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41 Airy Aquarian Names Perfect For Your Little Water-Bearer

It’s their time.

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Naming a child is a huge responsibility (no pressure) and if you’re struggling to think of a name for your future winter-born baby, you could consider turning to their zodiac sign for guidance, especially if your the kind of person who has been reading up on on your baby’s sign since you found out you were pregnant. If your due date falls between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, then you may want to consider one of these names for Aquarius babies.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known for being independent, smart, helpful, free-spirited, loyal, and maybe a little absent-minded. The water-bearer sign is also known to be one that produces visionaries with grand plans for a better world. They may be a bit rebellious (good luck with that) or not be able to stand boredom (so get the activities prepped).

You could opt for a name that captures one of these traits (like Charlotte which means “free”) or you could choose a name inspired by the airiness of the sign, or one of the names for Aquarius that calls back to the water-bearer, like Brooke or River. Or if you’re less into the starry names and more into the season, there are plenty of names that speak to the beauty and stillness of winter. Read on for names that capture the traits of an Aquarius.



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While more commonly a boy’s name, Indra could go either way. The name, of Sanskrit descent, loosely translates to “having rain,” a fitting name for a water-bearer baby.



They’re water-bearers after all, so why not name your Aquarius baby after a specific body of water? Hudson is a classic choice that literally means “son of Hudd.”



Isa translates to “ice” in some Germanic languages. If you live in certain parts of the world, chances are your little Aquarian was born on a cold, icy day.



Cute for a baby and fun for an adult, Piper is a playful name for someone who plays pipes. You’ll need air to get those pipes going, so it’s one of the most fitting yet cheeky names for an Aquarius child.



Embrace the vast airiness of the Aquarius sign with the name “sky.” This name is short, sweet, unique, and they’ll never have to spell it.



This gender neutral name for Aquarius may look like a nickname at first but it stands strong on its own. Meaning “ocean” in Spanish, it calls to mind the relaxation of seaside vacation on the Mediterranean.



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If instead of the traits of an Aquarius you’d like their name to nod to the season, Holly is lovely name paying homage to the colorful, cold weather plant.



You may think of this name as meaning “before anyone else” as it does in millennial slang, but your baby is your number one, plus Bae is a really beautiful Korean name meaning “inspired,” which is perfect for your thoughtful, creative little one.



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Aquarius is an Air sign, but they’re also the water-bearers. Dalis is a cool, gender-neutral name for Aquarius that means “drawing water.” It works for the sign said to be bring water to land.



Perfect for the child who will one day sail the seas, Sailor is a name of German descent meaning “boat man” (or woman, as the name can be used for either sex).



Short and strong, the name Brook has a nature connotation perfect for water-bearers. Some families use Brooke for a girl or Brooks for a boy, and all three names share a similar meaning: “small stream,” as you may have guessed.



First thing that comes to mind when I hear this name is actor, podcast host, and husband to Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard. The name of French-origin means “leader,” so it’s perfect for your boss-to-be.



Whimsical and poetic Tallulah, meaning “leaping water,” is a beautiful name for a water-bearer, evocative of a fountain or geyser. Tally or Lulu are cute nicknames for this Aquarius baby name.



Fontana is a commonly used name in French and Spanish and it means “fountain” in French, but sometimes also translates to “water source.” Historically it’s also a name given to someone who lives near a spring.



If you imagine your little one one day wading in the ocean or a river like the water-bearer they are, Wayde, is a beautiful name of Scandinavian descent and it means “able to go.”



Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara recently named their baby River to honor Phoenix’s late brother, and the name is gaining in popularity (Eve Chen also has a River). It’s a beautiful name for your Aquarius baby.



If your Aquarius baby is born on or around Valentine’s Day, you could name your little cupid Aziz, an Arabic name meaning “beloved” or “precious”.



Aquarius are air signs, and the beautiful name Aria means “air” in Italian. In Albanian it means “treasure,” and in Hebrew, “lioness,” so any way you slice it this is a gorgeous, regal name.



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Aquarians are thought to be clever and intelligent, and the simply beautiful name Sage means “wise” in Latin (and it also calls to mind the pretty green plant).



