Halloween painted on belly of pregnant woman
You'll Actually Love Wearing These 16 Comfy Maternity Halloween Costumes

Being pregnant for Halloween opens up a slew of creative costume choices, but you probably aren't in the mood to be anywhere near tulle, scratchy lace, or high heels. Comfortable maternity costumes reign supreme, and lucky for you, there are plenty of options out there.

Plus, if you don’t want to shell out a ton of money for an outfit you’ll likely only wear once, then there are ways to wear your own stretchy, breathable clothes (hello maternity leggings and loose dresses) and DIY your way into a fun costume. You can add two circles to a red dress and instantly become Dr. Seuss characters “Thing 1 and Thing 2” (seen below), or you could take a cue from Jessica Alba and go as Juno from the hit 2007 movie, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. There’s always the good old Magic 8-Ball idea (per Good Housekeeping), which requires nothing but an all black ensemble and a hand-drawn number 8. You got this, in other words.

Folks, fear not; there are fleece animal onesies, jersey-knit tees, and spandex… everything can pass as a costume. Don’t for one second think you have to forego dressing up this year, even if you said yes to a costume party before you knew you’d be trick-or-treating for two. The costumes below are cute, creative, and most of all, comfy as can be.


A Candy Dispenser

This gumball machine is cute and relatively easy to pull off with a little DIY action. All you need is a red skirt (any red bottom will work), a white shirt you won't mind getting glue all over, and a ton of colored pom-poms. The pink hair here is an excellent touch, too.


Sunny Side Up

Finally a use for all those colossal Amazon boxes that seem to arrive daily! Just paint a sheet of cardboard white, cut out an egg shape with a belly-sized hole in the middle, and wear a bright yellow shirt underneath to make the yolk pop. Voila, you're a sunny side up egg; bonus points if your partner or friend is your toast.


A Graphic T-Shirt

Sometimes you have an elaborate costume planned and by the time Oct. 31 rolls around, you just want to wear a soft tee. This maternity skeleton shirt is an easy fusion of costume and comfort. Reviewers note that while it does have ruching up the side to accomodate an expanding bump, it still runs small.


A Painted Belly

What's more comfortable than a stretchy black outfit? This cool costume by Elizabeth of Prefacing Motherhood takes the world's easiest outfit and pairs it with the world's cutest illustration: a baby skeleton with a pink bow. Just make sure the paint you use is non-toxic (of course) and that you have an artsy friend who's free on Halloween, because painting this angle on yourself is tough.


A Famous Honey-Loving Character

You can make your bump part of the costume by going out as Winnie the Pooh, one of the most celebrated bellies around. This costume is awesome because it's instantly recognizable and you can wear leggings. Just pair with a red and yellow shirt and some little bear ears.


A Belly Bump Heist

I love this costume because black and white striped shirts are easy to come by (and seem to be a favorite among maternity designers). Add a sack of money over you belly, which makes it look like it's stuffed to the brim with bills, a black beanie, leggings, and an eye mask. You could sleep in this one.


Part Of Peter Pan's Crew

I love this Smee costume, which I first thought was Waldo (Nini told me I wasn't alone in making this mistake). She says her family dressed as other members of the Peter Pan cast and who doesn't love a group costume? Sidenote: Smee basically wears a cartoon version of Birkenstocks, so not only do you get to wear a jersey outfit, your feet will be comfy, too. I also love the letterboard sign in the background, which makes for a great photo opp.


A Comfy Dress

Sometimes you want to wear a swingy, cozy dress but you also want to be in costume. Enter, this orange pumpkin frock. You'll turn your baby bump into a bright jack-o-lantern for an easy breezy costume. Keep in mind, it's polyester so it may not breathe as easily as your lightest cotton go-to.


A Creepy Take On A Unicorn

Long stretchy white tanks are a pregnancy must-have, and this costume takes it to the next level by adding a spooky baby unicorn about to burst out of the belly. I love the makeup, wings, and intricate unicorn horn added by Jaclynn, but you can also buy some majestical props (try the kids section of Target). I'm thinking an ice cream cone may make a great baby unicorn horn, as long as you don't get hungry.


A Disney Character

How genius is it to dress as a character who's also pregnant? This Mamá Rivera costume from Coco (I tear up just thinking about that movie) is the perfect blend of creative, unique, and comfy. I want to wear a long flowy skirt and flat shoes all the time, and I'm not even pregnant.


A Very Special Delivery

It's so sweet that this expecting mama made herself part of her kids' costume in the most creative way by actually being the package! I don't know where you find a delivery person costume this small, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere, and it's such a fun look for the child who loves UPS trucks. New babies are a very special delivery indeed, and wearing a lightweight cardboard box over your normal clothes is actually pretty comfy (if you don't have to fit through a lot of doorways).


A Cozy Onesie

It's a fuzzy onesie with plenty of room, need I say more? An animal costume is perfect for colder climates where it can actually be frigid on Halloween. You have all sorts of onesie options to choose from including a unicorn, a cute little ladybug, or a penguin, but the spotted deer was really speaking to me.


A Children's Book Character

You usually see this costume pulled from The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss worn by two friends, but how cute (and different) to have your baby be the Thing 2 to Your Thing 1. This costume is instantly recognizable and sweet, and all it takes is a red dress, markers, and some paper. If you don't trust your ability to cut out a perfect circle, you can use the back of a paper dessert plate.


A Part Of The Solar System

You probably already feel like your family is in a constant orbit around you (for better or worse) so why not dress as the sun, or another favorite planet from the solar system with rings made out from hula hoops. Including your older kids in the costume is a great idea, and turning your sweet dog into a rocketship also gets a thumbs way up, from me at least.


A Pumpkin Smuggler

Is it a pregnant belly under your shirt, or is it a pumpkin? No one knows. This "pumpkin smuggler" costume is so creative but also pretty easy, as long as you have a paper pumpkin you can tape to your shirt. Plus, you can wear your comfiest clothes underneath and call it a costume.


A Pop Culture Icon

If you haven't seen Ali Wong's stand-up special, Hard Knock Wife, where this iconic costume hails from, I don't know why you're reading this and not watching the laugh-out-loud show. Wong is pregnant in the special, so your belly will only make the costume look more realistic. Paired with glasses, a stretchy dress, and flat shoes, you'll want to rock this all the time.