10 Harry Potter Face Masks For Muggles Who Wish They Had A Pandemic Patronus

If only we had a magic spell that could put an end to this pandemic, like a form of "Avada Kedavra" just for viruses. (A vaccine would be great, too, of course.) In the meantime, though, Harry Potter face masks might be the closest thing we have to a Ministry of Magic-approved method of keeping germs under wraps. Great for kids and adults alike, places like Etsy are chockful of Hogwartsian face coverings.

Fortunately for the many seamstresses and tailors out there racing to keep us all in our own personal protective equipment (PPE), there have been loads of Harry Potter fabrics released. And fortunately for you, those fabrics have been turned into some of the most charming cloth face masks on the market, particularly for fans of the J.K. Rowling series.

As the weeks turn to months, buying more than one mask is likely going to be a necessity. So why not make it a fashion statement? Help convince your children to stay safe and protect others with a mask decorated with your kid's favorite spell, saying, or house affiliation (Hufflepuff!). But don’t forget to tell your them the real magic of the mask: that wearing it as much as possible will help stop the Voldemort of viruses.

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Essential Muggle

Essential workers are the foundation holding society together right now. I don't know about you, but when I see my postal worker these days, she looks like a superhero. Give them their due by gifting them with this Etsy mask from CustomFaceMaskStudio.


2. Washable Kid's Face Mask

Available in four different Harry Potter prints, these are designed to fit small faces, so you can buy all four and keep your kids properly protected.


Lightening Bolt Bandana

Let's be honest, not all kids (or adults) love wearing masks. The elastic may irritate ears or even fall off. Enter: the bandana. Brilliant, comfy, and effective.


Harry Potter Owl Mask

Love Harry's owl Hedwig? Then we have the mask for you. This folded version sports many little owls, a classic accessory for every new student at Hogwarts. As readers will recall, owls are messengers that help pass along information for students. This mask has a message, too: Stay safe.


Harry Potter Triple-Layered Cloth Face Mask

Fun fact: My sister attended the international Quidditch tournament in Italy two years ago. Yep, it's a real thing. If you were there too, you know. And you might be looking for a way to promote your favorite fantasy sport. What could be more perfect than this mask complete with a Golden Snitch?


6. Washable, Reusable Harry Potter Face Masks

Made of satin and cotton, this face mask was designed especially for kids. Print options include a Slytherin theme, Daily Prophet newsprint, and Maurader's Map.


Gryffindor Face Mask

Team Gryffindor all the way? Same. Almost positive the sorting hat would have said so as well. This face mask features an elastic band for extra comfort and includes a pocket where you can insert a filter (prices varies by size).


Harry Potter Face Masks

These masks come with a filter pocket and are available in a variety of prints (including all the houses and a Deathly Hallows option). Adjustable elastics are available upon request.


Reusable Harry Potter Face Mask With Filter Pocket

This could be the kind of mask Harry Potter himself would have chosen: That copper wire helps to keep your eyeglasses from fogging up when you wear your mask by keeping it snug around your nose.


Harry Potter Face Mask For Kids With Filter Pocket & Nose Wire

Another great mask with the nose wire/filter pocket combo, this one is available in Hedwig, Marauders Map, and Daily Prophet newsprint themes. Made with two layers of 100% cotton.