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If You Like The Name Charlotte, You'll Love These 25 Other Classic Baby Names

These name choices are cute, sweet, and timeless.

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If you're in the midst of deciding what to name your soon-to-be bundle of joy, then there's a chance you are still whittling down your options. Yes, yes, there are some people who have had their names picked out since pre-conception. (You go-getter, you.) But others — like, ahem, me — might not have started thinking about it until they saw those two pink lines. And when they did, they may have fallen in love with certain names, but wanted to bulk up their list just in case. Considering a classic baby name like Charlotte? The 25 baby names on this list are ones to keep in mind if you like Charlotte.

Charlotte Name Origin, Meaning, & Popularity

The name Charlotte means “petite” or “feminine.” It’s also the feminine form of the name Charles in French, meaning “free man.” Charlotte has been a top 20 baby name choice for girls born in the United States since 2012, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Charlotte is a super popular baby name choice, thanks in part to it’s appearances in classic literature and pop culture. Novelist Charlotte Brontë, the titular character in Charlotte’s Web, and Charlotte York from the Sex and the City franchise, are among notable individuals who bear the moniker. Most recently, the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015 helped the name skyrocket in popularity.

One thing to consider with this list is that these names are also known to pair well with the name Charlotte. That means if you already have a child with the moniker, then you might want to add one or two of these to your list for their new sibling. Also important to keep in mind? These names might make for solid options for middle names if you do decide to go with Charlotte. Making lists of baby names is really what this pregnancy thing is all about, right? So grab a pen and paper, or open up the notes app on your phone, and take notes.



The baby name Olivia is such a classic, elegant choice. With a meaning like "olive tree," its balanced qualities of "strength" and "femininity" certainly make sense. Like Charlotte, Olivia is also a popular name in pop culture — singer Olivia Rodrigo, actress Olivia Wilde, and the character of Olivia Pope in Scandal, to name a few.



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Whether you love all things Gone With The Wind or just can’t get enough of Scarlett Johansson’s performance in Black Widow, Scarlett is a classic baby name choice if you’re looking for something similar to Charlotte. The name Scarlett means “bright red” and has roots in Old English as the name of someone who sells dyed fabrics.



The baby name Amelia means “work.” It’s a name with German roots that has become super popular in the United States, landing on the SSA’s list of top 10 baby names for girls every year since 2017. Like Charlotte, the name has a children’s literary connection with the series Amelia Bedelia.



Emma is such a popular baby name, but it’s also adorable, so it’s popularity makes perfect sense. If you have a thing for literature and affection for all things Jane Austen (and her novel by the same name), then consider this English name that means "whole" or "universal."



Whether you are thinking Grace Kelly or Princess of Monaco, Grace is considered a virtuous name. Like the baby name Charlotte, Grace is a name that exudes elegance. Fun alternatives that could use Grace as a nickname include Engracia and Graziella.



Sophia is means "wisdom,” so if you’re looking for a baby name that, like Charlotte, is beautiful and has a solid meaning, this is a wonderful choice. Sofia is a common spelling alternative, and Sophie mades an adorable nickname.



Ella is one of those baby names that works seamlessly as either a first name or a middle name, no matter what you pair it with. Sometimes short for Ellen or Eleanor, Ella is an enchanting moniker that means “light” and “beautiful fairy.”



This is my daughter's name and, to be honest, I included it because Charlotte was also one of our picks when she was in my belly. But it was just around the time Princess Charlotte was born and we knew the name would reach epic proportions of popularity, so we nixed it and went with our top pick instead — Claire. The name means "clear and bright" and you better believe our sweet Claire is all of those things and more.



While Chloe is a sister name to Charlotte, I also love it because it's my goddaughter's name and she is a spectacular human being. Since you don't know her, you might instead love the fact that Chloe means "blooming," and that's really quite lovely, isn't it?



Ava quite literally means "life" and, really, what could be more perfect for a new little human on this planet? The name Ava is timeless, much like Charlotte, but common variations on the name include choices like Avalee, Avaline, Eva and Evelyn.



If you like Charlotte because of the name’s Royal connection, then Elizabeth is a name that can check that same box, thanks to The Queen herself. Elizabeth means “pledged to God” in Hebrew, so there is also a religious connection to consider with this name.



Eloise is believed to be a French variant of Louise, but let's be honest about the reason the name is really on this list of baby names: Kay Thompson's Eloise, the story of a little girl who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Because who wouldn't want to be an Eloise?



People with the name Cecilia seek "harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things," according to SheKnows. And, really, don't we all? Alternatively, you could spell the name Cecelia as a nod to Pam and Jim’s baby (nicknamed Cece) on The Office.



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While typically bestowed upon boys, Charlie has become an increasingly popular name choice for girls. It’s really such a lively gender neutral baby name. Also interesting? It’s commonly used as a nickname for the baby name Charlotte, so it should definitely be an option on your list.



Another baby name choice with a strong literary connection like Charlotte is Josephine. In fact, the Little Women character Josephine (Jo) March was loosely based on author Louisa May Alcott herself. Plus, Jo is just an adorable, spunky nickname for a little girl.



The baby name Alexandra is the feminine form of the name Alexander meaning “defending men.” While it might seem counterintuitive to choose a name with this meaning, it can be helpful to think of the term “men” here as referring to all of mankind, not just one specific gender. When you look at it that way, the name is beautiful, yet strong.



If your love for the baby name Charlotte also has you drawn to the name Elizabeth, you may want to consider Isabella as another strong contender. Isabella is actually the Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth. The name also has several options for nicknames including Isabel, Izzy, and Bella.



Another baby name like Charlotte with a Royal connection is Margaret. Though many queens and princesses have been named Margaret, one of the most notable and recent Royals with this name is Queen Elizabeth II’s sister. The name also has a classic meaning — “pearl.”



Whether the baby name Violet makes you think of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter or the character Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there’s no denying the name’s classic elegance. The name itself means “purple,” so not only will your baby have a great name, they’ll also have a built-in signature color.



Like Charlotte, Caroline is another feminine version of the name Charles in French, meaning “free man.” It’s also classic and sweet like Charlotte, but it be forewarned that might get a certain Neil Diamond song stuck in your head. (Bum! Bum! Bum!)



If you like Charlotte and other baby names inspired by literature, chances are, the name Virginia should be on your list. Like Charlotte, Virginia is the first name of a popular 20th century author, Virginia Woolf.



When it comes to vintage baby names, Charlotte is a popular choice, but Shirley is just one of those names that you don’t hear all that often anymore. Of English origin, Shirley means “bright meadow.” Maybe the name makes you think of a child actress with a head full of bouncing curls or the sweet mocktail by the same name —Shirley Temple, of course — but it is no doubt a timeless name.



Like Charlie, Caroline, and Charlotte, Charlene is a baby name that is derived from the masculine name Charles, meaning “free man.” It also shares the first five letters of the name Charlotte, so they definitely give off similar vibes.



The baby name Anne means “grace,” so it’s inextricably linked with elegance and class, much like the name Charlotte. Anne is also the name of Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter, so there’s another Royal connection here as well. Anna, Ann, Annabelle, Annabella are some possible variations of the name to consider.



There are plenty of baby names that start with C but can also be spelled with a K if you prefer. Though Charlotte does start with a C, it doesn’t have the same versatility as a name like Carla, which can also be spelled Karla. Whereas Charlotte is derived from Charles, Carla is the feminine version of the name Carl, which also means “free man” like Charles.

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