10 Super Cute Graduation Gifts For Your Preschooler's Classmates That Are Practically Free

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Later in life, academics becomes more about individual achievement — but in preschool, the learning process is definitely a collaborative effort: sharing, taking turns, playing games. So as much as you want to pick the perfect present to give your own kid on her big day, don't you want to reward her pals for all their hard work, too? After all, her fellow students were a huge part of one of the most milestone-filled years of her life. But what are some fun graduation gifts for your preschooler's classmates that aren't too expensive? You don't want anyone feeling left out... but you don't want to go broke, either.

Of course, that's not to say you can't get your child's closest friend (or friends) something a bit more special, but if you're showing up to the graduation ceremony bearing gifts, it's not a bad idea to bring enough for everyone. Don't let the cap and gown fool you: Just because they're big kids now doesn't mean they won't dissolve into tears because somebody else got a toy and they didn't get the exact same thing. Depending on the size of your kid's class, however, you might be purchasing cute little keepsakes for a handful of children, or, well, several handfuls... and even cute little keepsakes that seem cheap enough can get pricey fast when you're buying in bulk. Luckily, there are lots of perfect trinkets out there that are super affordable, even when you need a dozen or more (and some slightly more substantial offerings if you don't need a bunch).


Stuffed Graduation Owl


DIY Graduation Necklace Kit


'Kindergarten, Here I Come!' By D.J. Steinberg


Owl Graduation Crayons


Preschool Graduation Loopy Flower Bow