10 Holiday 2018 Gifts For New Moms That Are Super Meaningful & Surprisingly Affordable


Celebrating the first holiday season with a new baby is an unforgettable experience for a new mom. But along with the happiness and joy obviously comes a lot of sleep deprivation and stress. That makes it a great time to show a new mom some support, perhaps in the form of a sentimental present. And of course there are tons of affordable yet meaningful holiday gifts for new moms that she'd absolutely treasure.

While expectant moms are showered with gifts when they're pregnant, after they give birth it tends to be all about the baby. And we all know that moms typically tend to sacrifice their own needs in favor of their child's, so it's not like they're going out and splurging on their own selves all that often. This makes it all the more likely that she'll be blown away by a thoughtful gift, and no one deserves it more: From keepsakes that'll help her capture precious memories forever to meaningful jewelry that looks super chic to practical gifts that send a heartfelt message of understanding and support, there are so many great options that won't break the bank.

Here are 10 inexpensive gift ideas perfect for any new mom on your holiday shopping list.

1Keepsake Book

Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Chronicle Books

The days are long, but the years are short. Help a new mom hang on to the memories with this keepsake book. Just one line a day is a much more realistic commitment than a long journal entry, so she's much more likely to actually stick with it.

2Clay Print Kit

Hand and Footprint Kit

Casting Keepsakes

There's nothing more adorable than tiny little baby hands and feet, but before you know they're full sized. This kit helps mom capture the cuteness.

3Initial Necklace

Initial Necklace


An initial necklace with the first letter of her baby's name will help her stay connected to her little one even when they're apart.

4New Mom Box

New Mom Box


Filled with everything a new mom needs: Urb Apothecary’s Belly Mom, lavender hand wipes, a Voluspa Aurantia & Blackberry Tin Candle, a "Mama" key chain... even a fortune telling book to keep her entertained when she's stuck in the house nursing all day.

5Comfy Robe

Herringbone Textured Plush Robe

Seven Apparel

A new mom could be dealing with the aches and pains of giving birth for quite some time. And if she's breastfeeding, she'll need clothes that give her baby access to her chest. A soft and snuggly robe can make her a little more comfy in both instances.

6Custom Star Map

Night Sky Print

Luxe Art Prints

The day her child is born is one that no mom ever forgets. This special print captures what the night sky looked like for one of the most fateful moments of her life.

7Tree of Life Necklace

Tree of Life Necklace

Summer Jewelry LA

The tree of life is a beautiful symbol of the connection between a mother and a child, and this necklace is a gorgeous rendering of it.

8Family Ornament

Family of Three Ornament


There's no Christmas like your first Christmas as a parent. This adorable ornament will help her remember the milestone forever.

9Framable Print

Mom Print

Pineapple Prints UK

This sweet print will let her know what an amazing job she's doing, and as a bonus makes a great addition to the nursery decor.

10Soothing New Mom Balm

Organic Perineal Balm

Earth Mama

For the very new mom, this Organic Perineal Balm is made with a blend of organic witch hazel, lavender, peppermint and other botanicals used by herbalists to relieve postpartum discomfort.

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