10 Signs You're A Mom That's Way Into Zumba

It doesn't matter where I'm at (the grocery store or the mall or just walking around outside, if I hear music) I start dancing. It doesn't matter the kind of music and it doesn't matter if there people around, I'll just start moving. Chances are, my neighbors have seen me randomly dance a time or two (or ten). So, it makes sense that I'd be a mom way into Zumba, especially now that my time is limited and if I'm going to move around for an extended period of time on little-to-no sleep, it better be fun.

So, yeah, I am one of those "annoying" people that practice their Zumba steps in the grocery aisle. I have no shame. I make no apologies. When I hear music, I'm back in that gym and able to stop thinking and, well, as a new mother who is constantly thinking of things she has to do, that's a godsend. Not only have I been able to continue a love for dance that I discovered in high school (thank you show choir, you were the best) but I have been able to lose my pregnancy weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and prepare for my wedding day and the dress I plan on wearing. Perhaps the best part, though, is my ability to strip myself of stress and worry and just enjoy being me, in the miraculous body that grew and sustained and birthed my daughter. Zumba allows me to do something just for me (because yes to #selfcare) and feel powerful in a body that is nothing short of amazing.

So if you see me on the sidewalk bustin' a move, know that I'm not ashamed. In fact, give me a wave, especially if you're one of those people, too. Ain't no shame in my Zumba game, and if the following sound familiar to you, you probably don't have any shame either.

You Smile When You Hear A Song In Your Zumba Routine

A smile often is usually a sign of happiness and happiness, in turn, usually means you're enjoying something. If your automatic response to a song you exercise is a smile (and not absolute dread or aching muscles) it's safe to say you're a Zumba mom. Smile away, my friend. Smile away.

When You Hear Music, You Automatically Start Moving

This is when you know you are enjoying Zumba and it has become not just a way to exercise, but a way of life. It can also mean, especially if you're not afraid to bust a move in public, that you've chosen to live stress-free (or as stress-free as possible) and to do things that you enjoy, regardless of what others will say or think. That's the dream, you guys.

You Want To Teach Your Kid So They Can Dance With You

According to the National Dance Education Organization, movement is one of the most natural forms of communication for children, because it is what predates their ability to communicate verbally with us. Why not help them along by teaching them some of your simple moves? It guides and directs them in motion and is a simple, fun thing you can share together. Besides, what child doesn't want to be like their mom?

You'll Dance In The Middle Of A Grocery Store

If your Zumba classroom is anything like mine, everyone pretty much sets themselves up in lines from the front of the room to the back and latecomers just have to fend for themselves and find a free spot. Dancing down the aisle at a grocery store is kind of like that, but with getting errands done at the same time so, you know, it's even better.

Sometimes I'll start walking down the aisle and then change into a salsa and then to jazz square and then back to a normal walk. What do others do when they see me? I don't know. Honestly, I don't care. I'm staying healthy and happy and completing errands in a fun way. In fact, you ever see me doing Zumba down the aisle, come join me! I promise it's a fun way to do your errands.

You Pay Almost Too Much Attention To Your Instructor

Oh sure, you "pay attention to the instructor" when you're in class, but do you really and truly pay attention? You look to see what they do and follow their movements, but how often do you really look at them to see the way they breathe? How often do you really look at them and notice when they're getting ready to transition to a new movement or end the song? If you start noticing these seemingly inconsequential details, you might just be a Zumba mom.

You Encourage Others To Try Zumba, Too

The more the merrier, right? If you have found something you truly enjoy that takes away your stress and makes you feel happy and healthy, of course you'e going to want to share it with friends and family members and acquaintances and random strangers on the street.

You're Constantly Envisioning Zumba Routines

Full disclosure, I constantly envisioned potential Zumba routines when I was pregnant and technically "not allowed" to Zumba. When I was told Zumba was no longer safe to do when I was pregnant, I was devastated, so I spent my time mapping out potential moves that, while I couldn't do then, I could eventually do when my pregnancy was over. I was still able to get the benefits of Zumba, while being safe.

You're BFFs With Your Zumba Instructor...

If you're attending Zumba regularly, you'll know your instructor and your instructor will know you. Like, everything about you. Before you know it, you have a close friend who just so happens to get your butt in shape on the regular.

...And Your BFFs With Your Classmates

When you start going to Zumba on the regular, you'll definitely begin to form friendships with the people who manage to show up every week, too. You can ask one another about your kids (or complain together about your kids) and have the opportunity to socialize and work out simultaneously. I mean, you guys, it's just the best.

You Know Certain Zumba Routines By Heart

It takes a lot of practice and regular attendance of class to memorize a routine by heart absolutely perfectly, but if you're a Zumba mom, getting to that point will be no problem. If going to the gym and listening to awesome music and dancing with some newfound friends and memorizing freakin' awesome moves means you get a few moments to yourself, you'll be all about it. I see you, fellow Zumba mom. I see you.