These Meaningful Holiday Gifts For New Moms Are Surprisingly Affordable

Celebrating the first holiday season with a new baby is an unforgettable experience for a new mom. But along with the happiness and joy obviously comes a lot of sleep deprivation and stress. That makes it a great time to show a new mom some support, perhaps in the form of a sentimental present. And of course there are tons of affordable yet meaningful holiday gifts for new moms that she'd absolutely treasure.

While expectant moms are showered with gifts when they're pregnant, after they give birth it tends to be all about the baby. And we all know that moms typically tend to sacrifice their own needs in favor of their child's, so it's not like they're going out and splurging on their own selves all that often. This makes it all the more likely that she'll be blown away by a thoughtful gift, and no one deserves it more: From keepsakes that'll help her capture precious memories forever to meaningful jewelry that looks super chic to practical gifts that send a heartfelt message of understanding and support, there are so many great options that won't break the bank.

Here are 10 inexpensive gift ideas perfect for any new mom on your holiday shopping list.


Soothing New Mom Balm

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