10 Peppa Pig Quotes That Showcase Her Sassy Side

Peppa Pig seems pretty sweet and kind, right? She has that smile pasted on her pink face 24/7, after all, possibly leading viewers to assume she's all goodness and light. But, similarly to other truly brilliant charmers, young Peppa has a lot more going on behind that smile than what meets the surface. Case in point: These Peppa Pig quotes are a master class in sass, despite the fact they're geared towards teaching your children valuable life lessons. I wonder if the sass was added for the benefit of parents? Either way, her one-liners are pretty hilarious... and brutally honest.

As many parents are probably well aware, Peppa Pig is a Nick Jr. show starring Peppa, her family, and various animal friends who speak in charming British accents, which makes everything sound a tad better. The show has been on television since 2004 (it had a small hiatus from 2013 to 2015), but in recent years, Peppa Pig has found epic popularity among the under-4 set. The show is watched in 180 countries all over the world, with little American fans becoming so enamored with the series that some parents have reported their children taking on a British accent when they talk, according to MSN. Ha!

Without any further ado, here are 10 Peppa Pig quotes that showcase her sassy side.

Laugh At The Ones You Love

Body shaming isn't Peppa's only raison d'etre. When someone is in a tight spot, say, Daddy Pig gets stuck on the slide because he's too big, she really likes to rub it in. As the poor man sits there wedged on the slide, gently telling Peppa it's not funny (as she scrambled up behind him to revel in his misery), the little pig calls down, "It looks very funny Daddy!"

Body Shaming Daddy Pig

Presumably Peppa Pig loves Daddy Pig, but she is not exactly gently nudging him to make healthier choices. In several episodes Peppa full-on body shames Daddy Pig for having a "big tummy," like the time when he jumped in the pool to cool down and she reminded him, "Silly Daddy, your tummy is too big." Honestly, this is just one of the many times Peppa body-shamed her own father. How savage.

Sometimes She's A Sore Loser

Peppa's best friend is Suzy Sheep, who is apparently amazing at playing cards. So amazing, in fact, that she won two games in a row during a playdate with Peppa in an episode called "The Quarrel." Unfortunately, however, Peppa accused her of cheating. But instead of offering up a genuine "I'm sorry" when she decided to apologize, she doubled down and said on the phone... "But you did cheat." Oy.

Going After Grandpa Pig

Peppa Pig is an equal-opportunity shamer, I guess. Want some proof? In an episode called "Grandma and Grandpa Pig's Attic," Peppa visits her grandparents, a visit that didn't go to smoothy. When her grandfather shows her the attic, here's what goes down:

Peppa: "What's an attic?"

Grandpa Pig: "It's where we keep all our old things."

Peppa: "Like YOU Grandpa?"

Stay strong, Granda Pig.

No Time For Adult Talk

Honestly, I might not blame Peppa for this one. It all started when Peppa's father and uncle got together for a chat, during which she got bored. Like immediately bored, so much so that she says to them, "Blah, blah, blah that's how daddies talk!" When her aunt points out that her baby cousin, Alexander Pig, likes when she talks, she says, "That's because I'm very interesting."

That's what you call staggering confidence, folks.

Silence Is Golden

So, this is not a quote, per se, but just one of the most hilarious moments on Peppa Pig. She and her pal, Suzie Sheep, are both learning how to whistle. Suzie nails it and shows off her new skill to Peppa over the phone. But instead of reveling in her friend's new trick, a shattered looking Peppa slowly hangs up on her friend.

Poor George

Throughout Season 1 of Peppa Pig, she was pretty busy letting her little brother George have it, to the point where "George you've done it all wrong!" became something of a catchphrase. As someone with little brothers, however, I side with Peppa on this one. He probably was doing it all wrong.

All About The Balloons

"In the world there are two kind of balloons. Up balloons and down balloons." - from the episode, "Peppa Pig and George Pig Chasing Dinosaur Balloons." If this isn't a divinely simple way to encourage your kids to be positive and cheerful, I don't know what is. Apparently, Peppa can get pretty esoteric when she wants to.

Follow The Rules

If you're worried Peppa is just a wild and crazy pig, relax. She knows when to follow the rules when it's important. Let's not forget when she said, "If you are jumping up and down in muddy puddles you must wear rain boots." And that girl loves a muddy puddle so she knows what she's talking about.

There When You Need Her

When Mandy Mouse, a new character who uses a wheelchair, was first introduced on Peppa Pig she was instantly brought into the fold. Peppa exclaimed "Mandy, you're good!" when she played basketball, which is rather unusual for the competitive young pig.

In the end, Peppa is a complicated character with deep feelings and flaws. Just like the rest of us. So perhaps that's what your kids can learn from her. You can make mistakes and keep trying, it's going to be okay.