Mother Taking Photo Of Children With Cell Phone On First Day Back At School
These 10 Hilarious Back-To-School Pics Are All About Keeping It Really Real

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Before we get started here, I want to make something abundantly clear: I love my children. I cherish spending time with them in the summer when days can be a bit lazier and lunches don't have to be packed at the crack of dawn. That said, I also wake with glee on the day they go back to school like it's Christmas freaking morning because after all that "togetherness" I am officially done. And from the looks of these hilarious back-to-school photos, it would appear I'm not the only one.

Every year around this time, our social media feeds become inundated with those first day of school pictures. Most of what I see in my timeline are the adorable, smiling faces of my friends' kiddos proudly holding up a sign of what grade they're entering. And I love seeing them, I really do... even if I know you had to bribe the crap out of them to get that one smiling pic. But what I love even more are the parents who fully embrace the first day of school as an opportunity to practice their God-given right to embarrass their offspring and truly start the year off right.

So here's to all the parents who are out there being extra and bringing us all a laugh as we navigate that dreaded carpool line while trying not to make eye contact with anyone at drop-off (just me?).


Never Let Go

I genuinely cannot stop laughing over this photo posted by @manu.ofamaral. No, her kid is not really upset (she posted an identical one with her son), but this is just the kind of teamwork I expect from my own children when I'm trying to be funny. As far as I'm concerned, they win the internet today.


Jumping. For. Joy.

There's so much to love about this photo from @livinglaurabeth. First, I marvel at how high she can actually jump. There's no way I could catch that kind of air without also peeing my pants, because kids. I also really appreciate how she's calling out the fact that most people don't really care what grade your kid is starting. I know, it's a harsh reality, but I am here for it.


Doggone It!

When I first saw this photo from @nestingstory I thought their dog was actually taking it. Doesn't it look like fido is doing a selfie?? Regardless, the fact that their dog is like, "Hey, what about me?" and totally stealing the kids' back-to-school thunder is just priceless. Well done, Oliver. You're the real MVP (most valuable pooch).


Teenagers. Enough Said.

My friend @katiebinghamsmith is all things mom goals, but this photo proves that even she can't get her teenagers to smile on the first day of school. Or like, ever. Let's just focus on her porch which is already fully decked out for fall instead.


No Photos, Please

Courtesy of Rachel Tung

When I asked my friends if they had any funny back-to-school pictures, I got this from one of my besties, Rachel. She says, "This is actually from my son's first day of Kindergarten. He was screaming and crying and yelling and wouldn't let me take a picture so I only have this sketch as a memory. He is now in 4th grade and I still don't do first day of school with him. We are both forever traumatized." I shall now pause for moment so you can catch your breath from laughing...

Also, in case you're wondering, those words in the thought bubble are an exact quote from her son. God bless the children.


The Agony And The Ecstasy

Have you ever seen a photo that more perfectly captures the emotions of back-to-school shopping than this? The answer is no, you have not. @Ksujulie and her mini me are showing opposite sides of the end of summer coin and they are both nailing it. I mean, the sunglasses are just perfection.


So Much Labeling

Yes, @pandering_to_boys is crying, but not because she's sad her kids are going back to school. It's because of all. the. labeling. And, like I always seem to do, she's waited until the last minute. I feel this photo in my soul. Especially because it doesn't seem to matter how well I label all their things; we (read: they) always lose a solid 33 percent of their stuff throughout the year anyway.


Summer Reading At Last

Yep, @modernnaturalbaby is out here living her best life on the first day of school. Pool floats, cocktails, and those books that never saw the light of day while she was wrangling kids all summer. Hell to the yes, mama!


This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Courtesy of Nicole Pecoraro

Think it's hard to get one kid to smile for a back-to-school picture? Try three. Nicole from @momtransparenting tells me her kids are always trying to pull some ish when it comes to these pics. From flossing to tongues sticking out, she knows better than to try and fight it, so she just embraces the (hilarious) chaos instead.



Courtesy of Rachel Hebert Pavlik

Need I say more? Blogger @RachRiot is reclaiming what's hers on the first day of school. Namely, her ability to run around half naked in her backyard without a whining child in sight. Congrats, mama, you survived the summer and now you (and your girls) are freeeeeeee.

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