The name Cassidy means “clever,” and it’s especially perfect if your child has ringlets as it also means “curly-headed.”



Quinn is a strong name that is gaining popularity if the babies I know are any indication. It means “counsel” in Gaelic, making it a great name for your wise, advice-giving Aquarius. Quinn is one of the more popular baby names for Aquarius (and all signs) which makes sense because it’s cute, easy to spell and pronounce, and gender-neutral.



The pretty name Dana is derived from Dan, which means “to judge.” But that doesn’t mean you’ll have a judgey little infant, rather that your little one has discerning qualities and sound judgment (as sound as a toddler’s judgment can be).



Aquarians are known to be independent, free-spirits and Charlotte, a name of French origin meaning “free,” is a classic, beautiful name to give your free thinker.



Sure at first you may think of late-night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, but this Gaelic name means “intelligent” or “small wolf” and it will capture the clever spirit of your water-bearer babe.



A beautiful name for Aquarius that’s growing in popularity, (thanks in part to actress, Mila Kunis) this name means “gracious” and “dear,” which makes it a fitting name for the sign that’s known to be a dear friend and a generous listener.



This is the feminine form of the Russian or Slavic name, Galen (which also makes a beautiful baby name); it means “calm” or “healer,” and it’s a sweet name for an even-keeled Aquarius babe.



For the bubbly, radiant water-bearer child, Hugh is a fitting name meaning “bright in mind and spirit” (which is basically exactly what every parent wants their child to be).



For fun-loving and bold (and sometimes rebellious) Aquarius, the English name Ferryn, which means “adventurous,” captures the heart and spirit of the sign.



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This name calls to mind Mark Twain’s literary icon, Huck Finn (and Finn also makes a cute name for an adventure-loving air sign); it’s usually short for Huckleberry, but it doesn’t have to be.



Maverick is an American name meaning “independent” or “non-conformist,” which pretty much captures the essence of Aquarius children. Plus, Mav makes a very cute nickname and one of the strongest names for Aquarius children.



This name works well for a boy or a girl and it means, quite literally, “rider” or “horsemen.” This name gained popularity after Kate Hudson named her son Ryder, and it’s name for an Aquarius child who will go places.



I can’t see this cute name without thinking of Amelia Earhart who embodies what it means to be brave and smart. The name, whose roots are in Latin, means “work” and it’s a good one for the industrious Aquarius.



Oh the places they’ll go with a name like Atlas. More commonly used for boys though the name could go either way, it means “support” and works well for the thoughtful friend your Aquarius babe will grow up to be.



Aquarius typically like to travel and experience new things, and the name Trip means “traveler” and is an English name perfect for your little voyager.



Aquarius are bright and vibrant inside and out, and Nellie, meaning “shining light,” is a beautiful name to capture their radiance. Nellie can also be a nickname for Eleanor, Helen, or Cornelia.



You could name your new baby after a famous Aquarius, like Henry Ford, American automobile manufacturer. This name is especially fitting for a water-bearer because it means “river crossing” (and if you’ve ever played Oregon Trail you’re probably thinking of “ford the river.”



Beautiful and regal-sounding with roots in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia is a classic Greek name meaning “helper,” and it’s a great name for the Aquarius children who are eager to help their loved ones.



Simone or the more common male version, Simon, means “to be heard” in Hebrew, which is a fitting name for water bearers who may not be the chattiest of the zodiac, but love to have their innovative ideas heard.



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While at first a certain bear who doesn’t wear pants may come to mind, the name Winnie means “peacemaking” or “gentle friend,” and it’s a beautiful name for Aquarius children who value fairness and kindness.



If you’re hoping to capture the spirit of Aquarius season, Ivy is a gorgeous verdant plant that grows in winter. The name represents faithfulness and fidelity.



An English name meaning “white field,” Whittaker is one of the most fitting names for an Aquarius baby born on a snowy winter day. Whit makes for a very cute nickname too.

If you’re looking for names for Aquarius, lucky you: The 11th sign of the zodiac gives you plenty of options. Pay homage to the sign’s symbol of the water-bearer with water-inspired names, go all in for the Air sign with names that mean wind or air, or play up the wintery side of Aquarius with names meaning ice or snow.

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