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10 Signs You're Going To Be A Cloth Diaper Mom

While most moms-to-be don't think much about diapers, cloth diaper moms give it some serious thought. Same goes for what to do with dirty diapers. Regular moms are like, "Ummm, throw them in the trash?" Cloth diaper moms have a wash, dry, and storage routine worked out, and may have outlined that routine on a laminated sign by the washer (guilty). If you already know you're a cloth diaper mom, or if you are still trying to decide if it's for you, there are a few clear signs you're going to be a cloth diaper mom. Trust me, as a cloth diaper mom myself, I showed them all.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper my baby's cute behind for a variety of reasons. I was serious about reducing my carbon footprint, my family budget was tight, and probably most importantly, they are so freaking cute. So I did hours of online research about what diapers to try and how to use them, visited a local cloth diaper store, and met tons of other cloth diaper moms.

Eight years and three fluffy adorable butts later, and I am hooked. Seriously, it's totally addictive and fun and that's even including the gross parts. I've spent hours perfecting a wash routine, hundreds of dollars on cute diapers, and have spent more than enough time worrying about whether or not a favorite diaper will stain or be outgrown than is probably healthy.

If you are expecting a baby and considering cloth diapers, be on the look out for these signs. You might just be a cloth diaper mom.

You Know The Secret Language

Cloth diapering is not like it was when I was a baby. Cloth diapers now come in so many styles (prefolds, flats, fitteds, pockets, all-in-ones, hybrids, wool, snaps, and aplix, just to name a few). If you are a cloth diaper mom, you know what all of these words mean. I was so overwhelmed by all of the available choices, I actually ordered a package deal to try several kinds before I committed to one style or brand.

You've Completed Hours Of Research

I spent hours on cloth diapering forums and reading reviews. I also did a ton of research on the best ways to store, clean, and troubleshoot diapers. I may have been a little obsessed about it.

You've Asked Potential Daycares If They're Willing To Do Cloth

If the first question you ask a potential daycare or nanny is whether or not they are willing to use cloth diapers, you might be a cloth diaper mom. I came to interviews prepared to show them how easy it was (and how cute they are).

Your Baby Hasn't Been Born Yet, But You've Already Bought A Stash

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

I purchased so many diapers before my baby was even born. Then, I figured out what worked and what didn't and sold the ones my daughter outgrew or I didn't like on swap boards. Who knew that there was a market for used diapers. Cloth diaper moms, that's who.

You Know What A Diaper Sprayer Is & Consider Buying One

You may wonder what happens to poop-filled diapers when you use cloth. Cloth diaper moms know you have options for handling poop, depending on time, energy, money, your baby's age, and the type of diapers you use.

At first my strategy was to "dunk and swish" diapers in the toilet. Some cloth diaper moms buy sprayers that attach to the toilet or use a spatula to scrape poop (yes, a spatula). Others use liners to prevent poop stains. This time around, though, I'm lazy, so until my son's poop becomes something that rolls off into the toilet, I throw them in the wash, as is.

You've Bought At Least Three Types Of Detergent To Try

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Washing cloth diapers is unfortunately not as easy as throwing them in the wash. The good news is that there are websites and local stores who can help you learn the ropes. You know you are going to be a cloth diaper mom, when you already have a wash routine worked out, before your baby is even born.

You Look Up Your Local Water Hardness Level

A few months ago, we needed to buy a new water softener. When the salesperson asked what our local water hardness level was, he was shocked when I answered as easily as if he was asking for my mother's maiden name. You see, water hardness seriously impacts your cloth diaper washing routine, so I totally know, as a cloth diaper mom.

You've Special Ordered A Diaper

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

It's so ironic that I originally decided to cloth diaper to save money, because you can totally spend a ton on cloth diapers, especially fancy ones or special order prints. Like most things in parenting, you can do it on the cheap, but almost every cloth diaper mom I know has splurged on a cute diaper a time or two, because Wonder Woman cloth diapers are a thing you guys.

You Join A Diaper Co-Op

If you're like me you love to save money. I never buy cloth diapers unless they are on sale, and I even joined a few co-ops for great deals and to try new styles without breaking the bank. If you join a cloth diaper co-op, you are definitely a cloth diaper mom.

You Convince Your Partner To Do It

Convincing my partner to try cloth was a process. He asked questions like, "The poop goes where?" and, "Are you sure they will get clean?" and, "How much do they cost?" In the end, I convinced him by promising to do all of the diaper laundry and by showing him how much money we could save by skipping disposables.