These 10 Halloween Costumes For Babies In The NICU Are The Teeniest Treats

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While some people might believe that Halloween costumes for babies in the NICU would be the last thing on these babies' parents' minds, participating in the holiday can actually be a bit of a healing experience — or at least an experience that can create some sense of normalcy during those long, difficult days and nights.

These NICU babies are spending their very first Halloween in the hospital, so why not let them (and the parents) get in on the fun a little bit? New York Presbyterian Hospital celebrates Halloween in their NICU by having their nurses and child life team dress the babies up so it's something fun for the parents and a way to help normalize the experience of being in the NICU by celebrating the milestone of a baby’s first Halloween, according to the hospital's publicist.

I'd imagine the costumes would need to be pretty minimal so they don't interfere with any of the medical equipment the babies need, and they'd have to be incredibly teeny tiny (which means they're even more adorable than you can imagine). Etsy definitely has some options for parents hoping to dress up their babies for Halloween, with many items either specifically for micro-preemies or customizable with the sizing. Plus, a pumpkin hat can go a long way, right?


Candy Corn

Though there is a pretty fierce debate about whether or not candy corn is even edible and both sides of the camp have pretty strong opinions, I think everyone would come together and agree that this particular candy corn is incredible and adorable.



Your babies truly are superheroes in the NICU, now you can have them look as strong as they are. This seller makes her costumes specifically so you can lay them on top of your sleeping baby, making it ideal for babies in the NICU needing attention from nurses or even a quick diaper change.



Not only is this costume adorable in every way, but it will definitely leave enough room for heart monitors and feeding tubes. And this particular Etsy seller can customize everything to your baby's exact measurements.



The tail is too much cute for one costume, and your baby's head will stay nice and warm in style with bunny ears attached. This particular seller makes these outfits and other costumes for babies who are 1 pound and up.



The quintessential baby Halloween costume just got so much cuter. If you're an '80s or '90s baby, I can guarantee your parents have a photo of you dressed as a pumpkin with tights underneath the giant ball of orange fabric and the little hat with stem and leaves on your head. NICU babies can get in on the fun, too, with this beautiful crocheted pumpkin hat that says "Lil Pumpkin" on it.



This Minion outfit would be perfect for a NICU baby, or even a themed newborn photoshoot. The iconic minion yellow and gigantic eyes fit on this little cap perfectly, and the overalls are soft and easy to put on and remove.



Your mini ballerina will be pretty in pink in this tutu made for micro-preemies and adorable pink onesie with the ballerina outfit printed on there — just in case the tutu is too much. The onesie folds over and snaps so it doesn't even have to go over your baby's head, making it easy to remove and put on.



Even if your baby just wore the hat, they'll be ready to save the day in this teeny firefighter costume.



Since Halloween is right before Thanksgiving, this would be the perfect hat for your baby, because not only is it a great Halloween costume, but it would be perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving, too, whether your baby will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the NICU or at home. Paired with a crochet pair of brown bloomers, you'll want to gobble your baby up because they're so adorable.



So cute, your baby will look, in this Yoda costume. The seller will customize the measurements for you before you buy, so you'll be able to make sure your baby Yoda's hat is snug as a rug.

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