10 Struggles Only A Basic Mom Can *Totes* Understand, Obvi

Never in my life would I have used "basic" to describe myself. Before kids I was the sh*t. OK, well, I thought I was. I mean, I was a lead singer dating a cool drummer, throwing my middle finger in the air and wearing black studded boots. I was hardcore. I had an edge. And then I had a baby. Now my daily life consist of struggles only a basic mom really understands because, well, that's what I am now, people. I'm a basic mom.

To be clear, I'm not bummed out about being basic, either. Sure, I guess I kind of sound upset, but I'm comfortable in my Lululemon yoga pants, sipping on my pumpkin spice latte while my hair is up in a messy bun. I get that "basic" is regularly used as an insult, but I've come to realize that it honestly doesn't have to be. I know who I am and what I like and I don't feel the overwhelming need to prove I'm "cool" by liking unpopular things or impressing people with my "edge."

And I mean, who cares if I like pumpkin spice everything or how often I wear stretchy pants instead of jeans? Is that really something people concern themselves with? News flash: it's no one's business how often I shop at Target, thank you very much. If it makes me happy, that's where I'll be. So with that in mind, and because I'm all for embracing this newfound, basic happiness on the daily, here's some struggles only us "basics" truly understand. This pumpkin spice latte is for you, my friends.

When You Promised You'd Never Wear Leggings Every Day Of The Week & Now You're A Liar

If I had a damn nickel for every time I swore I wouldn't be "that" mom — the one always dressed in stretchy yoga pants or always wore comfy running shorts — I'd have enough money to buy an island. The older I got, the more I realized jeans are the worst, and if I work from home, and my kids don't care, why choose to be uncomfortable all day? If my LuLaRoe pencil leggings, or old, ragged Moving Comfort shorts are in rotation, it means I'm living my best life, however "basic" that life might be. So please, cast your judgments elsewhere.

When You Have No Social Life Because You'd Rather Stay In & Eat Yogurt

Sure, I used to be this outgoing, fun-loving human who could knock back shots and pull all nighters with the best of them. But now I'd much rather curl up on the sofa with my trusty vanilla Greek yogurt and watch This Is Us on repeat. I'll take the Jack and Rebecca over a wild night at a local watering hole any night of the damn week.

When You Want To Hate Pumpkin Spice, But You Just Can't

Oh, how I tried to stay as far away from all the pumpkin spice hype as I could. I kept to my Milky Way lattes religiously, until I purchased a pumpkin spice candle for my home and my whole world changed. Sorry if I love feeling as though it's eternally Autumn, people. You just can't beat the warm feeling pumpkin pie spice gives you, so I want that magic in pretty much everything. Soap. Food. Lattes. Hair products. Candles. I have no regrets.

When You Don't Have Any Phone Storage Because It's Loaded With Pictures Of Your Kids

My storage currently says I've used 48.9 of my 64 GB, and it's all pictures of my children. OK, it's also pictures of my cat, but for the most part it's my kids. Sure, people might not appreciate 89 close-up pictures of my son's forehead, but I love my babies. They're adorable. They're precious. So, yeah, I don't care if my phone is loaded with pictures of my children. Whatever, forever.

When You Have a Standard "Look" Without Realizing It

Every now and then I do put on actual clothes, makeup, and make my hair look a little less "momish." But for the most part, I have a pretty standard look that's easily recognizable by those around me. I just don't have the time or energy to devote to a "signature style" that mirrors whatever is trending at the moment. I mean, I don't really leave the house anyway, so what's the point?

When Your Social Media Presence Is Mostly Kid-Related

I'm an author, and I post links to my work and any career-related news that may or may not be relevant. In other words, I do, in fact, have a life outside my children. You just wouldn't really know it, though, because the majority of my social media presence documents my children's lives. Sorry not sorry, guys, but they're a big part of my day and they're hilarious and they're cute and whatever, if you don't like looking at pictures of my kids don't follow me.

When You Spend Hours Googling "Family Crockpot Recipes" & You're Not Even A Little Ashamed

Oh how different my life would be if I didn't waste hours looking up weekly meals to feed my family. Oh well. At least crockpots are a thing.

When You Can't Remember The Last Time You Did Something To Your Hair

When I had long hair it was in a messy bun all day, every day. Now that it's shorter I do, well, nothing with it. The name of my beauty game is "easy," and I'm not at all sorry about looking "basic" if it means I get to sleep another five or so minutes in the morning.

When You Try Some Pinterest Lunch Thing & Fail Like A Champ

At the start of every school year, I do my best to try a bunch Pinterest ideas in an attempt to give my kids cute, Instragram-worthy lunches. Yeah, two days in and I'm done with that mess. Guys, it's too much work. My kids are lucky if they get a sandwich and chips in a paper bag. Maybe some basic moms stick to expertly crafted fruit kabobs in the shape of animals, but I don't have time to be that basic.

When Your Purse Is A Backpack

I sure as hell need more room than a small purse offers to stow away random Legos, snacks, and my giant notebook. How do you think I've survived parenthood, you guys? So, yeah, I'm basic as hell, and I'm proud of it.

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