10 Hilarious Father's Day Cards On Etsy That Will Crack Any Dad Right Up

This Father's Day, you could run down to the pharmacy at the last minute and hunt through the mismatched envelopes and overly sentimental sentiments to find a card that's at least sort of funny... or, you could plan ahead a tiny bit and order a card online that really is funny. (Because, to be honest, even the "humor" cards you find on the shelves aren't usually all that "humorous," unless jokes about golf and ties are really his thing.) So why not add one of the hilarious Father's Day cards on Etsy to your shopping cart?

Whether you're looking for a card that's from you or your kids to your partner, or something to hopefully get a chuckle out of your own dad, there are lots of legitimately LOL-worthy options on Etsy (and they're usually way higher quality than the generic variety, too). Not to be super cheesy, but doesn't a dude as unique as your dad (or your kid's dad, or whoever has filled a the "dad" role in your life) deserve a card that's unique, too? This is the day to give that guy a little extra credit and recognition. And laughs, especially.

From dads who are into music to dads who have road rage issues to dads who dads who are going broke supporting their adult children, there's something on this list for everyone this Father's Day. (Except dads with no sense of humor. Just get those dads a card from the pharmacy.)


To The Dad You're Really Glad Is The Dad


To The Dad Who Had To Break Up Way Too Many Fights


To The Dad With Dwindling Retirement Savings


For The Other Dad With Dwindling Retirement Savings


For The Dad Who Is Actually Prince Charles


For The Dad Who Secretly Wants To Be Dwayne Johnson