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10 Mother's Day 2018 Gifts Baby Boomer Moms Will Love

I don't know about you, but when I think about Mother's Day gifts for grandmothers the first images that spring to mind are kindergarten art class pot holders or photo calendars filled with pictures of smiling grandkids. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with those presents, today's grandmother is a different breed. Maybe she spent her youth following around the Grateful Dead. Maybe she went back to school and got her degree while her kids were still in diapers. Maybe she traveled the world. So what are some Mother's Day gifts for Baby Boomers that reflect the spirit of her generation? Turns out, they're about as unique as Baby Boomers themselves.

Sure, she might have some "traditional" grandma traits, too, like some serious cookie baking skills or a green thumb. But she's probably more open than previous generations when it comes to trying new ways of doing the things she loves. And let's not forget one thing all Baby Boomer moms likely have in common: the need for a little self indulgence. She's been taking care of everybody else for years, after all, so it's important for her to make her own self-care a priority, too.

Plus, someday your grown-up kids will be shopping for your Mother's Day gift, and you definitely want to set a good example. (As in, not picking up a last-minute card and a box of third-rate chocolates on the way to your parents' house). One word of warning? You're going to want all of these for yourself, too.


Greetabl Mother's Day Box

Greetabl Mother's Day Box ($12 and up, Greetabl)

Every mom is unique, and so is every Greetabl. You get to choose the box design, the contents (chocolates, face masks, candles, jewelry) and three of your favorite photos that can be torn out and saved forever. Don't forget to include a personal message!


'My Mother Was Right' Dish Towel

'My Mother Was Right' Dish Towel ($33, Amazon)

Look, you know she wants to hear you say it. This dish towel lets her know that, yes, you finally get it (but saves you from actually having to speak the words out loud).


MILÉO Labyrinth Vert Face Oil

MILÉO Labyrinth Vert ($75, MILÉO New York)

From a line called "the next generation of face oils" by Vogue, this rejuvenating elixir fades wrinkles and redness with a combination of youth-boosting botanicals like French violet flower leaf, Sandalwood seed, Kalahari Melon Seed, Magnolia Blossom, and Blue Yarrow Flower.


'Mother and Child' by Claiborne Swanson Frank

'Mother and Child' by Claiborne Swanson Frank ($77, Amazon)

Filled with stunning photography, this coffee table look by Claiborne Swanson Frank — mother, photographer, and former assistant to Anna Wintour — looks at modern motherhood through a collection of portraits featuring 70 famous mother and daughter relationships (including Beverly Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Aerin Lauder, Patty Jansen and others).


Georg Jensen Helena Tea Egg

Georg Jensen Helena Tea Egg ($50, The Line)

For the mom who loves good design as much as a perfect cup of Darjeeling, this stainless steel tea egg turns tea time into a modern art-inspired ritual. Part of the Helena tea service created by Georg Jensen in collaboration with Helena Rohner (one of Spain’s best-known jewelry designers).


Cookbook & Tablet Stand

Cookbook & Tablet Stand ($22, Goop)

Boomer moms probably have a bigger collection of cookbooks than their Millennial or Gen X counterparts, especially since they started cooking before recipe blogs were a thing. This cookbook stand makes following a recipe a breeze (and if she's tech savvy, it works for tablets, too).


Amala Beauty Rejuvenating Neck & Décolleté Treatment

Amala Beauty Rejuvenating Neck & Décolleté Treatment ($86, Amala)

Younger moms might not pay too much attention to the neck and chest when it comes to skin care, but at a certain point products targeting these spots become part of one's nightly routine (sigh). This treatment from Amala uses Muru Muru butter, cocoa bean, and Buriti to refine and firm the delicate skin in this area (and the scent is amazing).


Kate Spade Mom Heart Necklace

Kate Spade 'Mom Knows Best' Pavé Heart Necklace ($58, Nordstrom)

Subtle and sweet with just the right amount of sparkle, this necklace is a lovely way to let her know she's always in your heart.


New Moon Bath Gift Set

Aquarian Soul New Moon Bath Gift Set ($35, Aquarian Soul)

If you have fuzzy memories of the Hair soundtrack being played by your Boomer mom when you were a kid, she'll love this bath set from Aquarian Soul (including bath soak, bath tea), and New Moon Bathing Stones (labradorite, black tourmaline, black moonstone). Make sure she listens to "The Age of Aquarius" while she soaks.


Roses & Tulips Rolling Pin

Roses & Tulips Rolling Pin ($88, Terrain)

Better than a bouquet of blooms that won't last more than a few days, this flowery rolling pin is the kind of whimsical cooking accessory she probably wouldn't buy for herself (but will absolutely love). Also, it might inspire her to bake you a pie.

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