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10 Maternity Leggings That Really, Truly Are *Not* See-Through

When it comes to pregnancy, leggings are a staple piece (not an optional one). That being said, it can sometimes be tough to find maternity leggings that aren't see through. You have enough things to worry about as you prepare for your baby's arrival, revealing pants should not have to be one of them.

In general, shopping for maternity clothes isn't a particularly good time. But a good pair of basic leggings is so essential: They can be worn a lot of different ways (with a dress, a tunic, a long tank, the options are seemingly endless), and you can even keep wearing them as your body adjusts back to normal in the weeks following delivery. Leggings have all the comfort of pajama pants with the added bonus of being "outside pants," so you can wear them to the store without shame.

As your body changes during and after pregnancy, you'll want the confidence in knowing your leggings will change with you, not betray you and by stretching out so much that it looks like you're wearing see-through tights. Thankfully, there are some maternity brands out there that understand how important this purchase is, and they've created leggings to keep you comfortable and covered. Here are 10 great options to pick from.

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Leggings That Look Like Pants

If you need something that's good for daily life, work, and after pregnancy, these full-panel ponte leggings from Old Navy will do the trick. Made from a thick material, they look deceivingly like regular pants thanks to the seams down the center of your legs (front and back), and they have rave reviews.


Cozy & Comfy

During pregnancy, comfort is key, but you don't have to sacrifice style to get it. These leggings from Motherhood Maternity offer both, and for a great price. You can pull the belly band over your bump or fold it to sit under your belly which means they will transition into postpartum pants easily.


High End & Worth The Price

The thing about Storq is that they focus only on pregnancy classics/basics so they spend a lot of time and energy to make them right. These leggings will sit below or over the belly, are made from super soft material, and have minimally exposed seams.


A Two-Pack That Won't Fall Down

What's better than one pair of leggings? Two. This two-pack from Old Navy comes with a pair of black and one pair of grey leggings that sit under the belly. They're designed to be a little tight so they don't slide down while you're wearing them, so you may want to size up (but at least you don't have to size up because the're see through!).


Leggings That Are Buttery Soft

Described as "super stretchy," these leggings are a crowd-pleaser because they're comfortable and opaque. They fit over the belly and are safe to toss into the washing machine.


Ankle-Length Leggings

If you have short legs or are stocking up on spring clothes, these leggings have a 27 inch inseam to sit at the ankles instead of bunch. They're made from moisture-wicking fabric so you can wear them as regular pants or for light activity.


Leggings With Belly Support

As your belly grows, your balance will be off and your back might start to hurt, so these leggings with a "built in anchor to lift [your belly] and redistribute weight" will have you looking and feeling good. The pants go over the belly and also provide compression all over to smooth things out and have you looking your best.


Leggings That Change With You

"Soft but not see-through," as one reviewer put it, the fabric of these leggings molds to your body to support your growing curves, and they won't lose their shape no matter how many times you wash them. Comfort is another feature satisfied reviewers mentioned.


Faux Pants With Legging Comfort

You can get these undercover leggings in black, grey, or houndstooth. They have a sewn hem, faux pockets, and are made from thick material to mimic the look of regular pants but with a legging fit.


Budget-Friendly But Still Great

These maternity leggings from H&M are highly reviewed and easy on the budget. They're made from a soft, stretchy cotton, have a fold-over waist (so they're great for during and after pregnancy), and come in three different colors.

Being pregnant comes with a lot of its own worries and stresses, and your cozy leggings shouldn't be one of them. Pick up one of these styles for yourself and rest assured that nothing will be on display that you don't want to be.