10 Hilarious Wine-Themed Products You Need To Score On National Wine Day

While one could certainly make the argument that every day is wine day, there actually is an official National Wine Day... and it's here. Held every year on May 25, National Wine Day is a real, bonafide holiday (as much as national anything else day is, anyway). Of course, there are no official ways to celebrate besides drinking wine (duh), but there are still some festive ways to mark this all-important day on the calendar... like shopping. So what are some hilarious wine themed things to buy on National Wine Day this year?

That's right: hilarious. Because sure, you could use Wine Day as an excuse to stock up on stemware or hunt for bulk wine discounts, but there are so many super funny (and sometimes even functional) things out there that will make your life as a wine drinker that much more entertaining. Whether you're looking for something to inject a little extra humor into your daily life or a gift for a fellow vino aficionado who could use a good laugh or some silly knickknacks for entertaining, there's something on this list that's sure to bring a smile to your face. (Just remember to stop smiling while you sip so you don't dribble. That's never a good look.)

1Wine Bell

Wine Bell


In a perfect world, this "ring for wine" bell would come complete with an actual butler bearing a tray of wine glasses, but the bell is pretty great all on its own. Plus, it could come in really handy on Mother's Day and birthdays.

2'#WineLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book'

"#WineLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book"


The best thing about this coloring book is that it's a way to make sitting on the couch, drinking wine and watching Netflix feel like a creative pursuit (because you'll be making legit art at the same time!).

3Wine Dispensing Tote

Wine Dispensing Tote

Uncommon Goods

A brilliantly way to BYOW anywhere and everywhere you go, this sneaky bag looks like a perfectly respectable tote on the outside... but it's a non-stop party on the inside. Perfect for picnics, trips to the beach, grocery shopping (wait, maybe not that last one).

4Winosaur T-Shirt

Winosaur T-Shirt


Think of this t-shirt as a cute, comfortable warning: If you don't get your wine, you may very likely turn into a fearsome beast. And you will require a dinosaur-sized glass of wine to make it better.

5Wine Watchers

Joie Wine Watchers


Whether you're hosting a wine-tasting or just trying to keep everybody's drinks straight at a party, these alarmed-looking little fellows are an adorable way to avoid mix-ups.

6Guzzle Buddy

Guzzle Buddy


The description for this ingenious contraption (which turns any bottle of wine into a glass) claims that users will be able to "drink directly from the bottle of judgment" — and while that may or may not be true, it also "gently aerates your wine as you guzzle/sip/quaff" (that part is more believable).

7'W(h)ine: 50 Perfect Wines To Pair With Your Kid's Crappy Behavior'

"W(h)ine: 50 Perfect Wines to Pair with Your Child's Rotten Behavior"


It's funny because it's true: This clever book by Jennifer Todryk tells you what vintage you should reach for when your kid melts down at the grocery store or won't stop getting out of bed. Cheers!

8Wine Rack

The Wine Rack


Will you ever really use this wine-dispensing sports bra? Hey, that's your business. Honestly, it'll be nice just knowing it's there if you need it!

9Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms


These wine condoms aren't what you think: They're worn to be made by wine bottles, not people, and they help to keep wine fresh when it's too tricky to get the cork back in the bottle. (Celeb fans include Amy Poehler, Mila Kunis, and Madonna.)

10'Bring Me Wine' Socks

"Please Bring Me Wine" Socks

Uncommon Goods

It might not be often that you get to actually put your feet up, so when you do, a glass of wine should appear as if by magic at your side. Don't ask out loud, let your socks do the job for you!