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These 10 Halloween Costumes Are So Perfect For Your 2nd Trimester

by Jacqueline Burt Cote
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Halloween can be rough during the first and last trimesters of pregnancy: Either you're fighting off candy-induced queasiness or struggling to schlep your pumpkin-sized bump around. But if October 31st happens to occur in the magical middle of your pregnancy, odds are you'll feel up to enjoying the holiday... and these Halloween costume ideas for the 2nd trimester will definitely come in handy.

The options are pretty much endless during this phase of being preggers. If Halloween happened in another few months, you might find that your only choice is to paint your belly like a jack-o-lantern, but right now you're just pregnant enough. A visible bump means you can choose to use it as part of your costume; at the same time, if you don't want your disguise to highlight your pregnancy, you'll still probably be small enough to hide it (especially if you're in the early 2nd trimester).

Whether you're feeling super low-key (as in, "all I can handle is a graphic tee" low-key) or ambitious enough to dress up like an actual character other than yourself, you'll find something on this list that works. And some of them can even be worn again, on non-pregnant Halloweens to come (unless you plan on timing all your pregnancies to coincide with Halloween, which, why not?).


Guess what?

This humble t-shirt is a Halloween costume and pregnancy announcement in one. Handy for the early 2nd trimester when people are still blatantly staring at your belly with suspicion.


Trendy toast

Especially appropriate if avocado toast just happens to be one of your pregnancy cravings, this costume couldn't be easier to wear.


Foxy lady

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This costume looks so incredibly comfortable, not to mention warm (sometimes Halloween can be pretty chilly). It'll get lots of laughs, too.


The friendliest ghost

Caspar's got nothing on your bump when it comes to friendly ghosts. Throw this on with your favorite maternity jeans and you're good to go.


Got a quarter?

If you've got older kids, the best thing about this costume will be fielding all their q's: "You had to put money in there? Where's the screen?"


Little monster

If you want to be super ambitious, you could paint your face green or even find a Frankenstein mask. But you might want to just spend more time napping instead.


Creature cuteness

Narwhals are the new sloths/llamas/unicorns, and this onesie looks like a cozy dream. Plus, you can just go straight to bed in this thing after trick-or-treating.


Burger Queen

Ignore the fact that there's a dude wearing this hamburger costume in the pic. This one-size-fits-all costume screams "pregnant lady."


A witchy warning

Ideal for later on in the 2nd trimester, when the whole "no wine" thing is starting to really wear on your nerves. (Actually that probably started happening back in your 1st trimester.)


Hey lady... bug

Just in case you're in the mood to go all-out "costume," this ladybug outfit is perfectly party-ready. Also, it's adorable.

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