10 Graduation 2018 Gifts For Preschoolers' Classmates That Are Affordable & Adorable

Later in life, academics becomes more about individual achievement — but in preschool, the learning process is definitely a collaborative effort: sharing, taking turns, playing games. So as much as you want to pick the perfect present to give your own kid on her big day, don't you want to reward her pals for all their hard work, too? After all, her fellow students were a huge part of one of the most milestone-filled years of her life. But what are some fun graduation gifts for your preschooler's classmates that aren't too expensive? You don't want anyone feeling left out... but you don't want to go broke, either.

Of course, that's not to say you can't get your child's closest friend (or friends) something a bit more special, but if you're showing up to the graduation ceremony bearing gifts, it's not a bad idea to bring enough for everyone. Don't let the cap and gown fool you: Just because they're big kids now doesn't mean they won't dissolve into tears because somebody else got a toy and they didn't get the exact same thing. Depending on the size of your kid's class, however, you might be purchasing cute little keepsakes for a handful of children, or, well, several handfuls... and even cute little keepsakes that seem cheap enough can get pricey fast when you're buying in bulk. Luckily, there are lots of perfect trinkets out there that are super affordable, even when you need a dozen or more (and some slightly more substantial offerings if you don't need a bunch).

1Award Sayings Rubber Bracelets

Award Sayings Rubber Bracelets

Oriental Trading

Inspirational, motivational, and super cute, these colorful rubber bracelets are sure to be a hit with the whole class. Plus, they won't fall apart when kids go running through sprinklers or swimming.

2Stuffed Graduation Owl

Stuffed Graduation Owl


A smart, sweet, and cuddly companion for your little one to share with a best bud, this owl will bring back happy memories whenever they give it a snuggle. Plus, just think how useful this guy would be for a game of pretend school!

3DIY Graduation Necklace Kit

DIY Graduation Necklace Kit


Give a gift that will keep kids busy for five or 10 minutes with this easy and pretty graduation necklace kit (which just happens to be a handy way to practice those developing motor skills, too). Another bonus: It doesn't come with such a huge amount of beads that you have to worry about them rolling all over people's floors and turning up under their furniture for years to come.

4Graduation Rubber Duckies

Graduation Rubber Duckies

Oriental Trading

One can never have too many rubber duckies, as any preschooler can tell you. These diploma-clutching ducks have clearly earned their degree in bath time fun (and they'd fit right in at the pool, too).

5'Kindergarten, Here I Come!' By D.J. Steinberg

"Kindergarten, Here I Come!" By D.J. Steinberg

Barnes and Nobble

Get them ready for the next big step with this popular story, which will probably become a bedtime staple by the time September rolls around (and kids need increasing reassurance about what kindergarten will really be like).

6Preschool Graduation Fun Cup Set

Preschool Graduation Fun Cup Set

Little Graduates

What's better than one present? Three presents, obviously. Featuring a congratulatory ribbon (because kids love them, for some reason), this set also comes with things they'll really use (the cup and the pencil).

7Graduation Stuffed Dinosaurs

Graduation Stuffed Dinosaurs

Oriental Trading

These darling dinos are a seriously great deal (less than two bucks each for a stuffed animal?!). Plus, have you ever met a preschooler who doesn't like dinosaurs? You have not, because they don't exist.

8Owl Graduation Crayons

Owl Graduation Crayons


Owls and graduation go together like pumpkins and Halloween, and these crayons are the ideal token for your kid's carpool buddy or favorite finger painting partner.

9Star Student Pencil Cases

Star Student Pencil Cases

Oriental Trading

Spoiler alert: That kindergarten school supply list will almost certainly include a pencil case, so do all the other parents a favor and check off one of those necessary items now (these are cheaper than most pencil cases, too).

10Preschool Graduation Loopy Flower Bow

Preschool Graduation Loopy Flower Bow


If your kid happens to have a bestie whose style trademark is a fancy hair bow, this rainbow-colored accessory will make a welcome addition to her collection.