snoopy inflatable on sale at Michael's for 35 percent off
These 10 Halloween Inflatables From Michael's Are On Sale Right Now

If you're looking for some larger-than-life yet easy-to-store seasonal decor, look no further than these Michael's Halloween inflatables on sale. All regular price products at Michael's are 35 percent off when ordered online right now. And they've got classic Halloween options, movie and cartoon characters to please all ages, and even some extra spooky choices for your haunted house's front yard.

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for, whether you go for a classic orange and black theme, turn your whole house into a haunted graveyard scene with skeletons and cob webs, or just plop some pumpkins out front. Using inflatables to decorate saves you the time of hanging lights or fake cobwebs and gets put away just as quickly. But for all that ease, they still make a big decorative statement.

Each of these inflatables comes with stakes to anchor it securely into your yard, and inflates and deflates with ease. The built-in fans blow up the character in seconds once plugged in, and deflate just as quickly to be stored compactly. They also come with lights inside to ensure they can be seen from afar on dark October nights and stand out from your other decorations.


Jack Skellington & Zero

Looking to add The Pumpkin King to your decor this year? This five-foot-tall inflatable features Jack, and Jack-O-Lantern, and Jack's faithful companion Zero (complete with cute pumpkin nose). Michael's also carries a blowup Jack resting on a gravestone, if that's more your style.



While the "real" Yoda is supposedly only a little more than two feet tall, this inflatable Yoda stands around three and a half feet tall. For anyone trying to turn their house into a Star Wars scene, browse the rest of the Michael's inflatable section. They've got Darth Vader, BB-8, R2-D2, and Chewie.


A Carnivorous Plant

Plant mamas, this big bad flower will showcase your love of all things green in a frightening new way. This man-eating plant features serious fangs, purple thorns, and a spooky pot. It's also a modest seven feet tall, so, you know, very subtle.


Baby Groot

Big fan of the Marvel universe? Then this Baby Groot would make the perfect addition to your Halloween decor collection. The little guy looks adorably spooky in his "Happy Halloween" pot, wouldn't you say?


Chase from Paw Patrol

Chase is on the case! If your kiddos are Paw Patrol fans, they'll love this Chase inflatable. It features the hero's trademark uniform and a cheerful little Jack-O-Lantern.


A Fire-Breathing Dragon

Excuse me, is that a 9-foot-tall fire-breathing dragon on your lawn? This fearsome monster will tower over trick-or-treaters approaching your castle. The moving lights inside the dragon give the appearance of his fiery breath getting ready to blast the first knight who challenges him, making this inflatable one of the most lifelike on the market.


Catboy from PJ Masks

How often does "PJ Masks, we're on our way, into the night to save the day!" echo through your house?


Minnie Mouse

Nothing like a not-so-scary inflatable for kid-friendly decorations! This Minnie Mouse in her seasonal attire and orange bow is a great addition to any Disney family's front lawn. Check out Mickey Mouse in his matching outfit if you want the pair.


The Minions

The minions are arguably the best part of the Despicable Me franchise. This minion is dressed in his vampire costume for the season and ready to scare your guests. Check out other Michael's inflatables with multiple minions, too.


Snoopy & Woodstock

If you and your kids watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown each October, this inflatable is perfect for you. Silly Snoopy is popping out the top of a Jack-O-Lantern, joined, as always, by Woodstock. At three feet tall, this inflatable will fit on a porch, balcony, or out in the grass.