10 Hilarious April Fools' Day Jokes To Play On Unsuspecting Grandparents

Pranking your kids is a hilarious rite-of-passage for all parents. While kids usually love getting jokes played on them, they also enjoy getting in on the pranking once in a while. Teaming up with your kid to plan to play one of these hilarious April Fools' Day jokes for grandparents can provide non-stop laughs for your family on the first day of April.

Whether you opt for a traditional-style prank like turning a cup of juice into an undrinkable gelatin that stays stuck in its cup, or opt for a non-food related joke like writing secret messages on toilet paper. Some of these pranks are great for playing at a grandparent's house, but others can be done in your own home when they're visiting. This kind of family bonding is what makes memories that your kids will remember long after April has passed. What are you waiting for? Grab your kiddo and get to planning a prank or two to pull on grandma and grandpa.

Just be sure to clue them in on your jokes after a few minutes, because you definitely don't want to startle them or create too much frustration. It's all fun and games until a grandparent gets angry!


A Remote Situation

If the grandparents in your life are anything like mine, they might spend a ton of time lounging in their recliners and flipping channels. According to Parenting, placing a small piece of clear tape over the end of the remote's sensor will block it from being able to connect to the TV and allow hilarious April Fools' Day confusion to ensue.


Water Bottle Squeeze

While I would hate to see my kids' grandparents get doused with too much water, this water bottle prank from Parenting seems like it would be perfect for playing on unsuspecting grandparents. Simply poke small holes in the sides of a water bottle with a sewing needle, wipe off any excess water, and wait until they pick up the bottle to take a drink. The pressure from their hand holding the bottle will squeeze a small amount of water out at them.


Cheese Wrapper Surprise

If you invite the grandparents over for lunch on April Fools' Day, this trick is sure to have them howling with laughter. Have your kids help make sandwiches to serve using American cheese, but don't remove the clear plastic wrapper. As East Valley Mom Guide noted, the unsuspecting sandwich consumer (i.e. grandparents) will be surprised to find the cheese slice still wrapped and will be unable to make their way though it when they take their first bite.


Drink Jiggly Juice

This one may take a bit of planning, but according to PopSugar, if you mix some gelatin powder into a cup of juice and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours, the juice will become undrinkable. Serve the jellied-juice to grandma or grandpa on April Fools' Day and watch with hilarious anticipation as they try to figure out just what is wrong with their cup of juice.


Make Dope Soap

According to PopSugar, coating a bar of soap with clear nail polish will result in the soap being unable to create suds the next time someone attempts to use it. This is a great prank to try if you're visiting grandparents on April Fools' Day because you can bring your own bottle of clear nail polish and sneakily coat their soap during an unassuming trip to the bathroom. My personal recommendation would be to follow this trick up with a new replacement bar of soap tucked away somewhere so that they can still wash up without having to run out and buy new soap.


Serve Up A Pan Of Brown Es

I had a friend play this April Fools' Day prank at work once and it was pretty hilarious. She took construction paper and cut out a few huge letter Es and put them in a box with a sign that read "Free Brownies" so that when I opened the box, and expected to eat a delicious chocolate dessert, all I got was a piece of brown paper in the shape of an E. I can definitely see grandparents getting a kick out of being served a plate full of brown Es by their grandkids.


Toilet Paper Prankster

This one is completely easy and fun for kids to help out with. According to Today, this toilet paper prank only requires that you unroll a roll of toilet paper and write a message on the paper before rolling it back up. The message can be funny or silly or sweet, really just whatever you decide. It works great if you're visiting grandparents on or before April Fools' Day because if you roll out enough toilet paper, they won't find your secret message for a while.


Oreo Cookie Surprise

Grandma and grandpa definitely won't see this April Fools' prank coming. Simply take apart an Oreo cookie, scoop out the cream, and replace it with a layer of white toothpaste. Although PopSugar intended this prank for the kids in your life, it's easy to do and I can only imagine the look of surprise on a grandparent's face when they bite into an Oreo cookie only to find it filled with minty toothpaste. Yuck!


Faucet Fiasco

According to Today, spreading gel food coloring on the underside of a faucet will color the water that runs out of the faucet the next time it is turned on. This is an easy prank to play on unsuspecting grandparents who may be visiting on April Fools' Day, but can also be done on the faucets at their house, too. Gel food coloring tubes can easily be smuggled into their house to help create a heap of laughs on April Fools' Day.


Moving Far, Far Away

BuzzFeed suggested pranking your kids by putting a "for sale" sign in your front yard and exclaiming that you're moving to Alaska. This can easily be turned into a prank for grandparents on April Fools' Day by cluing in your kids that the move is indeed fake, but you'll be playing the joke on their unsuspecting grandparents when they come to visit. Just be sure let them in on this one after too long — it would be a shame to let grandma and grandpa waste their money on plane tickets as they scramble to figure out how they will visit you after the big move.