pregnant woman in leggings doing yoga
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7 Maternity Leggings That Won't Be Falling Down Every 5 Minutes

When you're rocking a large baby bump the last thing you also want to be doing is pulling up your saggy pants every couple of minutes. And yet far too many pairs of maternity leggings slip and slide off, causing that all-too-familiar mom tug. (You know the one, where you grab the front of your pants by two hands and yank up in a move similar to a cowgirl throwing a saddle on a horse? Not a good look.) Luckily, there are some clothing designers who get pregnancy pants right. There really are maternity leggings that won't fall down out there, and we found them.

The key to finding the very best leggings, of course, is not relying on shopping algorithms but rather look to other moms’ opinions, so we combed through product reviews to find maternity leggings that got four stars and resounding votes of confidence from actual shoppers. Leggings that real women said they bought multiples of because they were just so great. (Because let’s be real, you’re going to be living in these for the next several months.) Seems like it wouldn’t be a difficult thing to make stretchy, comfortable pants that can grow with a women’s swelling belly, but, come to find out, it’s harder than we thought. As the reviews suggest, the only people who can really tell you the very best leggings on the market are the ones wearing them. Makes sense. Mama knows best, right?


Maternity Overbelly Panel Leggings

"They stay up and the rise is just perfect for my baby bump," writes one Target reviewer of these Maternity Overbelly Panel leggings. Noted for being thick enough not to show lines, these pants are ideal alone or under a blouse or dress.


CLOYA Women's Maternity Active Yoga Pant - 3/4 Capri/Full Length

For moms looking to get in a workout while pregnant, Cloya offers these leggings that are affordable and exercise-ready. One reviewer even said, "I didn’t have to tug the middle section up and over my belly once while exercising!!"


Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Full Length French Terry Secret Fit Belly Leggings

These pants have a 71 percent 5-star rating on Amazon and that's likely due to what one reviewer says is the difference in these leggings to others, writing: "The biggest problem I've had from most maternity wear is that I've had to constantly pull up my pants and I have not had this problem at all with these leggings."


RUMOR HAS IT Maternity Over The Belly Super Soft Support Leggings

The problem with a lot of leggings is they may get the belly band right, but then once you slide them on you realize one horrifying truth: they're see-through. Not so with these Rumor Has It pants, at least according to one reviewer who writes, "They stay put, and are very soft. I have washed them a few times already and they are not any thinner, and are not see thru! I sincerely recommend these!"


Kindred Bravely "The Louisa" Ultra High-Waisted Over The Bump Maternity/Pregnancy Leggings

We're talking about an 80 percent five-starred pant here. These Kindred Bravely leggings are beloved because they don't make the belly band do all the work. One reviewer explains it this way: "Rather than an elastic placed right at the top of the waistline to 'hold' up some thin and stretchy fabric (I'm looking at you, Target maternity leggings!) these Kindred leggings are thick yet stretchy through the whole leg and belly fabric."


BLANQI Everyday™ Maternity Belly Support Leggings

Described as "great for a growing bump," by one reviewer, Blanqi's leggings appear to stay up throughout the pregnancy. A boon for mamas looking to limit their maternity wear to just the essentials.


Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Performance Active Secret Fit Belly Cropped Leggings

Summer is swiftly approaching, which means a full length legging might be out of the question for some moms. (Fun fact of pregnancy: You'll get overheated. A lot.) Enter the Motherhood Maternity Capri. This solves the heat wave issues while still looking stylish and staying put. And they can work as fitness pants too. "They stay up nicely and are a good substitute for my pre-maternity workout capris," writes one Amazon reviewer.