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20 Aquarius Boy Names For Your Happy Baby

These names are perfect for your little water bearer.

Well, you made it past the holidays, and welp, you’re still pregnant. And for you, that might have been a good thing, since you didn’t want your baby’s birth to coincide with, you know, someone else’s. As you enter the New Year, you might be thinking of ways to pay homage to the time of year when your little guy joins you earthside. So if you’re looking to the stars for some inspo, there’s definitely plenty of Aquarius boy names to choose from. Most of them celebrate beautiful themes of nature, wisdom, and character that will befit your little boy.

As far as astrological signs go, Aquarius is kind of amazing. Those born between January 20-February 18 seem to vibrate at a different frequency from the rest of the zodiac — and they know it. They are at once outgoing and shy, eclectically interesting, and tend to think big thoughts. They feel things at a deeper level than some other signs, and they are proactive about positive change affecting not just their own lives, but the world at large. Although their symbol is the water bearer, Aquarius is an air sign. But don’t think that their heads are in the clouds, though. One of the hallmarks of Aquarius is their superior intellect, so be prepared for passionate (and sometimes heated) conversations. They also have a carpe diem, can do attitude, so keeping up with them, while exhausting, is always an adventure.

Check out these 20 Aquarius boy names that are beautiful, natural, and aquatically awesome.



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If you’re considering a cute name for your baby, Connelly would be it. It means “love, friendship,” and is of Irish origin. It’s a perfect Aquarius name since the sign is all about seeing the positive in people, and Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of Aquarius, too.



Aquarius is a water sign, so any baby boy name that has to do with H20 works. And with a name like River, which obviously means, you know, a river, it’ll flow perfectly for your water bearer baby.



Although Aquarius is often associated with water, it’s really an air sign. While you could name your kid Oxygen (or another term that means air), Sky seems better. Sky can be spelled with or without an additional “e” at the end, but it’s a short and sweet way to pay homage to your little air bender.



The name Simon has been around since Biblical times. There are saints named Simon as well as Biblical figures, too. The name is of Hebrew origin, and while its literal meaning is “flat-nosed,” its other symbolic meaning of “victorious” is fitting, since Aquarius is a sign that seeks social justice.



Alexander is one of those names that is always popular. That might be because, as a classic name, it has so many cool nicknames, like Alex, Xan, or Zander. Or it may be because the name means “defending men,” something that Aquarius is amazing at. The name is of Greek origin.



Dustin isn’t a name that you find too frequently, which might be ideal if you want your little guy to have a not quite so common name. The name is of Norse origin and means “brave warrior,” which perfectly characterizes your Aquarius kiddo.



You can’t find a stronger or more solid name than Ethan. After all, it literally means “strong, firm,” and derives from Eitan, a Hebrew name. Ethan appears frequently in the Old Testament, and is always considered a wise man.



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A gender-neutral name, Cayden means “fighter.” The name, like many that end in the letter “n” is from the Emerald Isle, and has grown in popularity over the years as Irish baby names have become more common in the U.S.



With a meaning of “dedicated to Mars,” you might think that Marcus wouldn’t be a fit for your little air sign baby. But Aquarius can be known for their temper, so Marcus isn’t too far off the, um, mark.



Natural names are the new norm. That’s why, when you’re searching for Aquarius boy names, you might settle on Slate. It means gray/green rock, and is of American origin.



Part of the word Aquarius is the word “aqua,” which, of course, means blue. But if you’re not into Aqua for your Aquarius baby, you might look for names that mean blue. Enter Azul, which means blue in Spanish.



Sage is a gender-neutral name, and is popular as a boy’s name as well as for a girl. It’s of Latin origin and means “wise,” which aptly describes your Aquarius baby.



With a meaning of “to flow down,” it’s not hard to see why Jordan would be a good Aquarius boy name. It connotes the image of running water, which relates to the Aquarius sign.



You just know that your baby will be brilliant, so be prepared to include Hugo on your list. Many countries lay claim to this cool baby boy name, including Spain, Germany, and Portugal. But no matter what its origin, the name means “mind, intellect.”



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Colin is a boy’s name of Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic origin. It means “young creature” or “pup,” and with Aquarius’ ties to nature, Colin would be a cute name for your kid.



In a wink and a nod to the month in which your baby is born, you might fall in love with Hart. Of course, Hart sounds like the word heart, perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day. As for the name itself, Hart is of English origin and means “stag.”



Looking for another name that means blue? Well, don’t feel blue, because Indigo is adorable, too. It means “blue dye” and is of Greek origin. It’s a cool color name and is gender-neutral, too.



If you want a name that connotes calm, look no further than Jaylin. It can be spelled a few ways, like Jaelyn, Jaelon, Jaellin, or Jaelen. It means “calm,” like calm water.



There are so many shades of blue… and then there’s cerulean. A mélange of azure and a deep sky blue, Cerulean isn’t only just a color for the sky or the ocean — it can be your baby’s name, too. It can be gender-neutral, and just thinking of it will make you feel like you’re on vacation.



Sure, Aquarius is an air sign with a water bearer symbol, but that doesn’t mean it astrologically falls in the summer. Aquarius is a winter sign, after all, and that’s why Winter just works.

If you’re expecting an Aquarius baby, you can choose names that focus on the feeling nature of the astrological sign, its traits, or even the time of year that Aquarius falls on the cosmic calendar. You just might find that you have too many Aquarius boy names to choose from, which isn’t a bad thing, considering how special and meaningful they all are — just like your little one will be.