10 Matching Target Family Pajama Sets You Absolutely *Must* Make Your Kids Wear This Year

Every Christmas Eve, my parents and I would put on our best tacky holiday-themed pajamas, hop in the car, and drive around looking at holiday lights on houses and in the town square while listening to holiday music. We'd usually wear matching ensembles, until my Dad started wearing his humorously ugly nightgown with snowmen on it every single year — with a tie — which he still does. This is a tradition I want to begin with my family of three, but maybe not just for Christmas. Thankfully, there are matching Target family pajamas for all occasions now, and even the dog can suit up.

That said, I have a feeling my beagles will not be too happy about this. And potentially neither will my family, to be honest. But don't people have kids to do fun and tacky stuff like this? Otherwise what's the point, right? I'm kidding. (Sort of.) That may not be the sole reason, but getting to do dorky, cheesy things (on camera) is definitely a perk to having kids. They'll learn to appreciate the memories when they're older, much like I appreciate what my family did every year... enough to want to pass down the tradition, even. I highly recommend doing this every Christmas Eve, if you celebrate. If not, you'll find plenty of other excuses to wear these. And with prices ranging from just $10 to $25, you'll certainly be getting your money's worth.


Wondershop™ Hanukkah Family Pajamas Collection


Can't let Christmas get all the spotlight. If menorahs and dreidels are part of your celebration, then this adorable Hanukkah-themed family pajama collection is perfect for your family. In festive blue, this collection has something for everyone, including babies and dogs.


Wondershop™ Gnome For The Holiday Family Pajamas Collection


These punny pajamas are perfect (say that five times fast), especially if gnomes don't creep you out. Luckily, these appear to be nice gnomes (as opposed to the garden gnome variety in Harry Potter, which leads to the next amazing set of pajamas).

3Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Slogan

Harry Potter Matching Pajama Set


These pajamas are simply magical, and can be worn all year round, with the occasion being that Harry Potter is awesome. These jammers have the famous lightning bolt scar and glasses, as well as the infamous, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" phrase from the Marauder's Map.

4Holiday Harry Potter

Holiday Harry Potter Family Pajamas Collection


Still can't get enough Harry Potter? Target has the "holiday" version, too. And as we all know, Hogwarts looked its best and seemed like it was the most enchanted at Christmas — with Halloween coming in at a very close second. Obviously.


Wondershop™ Holiday Santa Family Pajamas Collection


Nothing says festive Christmas attire like Santa outfits. Even better? There are cozy slippers and socks you can purchase to go with the pajamas. Spot can play along, too!


Holiday Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Family Union Suits Collection


These hooded onesies with a Rudolph nose and face on there are equal parts adorable and hilarious (those tails!).


Wondershop™ Holiday Elf Family Pajamas Collection


Because kids always want to include their "baby" in the festivities, be sure to pick up a pair of the doll-sized elf pajamas shown above, too. And don't forget about the elf slippers, complete with a tiny bell, to finish the ensemble.


Wondershop™ Holiday Bear Family Pajamas Collection


I can't with these pajamas. Not only are they adorable, but they're sure to fit Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear just right — as well as big sibling bear, of course. And yes, your dog can wear them, too.

9How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Doctor Seuss Holiday Family Union Suits


"Whoo" could resist these pajamas? With their Grinch-y print, they're perfect for anybody who tends to be grumpy in the morning (or just straight-up Dr. Seuss fans). These range from $15 to $25.


Peanuts Holiday Family Pajamas Collection


Good grief, Charlie Brown, these are the cutest. With Lucy, Charlie, Snoopy, and Woodstock, your entire family will be celebrating one of the greatest comics ever, in my humble opinion. (Wonder why I have beagles?) There's even a bandana to match for the Snoopy in your life!

Even though now we almost have to cut my Dad out of his infamous Christmas nightgown (but let's be real, that's part of the fun), I'm so glad we made this tradition all those years ago and continue to do so. Matching pajamas are the best, no matter what occasion. Trust.