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52 Beautiful Baby Names that Mean "Blue"

Evoking the sky, sea or simply your favorite hue, these “blue” names belong on your list.

If you love the expanse of a sparkling ocean or a crystal-clear blue sky, you know how special the color blue can be. While it can have darker associations too — like having “the blues” — it’s a color that has been inspiring to artists and poets as long people have been drawing or writing. There are lots of names with more traditional meanings, like names that mean “happy” or names that mean “wise.” Those are great qualities, but those names often tend to spike on the popularity charts. If you love the color blue, and are looking for a baby name that’s a bit out of the ordinary, why not look at a “blue name” for your new arrival? If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect baby name, the color blue might just inspire you, too.

Names that mean blue, or have meanings connected to water or the sky, are often both beautiful and unusual or a bit exotic. You’ll see some familiar names on the “blue” list, like Skye or Indigo, but also some names that you might have never encountered before. But the cool thing about blue is that it’s a special color in nearly every country and culture, so there are names that can honor many different ancestries or languages. From the mythical parents of ancient Greece to modern-day Beyoncé, parents throughout history have felt inspired by looking at the beautiful blues of nature.

Blue names for boys

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If you’re expecting a little boy to join the family and want to give him a name that means blue, or alludes to the color blue in a less direct way, consider these lovely blue names:

  • Jay English origin, means “to rejoice” and also the name of the gorgeous bright blue bird.
  • Teal American origin, the blue-green color.
  • Azraq Urdu, means both “blue” and “companion of the prophet.”
  • Azul The Spanish word for “blue.”
  • Gorman Means “blue” in the Irish language.
  • Akash Indian name meaning “open space; sky.”
  • Caelus An old Latin name, also meaning “sky.”
  • Gokcan Meaning “vast sky” and of Turkish origin.
  • Keyne Comes from the now little-spoken Cornish language, and means “man of the eastern sky.”
  • Neven “Sky” in the Irish language.
  • Ouranos Means “sky” or “heaven” in Greek.
  • Paine This name means “sky blue” in the Mapudungan language, which is spoken by an Indigenous group in Chile and Argentina.
  • Sepher Not to be confused with Zephyr, this name means “sky” in Iranian.
  • Zeru Means “sky” in Basque, the oldest living language in Europe.
  • Bisman Indian origins and means alternately “black” or “dark blue.”
  • Indeevar Hindi, means “blue lotus.”
  • Jalaneel Also a Hindi name meaning “color of the sea” or “color the water.”
  • Marlais A Welsh word meaning “blue”
  • Slate As in, the grey-blue rock that’s known for its durability.
  • Bleu Simple and pure, this is the French word for “blue.”
  • Arnav Another Indian name meaning “ocean.”
  • Neptune Both the Roman god of the sea and the famously blue planet.

Blue names for girls

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There are some girl names that just mean “blue” itself, and some others that evoke it through names that pay tribute to the sea and the sky, or through blue flowers or stones. There’s so much beautiful blue in nature, and many of these names call those natural wonders to mind.

  • Araceli Spanish name with the beautiful meaning “from the altar of heaven.”
  • Aqua Latin name that means “water” or “sea blue.”
  • Afina In the Romanian language, this super-cute name means “blueberry,”
  • Skye Fittingly, this name with English origins simply means “sky.”
  • Celeste French and Latin, means “heavenly.”
  • Celine Variant on Celeste, also meaning “heavenly.”
  • Indigo It doesn’t get more blue than the rich color that inspires this name.
  • Azure If you can’t picture the color that inspired this name, just picture the sky on a clear day.
  • Hyacinth Greek origin, named for the pretty blue flower.
  • Sapphire A deep-blue gem, and a lovely blue name, too.
  • Lapis Another stone or gem name, this for the azure-blue stone.
  • Delphinium This pretty cottage garden flower is somewhere between blue and purple.
  • Brunnera You might know this flower better as a “forget-me-not” but its blue color is unforgettable.
  • Veronica A subtle homage to the color, one of the meanings of this name is the herb with blue flowers.
  • Naveah The word “heaven” spelled backwards.
  • Aaliyah Arabic name meaning “exalted” and evokes the heavenly sky.
  • Darya In Turkish, this name means “sea.”
  • Maren Unique variant of “Mary” meaning “star of the sea.”
  • Marina In Latin, this beautiful baby name means simply “from the sea.”
  • Doris Latin origins, means “from the sea.”
  • Livie Latin origins, means “blue.”

Gender-neutral “blue” names

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Many blue names that work great no matter whether you have a little girl or a little boy. A few of the nice unisex baby name options include:

  • Lake British origins, means “body of water.” Maybe a little more common for girls, but can be used for either.
  • Ocean From the ancient Greek word “oceanus,” your little one with this name might love the beach.
  • River British origins, a little more common for boys, but works well for either.
  • Kai Hawaiin origin name meaning “sea.”
  • Dylan From Welsh mythology, this name means “born from the ocean.”
  • Morgan More popular for girls these days, but started as a male name, this Welsh name meaning “sea born.”
  • Blue Whether you pair it with “Ivy” or not, this simple name stands on its own.
  • Cerulean A stunning shade of blue that works well as a baby name.
  • Cyan This blue-green hue is gorgeous, and makes a gorgeous name for boys or girls

There are no shortage of baby names that mean “blue,” whether you literally want that to be the meaning of your baby’s name, or simply want to evoke this soothing hue.