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These baby names mean blessing or miracle.
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27 Baby Names That Mean Blessing

Because why not make sure your kid knows how much of a miracle they are.

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Every baby born into this world is a blessing, and before yours is born, you should consider naming them after the gift they will be to your life. Although some people have chosen to go with the straightforward name, Blessing, there are many baby names that mean blessing or a derivative of it.

And I bet some of them will come as a surprise.

The name Blessing has recently started trending in the U.S., and it has been in the top 1000 in the U.K. for a while, according to Nameberry. It falls in the category of names considered to be spiritual, meaning it possesses a quality that you want your child to reflect. Blessing serves as a surname and a given name, and tracks up to 237,000 records for it.

One pivotal part of becoming a parent, aside from the life you want to create for your child, is knowing how they will live out this purpose on this earth, and finding ways to nurture that. It can all start with a name.

So as you are checking out these options of baby names that mean blessing, decide which one feels right. If one of these resonates with you enough to spend the rest of your days calling your child — your blessing — by it, then I’d say it’s a winner.



Beatrice is an older name that feels like your child will be wise, but hopefully, she will also reflect the blessing she is by bringing joy since Beatrice’s Latin meaning is “she who brings happiness; blessed.”



This name comes with several nicknames like Nat and Nate. It originated from the Hebrew language and is given to boys. Nathaniel was used many times in the Bible and means “gift of God.” It definitely carries a tone of respect.



Theo always seems like the name of a spunky and creative teenager. Namberry suggested that to match the name’s meaning which originates from the Greek language, he will also be a “gift from God,” which is a blessing.



Bennett may not carry the meaning of being a gift or blessing, but based on its English origins, Bennett does mean “blessed.” This name has been gaining more popularity lately because of its use in pop culture.



This one is deep. In the Hebrew language, Jonathan means “gift of Jehovah.” In the Bible, God’s chosen King, David, became best friends with Jonathan. Their friendship was one that was a blessing to David’s life through the many trials he faced.



Gia is one of the shorter names for girls that are graceful and memorable. It originated from the Italian language and means “God’s gracious gift.” It would be impossible to look at your baby and not be filled with gratitude and love.



Boone is an English name for a boy that is simple and solid. It means “a blessing” and if your Boone is reliable and strong like his name, that has to be a blessing.



If you’re a fan of ‘B’ names or the short name Ben, choosing Benedict is an option. It is Latin and means “blessed.” Although it’s Latin, it does carry an old English royal feel.



Anjali is an Indian name from the Sanskrit language that is given to baby girls. It has a pretty island sound that separates it from other common names, and it simply means “gift.”



Mercedes is a Spanish name that comes with such elegance, wealth, and generosity. It means “gracious gifts; benefits.” Fun fact, according to Nameberry, the luxury vehicle with this name was given from the daughter of the car company’s French distributor in 1901. But for you, this is another way of recognizing your baby as a blessing!



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Originating from the Welsh language, Gwyneth is a girl's name that means “blessed, happy.” I can’t help but think of the famous actor Gwyneth Paltrow, blessed with talent and poise. It’s nice to know that your baby blessing will be blessed.



Wyn can almost be considered the boy version of Gwyneth. They both come from the Welsh, and Wyn can actually be found inside the name Gwyneth. It means “blessed, fair.” And although “fair” is one of its meanings, your little blessing is named after a triumph.



Megumi is the Japanese name for a girl that means “blessing.” While it may not be a popular name in the U.S., you can start a new trend. This name is beautiful.



Carwyn is a boy’s name from the Welsh language that carries a similar meaning as Gwyneth and Wyn — blessed. But this name, in particular, means “blessed love.” Which perfectly defines the moment you look into your baby's eyes and is a great name to consider. The version for a girl would be spelled Carwen.



Nasia is a cute Hebrew name that means “God’s miracle.” It’s not super popular, which is good if you want something unique, and has a sweet, feminine spelling.



Every baby is a “gift of God,” but the name Mateo, deriving from the Spanish language, means just that. Although it isn’t a super long name, you can still come up with cute nicknames for your baby gift like Teo or Mat. Have fun with it!



Like Mateo, Matthew also means “gift of God,” but this name is Hebrew. In the Bible, Matthew was an apostle and wrote the book named after him in the New Testament. Matthew is still one of the most popular boy names that start with ‘M.’



Asher is a Hebrew name that can be given to a girl or a boy. But no matter which gender, the meaning is the same. Your baby is a “fortunate, blessed, happy one.” In many baby naming circles, this one is labeled as a “boy name that can work for girls.”



As one of the most infamous, respectable, and history-making Presidents of the U.S., are you really surprised that Barack, an African name, means “blessed”? There is an often-used Christian quote that says you are “blessed to be a blessing.” And that would tie right into the reputation that follows the name Barack. It’s an excellent and unforgettable choice.



Finding the right baby name can feel like finding a diamond at the bottom of the ocean. And Tayja gives you that feeling. It’s simple but beautiful and means “little gem from the heavens.” You should try this name on for your little girl and see how it fits.



This French name is perfect for your little blessing. It means “miracle.” It also has Latin origins that mean “miracle to marvel at.” If you’re a big fan of marvel, then this is naturally the next step in your universe.



When you’re holding your precious gift, you should call them just that. Darina, a name given to girls, is Slavic and literally means “gift.” But it won’t stop there. Names have meaning, and your blessing will be a gift to all who get to know her.



You may remember the name Dory from Finding Nemo as the Blue Tang fish who had a seconds-long memory. But even then, she was a blessing and gift to all the other characters. Dory is a French name that means “gift of God.” It even makes for a nice middle name because it’s short and compliments others well. Try it out!



Originating from English roots, Dolly means “gift of God.” Your child will truly be a blessing to this life, and will also be named after an icon. One of the kindest (and most talented) country singers to exist, Dolly Parton, beams the true meaning of this name.



There are some names that feel like they could fit in your hand like a precious gem, and Nima is one of those names. The name comes from the Hebrew language and means “thread, hair; blessing; margosa tree.” It’s simple, yet exotic, making it a very intriguing choice.



It’s cool when a name gives you the perfect opportunity for a hip nickname. Shia, which is Hebrew for “gift of God,” could easily be shortened to Shi. And another cool feature is that it’s gender neutral. So if it feels right, then you should consider this name, no matter the gender of your beautiful baby.



This may ring a bell from the famous Judge Mathis, but Mathis can also go as a first name, too. It’s typically used for boys and is French and German for “gift of God.” If you like the name Matthew but want to be a bit outside of the box, then put this one at the top of your list.

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