Here's What To Get On Amazon To Fill The Baby Shark-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

There are few novelty songs that have ever become as popular as "Baby Shark." I don't know what it is about the cheesy little ditty and its accompanying video, but it's everywhere. And when Amazon released the singing baby shark plushie? The internet erupted. I swear, it was as if Megan Markle and Beyoncé announced they'd be running for office at the same time. Pandemonium. Alas, they quickly sold out and parents sighed in defeat. But perhaps it's too soon to throw in the towel. There are a variety of things on Amazon that will fill the Baby Shark-shaped hole in your heart.

Indeed, though kids will of course be disappointed to learn that the much-desired "Baby Shark" singing plush doll sold out in under three days on Amazon, children are also pretty flexible, and there are already a ton of cool shark products out there thanks to pop culture phenoms like "Shark Week" and Finding Nemo. You can find everything from educational toys to pool floats to shark cookie cutters, if you're into baking. Basically, there's no end in sight to this obsession. Why would there be? Sharks are pretty badass, after all, and this trend seems to have teeth.


Shark Hand Puppet

You'll need one of these for each hand. (And you know that you know the "Baby Shark" dance, so don't pretend you don't.) This hand puppet is taking your game to the next level. Sure, you may have missed the original toy, but now you're basically the best because you're making the dance cooler.


Baby Shark Hoodie

For your very own Baby Shark, this hood is surrounded by teeth... so it's a little shark, a little Demogorgon, to be honest. But it will be 100 percent adorable on your baby.


Shark Book

Reading with your kids is incredibly important. Why not take their love of "Baby Shark" and turn it into a learning and bonding experience by buying this American Museum of Natural History book to enjoy together?


Shark Plush

Any stuffed baby shark will be a popular addition to your kid's collection of plushies at this point. (Only available from third party sellers, watch the ship date when you buy to make sure you'll get it in time.)


Shark Inflatables 12 Pack

Let's be honest. If you're going to buy inflatables, you have two choices: accept that it's going to die a painful death soon after purchase, or buy a bunch. This is for people who do the latter. I have two kids and two cats and anything that blows up is not long for this world at my house.


Shark Art

I remember my first mix and mold art kit. It was a My Little Pony and I named her Pebbles. This mix and mold shark kit works the same way it did 30 years ago, and it's just as fun.


Shark Anatomy Kit

This is my favorite gift on this list. Not only does it teach you all about the anatomy of everyone's favorite toothsome fish, it's also a puzzle. Do you know how long this could occupy some children? Hopefully long enough to get the "Baby Shark" song out of your head.


Shark Tail Blanket

Move over mermaids, the shark tail is where it's at this year. This machine washable dream of a blanket will keep your little murder fish warm and cozy during the long winter nights. It also keeps them fairly immobile, so, win/win.


Giant Shark

I guess this would be Papa Shark due to its size, and it's hilarious. Can you imagine wrapping this thing? I suggest just tying a bow around its neck and calling it a day. Otherwise, you'll need one of those giant toy sacks.


Galaxy Shark Hoodie

I legitimately just ordered this for my 10 year old. He's going to be so pumped to unwrap it and put it on. It takes Baby Shark into the stratosphere, gives it a cowboy feline, and throws up ROYGBIV.

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