making it spot-on for a water-bearer babe.



Don’t expect your Aquarius child to follow the crowd. Because they’re known for being free-thinkers who aren’t afraid to share their opinions, Saoirse, a name of Irish-origin meaning “freedom” or “independence” is a perfect name. The most famous namesake is probably actress Saoirse Ronan, and the name is pronounced “sure-shuh”.



You can’t go wrong with a gemstone-inspired name, and Amethyst is the stone for Aquarius. It’s of Greek-origin and it has a ton of great nicknames like Amy.



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Kids born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18 are known for being truly fearless (so get ready for a lot of risk taking and jumping off the coffee table). The name Kelsie means “brave” and it’s of English descent.



The name Aria has several translations, all of which are beautiful in meaning. Aria means “air” in Italian, so it’s lovely for an Air sign baby girl. In Albanian it means “treasure” and in Hebrew, the name is thought to mean “lioness,” which is perfect for that fierce and headstrong Aquarius child.



The female version of the name Simon, Simone is a pretty, regal sounding name meaning “has heard” and it translates essentially to “good listener.” Aquarians are known for being compassionate friends and good listeners.



Chances are you know at least one person who named their baby River recently, but most of these babies are boys. River can be gender-neutral though and it makes a lovely name for Aquarius baby girls.



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Indra is a gorgeous Sanskrit name meaning “possessing of water drops,” and sometimes it translates to “controls the rain.” Indra is also thought to be a God of the sky and rain in the Hindu religion, and it’s a beautiful alternative to more common names like Indigo or India.



Pay homage to one of the most celebrated Aquarians, Rosa Parks, who was born on Feb. 4, 1913. It’s also a lovely nod to the roses so popular on Valentine’s Day, which falls in Aquarius season.



Brady is a gender-neutral name that means “free-spirited.” Perfect if you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl but want to be prepared either way, this name for Aquarius kids is fitting for those open-minded, free-spirited children.



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Meaning “heavenly,” Celeste is one of those lovely names that never seems to fall out of favor. Blue is said to be the color for Aquarius, and the name Celeste conjures images of a bright blue sky.



Not common, but easy to pronounce and spell, the name Everette is gender-neutral of Old English origin meaning “brave and strong boar.” Aquarius kids are known for being fearless yet sometimes stubborn, and this name perfectly sums up both qualities.



If your Aquarius baby girl is born on a snowy day (which is quite possible in many parts of the world), the name Lumi is Finnish for “snow.” It’s cute and playful while still being strong.



Short and sweet, the name Rae is of Scottish origin and it means “protector” (it can also mean “ewe”). It’s a pretty name for Aquarius babies as the sign is known for being loyal and fierce defenders of those they love.

You’re in for a treat with your Aquarius baby girl; those born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18 are known for being loyal, whip-smart, brave, and kind. These names for Aquarius baby girls give a nod to all their best traits while paying homage to the water-bearer Air sign.

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