5 Silly April Fools' Day Pranks Grandparents Can Actually Handle


As March comes to an end, the next month sure knows how to kick things off with a bang. The first day of April is well-known for being full of merry mischief. From giggling babies to smiling seniors, I'd challenge you not to feel happy, too, when something can make the whole family smile. That's why it can be super fun for your kids to pull pranks on their grandparents that aren't too intense. Luckily there are plenty of April Fools' Day pranks grandparents can handle, because now is definitely not the time to be extreme.

If you think senior citizens might not be able to take in all the excitement, then you may be surprised to find out the opposite is true. In a recent study that was published in Evolution and Human Behavior, the official journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, researchers found that grandparents who engage with their grandchildren live longer than those who don't play such an active role in the family dynamics. So if you're hesitant for your kids to play jokes on their grandparents, just remember that pulling family-friendly April Fools' Day pranks could improve their grandparent's life in more ways than one.

Of course, you should exercise caution, though. You don't want to downright freak them out.

1. Don't Drink That Bug


For whatever reason, insects seem to be universally viewed as creepy. Maybe that's why bugs are a vital component of so many pranks. With minimal effort, your kids' will have their grandparents "bugging" out in no time. Before your parents come over, make some ice cubes with fake bugs frozen into them, as suggested in Parents, and use them to cool whatever libation grandma and grandpa ask for. Just don't forget about them in the freezer and scare yourself later.

2. Pest Prank

Courtesy of Sarah Bunton

Speaking of bugs, basically everyone in my family knows my mother and I detest roaches. Naturally, that became the theme for many jokes growing up. So now it's fun to turn the tables and see my son prank my mom with this classic gag.. Kids will sure get a kick out of their grandparents' reaction to stumbling upon this ominous container. Spoiler alert: the cup is empty.

3. Rock Candy


Have your kiddo pull a fast one on their grandparents by pretending to partake in a tricky (but tasty) trend. All they need to do is eat these candy rocks for an April Fools' Day prank, as Parenting noted. Bonus points if they pull this off while helping out with a little springtime yard work. Just make sure to clarify things before anyone tries to nibble on a real rock.

4. Faucet Fiasco


Do you plan on having your folks (or in-laws) over during April Fools' Day? If so, then your child can set up the guest bathroom with a little something extra. To play this prank, place clear tape on the faucet so the water will unexpectedly splash out when they go to wash their hands, as is noted on Today. Thankfully it's just water and doesn't require much cleaning up.

5. Tech Trouble


While the grandparents are visiting, you have the perfect opportunity to pull a slightly sophisticated prank. If your tyke loves playing with gadgets, then they'll probably enjoy this easy tech trick of changing their grandparent's Wi-Fi password and renaming their internet network, according to HuffPo. The idea isn't just to frustrate any grandparents, of course. Rather, the renamed network serves as a riddle or question and the Wi-Fi password is the solution or answer. Bonus points if you make it cute. For instance, the network could be named "who is the best grandchild?" and the answer should be obvious.

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