10 Hilarious Father's Day Cards On Etsy That Will Crack Any Dad Right Up

This Father's Day, you could run down to the pharmacy at the last minute and hunt through the mismatched envelopes and overly sentimental sentiments to find a card that's at least sort of funny... or, you could plan ahead a tiny bit and order a card online that really is funny. (Because, to be honest, even the "humor" cards you find on the shelves aren't usually all that "humorous," unless jokes about golf and ties are really his thing.) So why not add one of the hilarious Father's Day cards on Etsy to your shopping cart?

Whether you're looking for a card that's from you or your kids to your partner, or something to hopefully get a chuckle out of your own dad, there are lots of legitimately LOL-worthy options on Etsy (and they're usually way higher quality than the generic variety, too). Not to be super cheesy, but doesn't a dude as unique as your dad (or your kid's dad, or whoever has filled a the "dad" role in your life) deserve a card that's unique, too? This is the day to give that guy a little extra credit and recognition. And laughs, especially.

From dads who are into music to dads who have road rage issues to dads who dads who are going broke supporting their adult children, there's something on this list for everyone this Father's Day. (Except dads with no sense of humor. Just get those dads a card from the pharmacy.)

1To The Dad You're Really Glad Is The Dad

"I'm So Happy You're The One Who Knocked Me Up"


Not to put too fine a point on it, but basically this is what runs through every mom's head on every Father's Day. And it's definitely a huge complement. (As well as a huge sigh of relief, depending on what some of your exes might have been like.)

2To The Dad Who Drops A Lot Of F-Bombs

"Dad, Thanks For Raising Me To Be A Proper @#$%^&* Lady"


If you picked up most of your colorful vocabulary from dear old dad (perhaps while he was shaking his fist out the car window at some driver who doesn't know how to use his turn signal, apparently), then this card is sure to get a laugh.

3To The Dad Who Had To Break Up Way Too Many Fights

"Happy Father's Day Love Your Second Born"


Ah, sibling rivalry. It never really ends, not even when you grow up and start buying your own Father's Day cards online with your own credit card. Seriously though, aren't you glad your parents had your older sibling to practice on first?

4To The Stepdad Who Stuck It Out

"Happy Father's Day From The Kid You Inadvertently Inherited"


You've got to give all the good stepdads out there major props for stepping up and being willing to build a new family with kids who very well might not be too keen on the idea of a new father figure (a premise many a sitcom has been built upon).

5To The Dad Who Could Have Done Worse

"I'm Not A Crackhead So I Guess You Did Something Right"


When a baby is first born, parents have such very high hopes for what that child will do someday... by the time they're halfway through the teenage years, however, those expectations might have significantly lowered. This card says it all: Maybe I didn't grow up to be a rocket scientist, but the worst case scenario didn't pan out either, so congratulations, Dad!

6To The Dad With Dwindling Retirement Savings

"Happy Father's Day From Your Favorite Financial Burden"


Kids: They sure are expensive! And not just when they're little, either, as any parent whose nest goes from full to empty to full again can tell you. So much for turning that spare bedroom into an office.

7For The Cool Dad

"Have A Bad And Boujee Father's Day!"


Dads aren't all corny jokes and sandals-with-socks. In fact, plenty of fathers keep up with pop culture references, and this card is perfect if that Migos song happens to be one of them.

8For The Other Dad With Dwindling Retirement Savings

"Dad, I Owe You So Much... "


Because frankly, there are kind of a lot of dads out there right now with dwindling retirement savings, and hopefully they won't hold it against their struggling millennial kids who maybe just needed a little help with that down payment, OK?

9For The Dad Who Is Actually Prince Charles

"Cheers For The Pale Skin And Ginger Hair"


Hey, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex! No need to go shopping for a card this year, because we found this one for you, and obviously it was created with you in mind. Also, this is probably a card you'll be getting yourself someday (no pressure).

10For The Dad Who Secretly Wants To Be Dwayne Johnson

"Dad You Rock"


If he's first in line every time a new Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movie hits the multiplex, and fantasizes about hitting the gym and getting "really ripped" someday, this card will make him feel like the wrestler-turned-movie star he knows he could be.