10 Signs Your Partner Is The Sexy Dad In Your Group

You've seen him on the playground. At swim class. At preschool pick-up. Everyone knows one: the sexy dad. Not only is he absolutely adorable with his children, but he's super easy on the eyes. "Wait a minute," you think to yourself. "My partner is a dad. And I think he's pretty sexy... oh my God..." Is your partner the sexy dad in your group?! Is that a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Should you be concerned? Well, let's learn a little more and see. (TL;DR version: maybe, yes, no, no.)

Let's be very clear here: a sexy dad is more than just a hot bod and a pretty face. A father can look like Brad Pitt, Idris Elba, and Jason Momoa rolled into one, but if the dude isn't an attentive partner who actively participates in parenting their child, he can never wear the mantle of "sexy dad." Take Don Draper, for example, Sexy. Check (like, a million checks). A dad. Check. But he's a terrible dad and an even worse partner, ergo Don Draper is not a sexy dad. See how this works? To be sure, once a woman becomes a mother, the sexy bar is raised, for anyone who's going to keep up with her can't skate by on a six pack and charm.

Friends, if your man is the sexy dad of your group, be proud! As long as nobody is being a creepy goober about it, rest easy knowing that your crew is merely appreciating his fineness and your excellent taste. Here's some surefire signs that you're the envy of your mom squad.

Your Friends Blush Whenever He's Around

You: Girl, are you hot? Sunburned? What's going on? What's this? What's all this going on in this whole face area?

Them: *blush deepens*

You: *look over to where they're looking and see your partner doing some shirtless yardwork* Oh. Yeah. I tap that.

They're Always Telling You How Lucky You Are

Because he's so good with your kids! And he brings you flowers! And he's proactive about housework! And he reads interesting books that you discuss together! And he's such a pillar of the community!

What remains unspoken is: And I could drown in those dreamy brown eyes!

If They Know He's Going To Be Around They Dress Up For Playdates

This is the first time you've seen Jessica not in yoga pants and a top knot since Fletcher was born 2 years ago. You almost don't even recognize her. Hold up: is that lip gloss?

He Always Seems To Come Home With These Stories About How This Mom Struck Up A Really Long Conversation With Him At The Store

And, sweet naive dummy that he is, he has no clue that they were flirting and, from the sound of it, flirting hard. It's okay. You're not jealous: he came home to you.

There's A Group Of Moms You Don't Know Who Stare At Him At The Playground

Bless their hearts they're trying to be inconspicuous but they have zero game whatsoever. Nice try making it look like you're looking at your cell phone, other mom: the screen is facing me.

They Play The Compare/Contrast Game

Usually in proximity to refrains of "You're so lucky." For example...

"You're so lucky your partner insists you go out once a month, meanwhile, convincing my dude I need to go for a girls' night is like pulling teeth and he acts like I owe him afterwards."

This results in the fact that...

Your Friends' Partners Hate Him

Even if they've never met. Because you're not the only one who hears these "compare/contrast" stories. Your man is, frankly, making them look bad, possibly on a few levels. (Though, hey dudes: maybe you'd have more luck redirecting your hatred into upping your game...)

All Social Media Pictures Of Him Get Triple Digit Likes

Seriously, your pregnancy announcement didn't even get as many likes as a picture of him in a tight t-shirt pushing your kid on a swing. (To be fair, it's an amazing picture.)

People Say He Looks Like A Notably Hot Celebrity, Even If He Doesn't

Like the way I said my high school crush looked just like Leonardo DiCaprio even though the only similarities were blonde hair and a baby face. Often, when you find someone in real life attractive, you begin conflating the real life crush with a fantasy crush. Projection: it happens.

They Straight Up Tell You

"Your husband is hot."

"Thanks. I know."

Because we're all friends here, and we know these are simply innocent little crushes.