Working out with your baby is easy with these online classes to do with your baby.
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10 Online Baby Activity Classes So You Can Sing & Move Together At Home

While babies are usually pretty easy to entertain, you might find that you both enjoy doing more structured activities like sing-a-longs or dancing in a class meant for babies and parents. But what about when you can't leave the house? These 10 online baby activity classes are perfect for keeping your baby moving and learning at home.

With pretty much everyone at home right now, many mommy and me-style baby classes have taken to the internet. You can stream some right from YouTube, or sign up for an actual class that meets via Zoom. Either way, an online class can help give you and your baby something to do other than playing peek-a-boo.

Even when the world isn't practicing social distancing, sometimes getting out of the house with your baby just isn't possible. Maybe your baby has a runny nose, you were up late trying to squeeze in some alone time, or your older kids have a mountain of homework. Whatever the reason, it's just hard to load up your little one and take them to a class at a certain time on a certain day sometimes. Virtual classes can come in handy when you want to engage your baby in something fun and exciting, but life gets in the way.


Gymboree Play & Music

If you and your baby are used to attending Gymboree classes with a local instructor, you can now get your groove on by watching YouTube videos of Gymboree activities together. Each video features different activities that you might do during class time like sing-a-longs, story time, games, blowing bubbles, and more. The best part is that you can pick and choose which activities to enjoy with your baby and do so at your leisure right in your own home.


Mommy & Me Fitness

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A mommy and me fitness class is something plenty of new moms lean on for socialization with other moms and to strengthen their bodies post-baby. Born Well is bringing this same feeling of community through fitness right into your living room via Zoom during the pandemic. Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, you can stream a 30-minute class for $5 to get a workout with your baby. Babies and moms can both enjoy seeing others on screen while you all work out together.


Signing Babies

If you've ever considered teaching your baby sign language, now is a great time to get started with online classes from Signing Babies. Choose from classes offered live on Facebook as well as pre-recorded sessions that you can watch anytime. Each class session is approximately 30 to 40 minutes long. Classes teach American Sign Language fundamentals that you can use to help your baby communicate their needs. Once your baby has mastered the basics, you can sign up for additional classes that cover even more signs for different needs.


Rockness Music

Based in New Jersey, Rockness Music currently offers a free virtual music class on Fridays via Facebook live. Each class features a different theme with tons of songs babies can clap and babble along to. Previous weeks have seen themes such as trucks and Halloween in April to help get babies interested and motivated to interact with the class. If you enjoy the Facebook live class, you can sign up for paid classes that happen weekly over Zoom for a more traditionally structured class.


Bubbles Academy

Sing and dance with instructors from Bubbles Academy via Zoom. New registrants can sign up for individual classes by purchasing a "pay what you can" ticket for up to $20 per class. Once registered, you will be sent a Zoom link for that specific class so that you and your baby can enjoy class together during the scheduled 30-minute class time. For babies, class options include a babies and toddler music class and a family movement class that parents and siblings up to age 5 can also enjoy.



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While not every Kindermusik instructor offers a virtual option for classes with your baby, Kindermusik with 88 Keys Piano based in Georgia is currently hosting online classes. If you've ever taken your baby to a local Kindermusik class, you already know just how fun and exciting these musical experiences are for your baby. If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying singing and creating music with your baby through Kindermusik, you can request a free introductory class before you officially sign up for your online sessions.


Gyminny Kids Gymnastics

Babies ages 9 to 15 months can enjoy the Joeys class from Gyminny Kids Gymnastics in Rancho Bernardo, CA completely free online. You can choose to either watch the class on Zoom at the scheduled class time, or head to their site anytime to watch a YouTube recording on the live class whenever is convenient for you. Class content is structured around basic movements like pushing, pulling, and rolling to give babies a solid foundation that promotes balance and coordination. New content is being added daily, so be sure to check back regularly for more class time options.


Mom & Baby Yoga

If you enjoy yoga and have wanted to find a way to get your baby involved in the practice, virtual mom and baby yoga classes from Emily Masnoon can do just that. Sign up online and stream the class each Wednesday to learn how to make the most of your yoga session with your baby in tow.


Parent & Me Program

The Parent and Me program at Pump Station groups babies and their parents into different sessions based on the month and year your baby was born. Led by credentialed therapists who specialize in child development and maternal mental health, each class includes developmental play, music and singing with your baby, a check-in session where you can have all of your parenting-related questions answered, and general support for you as a new parent. Classes are currently offered online via Zoom so that you can conveniently join in from the comfort of your own home.


Wondertree Kids

Your baby can participate in a different online class each day of the week courtesy of Wondertree Kids. With music on Mondays, sensory play on Tuesdays, story time on Wednesday, crafting on Thursday, and dance parties on Fridays, you and your baby can have a blast learning and playing together. Although you must register for each class, sessions are currently free for participants to stream via Zoom through April 17.