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Guaranteed to make you smile, these 25 baby names mean happy.
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31 Baby Names That Mean Happy

These names are guaranteed to make you smile.

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A tiny newborn babe wrapped up like a burrito isn’t called a “bundle of joy” for no reason. Babies are inherently happy things — some might even call them a miracle or blessing. (Until they cry their precious little face off at 3 a.m. or have a nasty blow out, that is.) So, it makes sense that expecting parents would want to reach for a baby name that means happy when they have their own little ray of sunshine on the way.

The word happy has countless synonyms — jolly, thrilled, content, blissful, chipper, delighted, merry. But true happiness is a feeling that can mean a number of things to different people, depending on what exactly brings them joy. Maybe it’s the sense of peace that comes from watching waves break on the shoreline, a sip of hot coffee on a cold morning, or simply having a place to call home. Whatever happiness means to you, these joyous monikers can give off those same good vibes.

One of my strongest desires for my kids as they grow is that they’re happy. Life may not always go their way, but I hope that at the end of a hard day, they can look around and still feel at least a small sprig of happiness within themselves. If you feel the same, perhaps choosing a baby name that means happy for your newborn could provide a source of contentment for your own bundle of joy.



At the tip-top of the list is the baby name Joy, which means “great happiness.” I honestly can’t think of a happier name.



The baby name Felix has Latin roots and means “happy, fortunate.” It’s the male version of Felicity, which shares a similarly upbeat meaning.



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The sound of this baby name just oozes happiness. It’s peaceful, serene, and filled with the promise of a bright future.



Bea is a sweet, snappy baby name short for Beatrix or Beatrice. Both names are of Latin origin and mean “she who brings happiness; blessed.” Bea also happens to be the name of the particularly sassy Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur, who certainly did her part to bring happiness to the masses.



This short and sweet moniker not only means “happy” but “noble” as well. Two attributes any parent would be thrilled to see their little bundle of joy embody.



The name of one of Jacob’s sons in the Bible, the Hebrew name Asher means “happy” or “blessed.” It’s also become a relatively popular baby name choice in recent years.



From an Old English term meaning “cheerful” or “merry,” Blythe is a unique baby name choice that can be used for both boys and girls alike. Coincidentally, Blythe is also the middle name of actress Drew Barrymore, who is basically a walking ray of sunshine.



Alongside other virtuous names like Faith and Hope, the baby name Felicity means “happy” or “good fortune.” It’s also the name of one of the original American Girl dolls, which will probably bring much happiness to moms who grew up in the ‘90s.



The German baby name Edwyn means “happy friend.” Alternatively, you can also spell this cheery name Edwin, which has English roots meaning “wealthy friend.”



This French baby name means “double happiness” and is just such a fun and lively choice for your child. It’s in the same vein as French names like Lulu and Coco, which were popular around the beginning of the 20th century. The moniker can also be a nickname for more formal names like Kathryn, Kaitlin, or Kayla.



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Though there are many ways to spell this name of Irish origin, it means “handsome, cheerful.” Whether you go with Allen, Alan, or Allan, this happy baby name is one with a strong, traditional appeal.



This short, easy-going name for boys is of Spanish and Hebrew origin, meaning simply “happiness.” Gil can also be short for Gilbert, which is a French name that means “bright promise.”



In Hebrew, the baby name Edna means “rejuvenation” or “delight,” both terms highly associated with happiness and joy.



Of Irish and East African origin, the name Makenna means “happy one.” Possible spelling variations of the name Makenna include McKenna, Mackena, and Mackenna, which can all easily be shortened to a nickname like Mac or Maci.



Popularized by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, this Welch baby name means “blessed, happy.” Alternative spellings include Gweneth and Gwenyth, all of which can be shortened to Gwen or Gwyn.



The Arabic name Farah means “happiness.” Thanks to actress Farrah Fawcett, the spelling of this name with two Rs became popular in the late ‘70s and ‘80s.



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If this Greek baby boy name looks to you like it should mean “festive” you’re absolutely on the right track. Festus (or Fes for short) does mean “festive” as well as “joyous,” which both make this name a lovely choice for a baby name that is rooted in happiness.



Another baby name with Hebrew roots, Jubilee means “joy, celebration.” In the English language, the word itself is often used to describe an instance or event filled with great joy or happiness, like a festival.



Though the name is less-than-common in the U.S., Onni is a popular Finnish name that means “happiness, luck.” If you’re looking for a unique baby name that has Nordic ties, Onni is a happy one to consider.



With roots in both Latin and American culture, the baby name Laticia means “joy” and is just a name that is filled to the brim with happiness. Alternative spellings to consider include Leticia and Latitia.



Derived from the Latin name Gaius, which means “to rejoice,” Jay is a short, cheerful baby name choice. Also a type of bird, this commonly male name can be used as a shortened version of names like Jayson, Jayden, or Jaylin.



This baby boy name is a stately choice that means “blessed.” Of English origin, the uplifting nature of the name’s meaning aligns it well with feelings of happiness and thankfulness.



This gender neutral baby name sounds as happy as its meaning. Tate is a name of Nordic origin that means “cheerful,” and the one-syllable name is just an easy, breezy, and chipper choice. Plus, if you’re a fan of Yellowstone, a baby name inspired by one of the the show’s youngest characters would probably make you pretty happy.



For an interesting twist on the name Mary, you could go with the name Merry for your baby, which means “joyful, happy.”



Though this baby name doesn’t directly mean “happy,” and instead means “he who laughs,” is there anything happier than laughter? If you’re looking for a classic baby name that just exudes happiness, Isaac is a wonderful choice.



Famous for her ability to make people laugh, Carol Burnett is lauded as one of the greatest performers of all time, so it’s pretty fitting that her first name means “joyous song.” If you’re looking for a baby name that means happy, but also has timeless appeal, Carol is a superb choice.



Another unisex baby name that means happy is Gale. The name is of Hebrew origin and is thought to mean “gives joy,” plus it’s super cute for fans of The Hunger Games.



One popular baby name with a happy meaning is Abigail. Of Hebrew origin, Abigail means “father’s joy,” so it would be especially applicable for a dad’s first-born daughter.



With roots in Latin, the English name Jay means “to rejoice.” If you want to give your baby a name that’s a little longer like Jacoby or Jason, you could still use Jay as a happy nickname.



In ancient Greek, Arcadia was the term used for a peaceful region or a place of providence. It’s an innately light and harmonious term that when used as a baby name actually means “happiness.” It’s also incredibly unique and just sounds beautiful.



Something that would make pretty much any Harry Potter fan happy is a baby name inspired by the magical franchise. Ron has Nordic and Hebrew roots and is a derivative of the name Ronald, so while the name has several meanings, two that stand out as the most happy-adjacent are “joyous” and “mountain of strength.”

Giving your baby a name that means happy doesn’t automatically equate to an eternal bliss, but it can’t hurt to try, right? Hopefully this list can help inspire the perfect bright and shiny name for your little one.

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