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10 Things To Stream On Netflix On Tuesdays, Because Tacos Shouldn't Get All The Glory

It’s Tuesday, the day where you’ve just eased into the week, you’re done with Monday, but you have two whole days until Friday. It’s a day that requires a bit of an energy boost to get you through the rest of the week. Taco Tuesdays help for sure, but not all of life’s problems can be solved with tacos (only about 90 percent of them). That remaining 10 percent can be solved by watching TV (obviously), and it’s important to curate your evening programs with your Tuesday mood. So I’ve put together 10 things to stream on Netflix on Tuesdays that will help get you through the week (and pairs well with tacos).

Tuesday is a bit of an oddball: you’ve finally come to terms with it not being the weekend, you’ve been through the onslaught of “Monday” jokes, and it’s not quite hump day: it’s more like “that slight incline before you reach the hump” day, which doesn’t really roll off the tongue. If you tracked weekdays like a lifetime, Tuesdays would be those awkward preteen years in middle school, when you joined band to make friends but someone emptied their spit valve onto your flute case and you just want to quit. But enough about me, let’s get right down to those cathartic Netflix shows that will help you conquer those Tuesdays and turn them into Yousdays.



Portlandia is one of my favorite sketch comedy series on Netflix, for the simple reason that it takes real life social awkwardness, and amplifies it to the point of absurdity. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are masters at pinpointing those little social foibles and turning them into an art form. It really takes the sting out of a day of frustrating social interactions, or all the anxieties you may have about upcoming appointments.


'I Think You Should Leave'

Similar in topic to Portlandia but very different in execution, I Think You Should Leave is another sketch comedy that forces us to confront human awkwardness in its most egregious, hilarious forms. As the brainchild of Tim Robinson, it can be best described as "weaponized misanthropy," but it's somehow cathartic.


'The Good Place'

The Good Place is the ice cream of comedy series: it will make you feel good, it's addictive, and you'll never get sick of it. You will completely fall in love with the cast (including Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, D'Arcy Carden, William Jackson Harper, and Manny Jacinto) who will charm your forkin' socks off. If you had a rough Monday and you want to turn it around on Tuesday, this is a great chaser.


'Queer Eye'

The Netflix reboot of the original Queer Eye reality series is like caffeine for your self-esteem. The new Fab Five work as an incredibly positive team who go around improving peoples' lives not just with a makeover (including their homes or space of choice), but a message of positivity to love and care for themselves.

The Fab Five visit the homes of a diverse range of people, and their mantra of self-care and love, as well as connecting to others, reaches out to the audience as well. If you're having a rough Tuesday, or just want to feel empowered for the rest of the week, you will fall in love with this show (and yourself).



Aggretsuko is not just for anime fans (or metal fans): it's for everyone who has had a job, or felt downtrodden or like the world perceives you as meek. It follows the life of an adorable, often frustrated red panda as she navigates her accounting department job, her dating life, and learns to recognize what her wants and needs are. If you're having a stressful Tuesday, you'll relate to Retsuko's problems and enjoy her vengeful karaoke sessions.


'Lilo & Stitch'

This is one of my favorite cheer-up children's movies that's for the whole family. Its positivity never becomes too saccharine, and it's a Disney movie that manages to portray complex family life and emotional issues, all punctuated by the alien shenanigans of Stitch.


'Salt Fat Acid Heat'

One of the best times to go grocery shopping is early during the week to beat the crowds and have fresher ingredients for your dinners. But it can be tough, especially when you're having a busy week, to find the inspiration to plan your meals. Salt Fat Acid Heat can give you inspiration for both cooking and eating out. Samin Nosrat, cookbook author and host of the show, relishes food with such passion, her enthusiasm is infectious, and she shares some of the basic ideas behind good cooking (and eating) that will help you feel like the master of your food destiny.


'Our Planet'

As you enter your work week, parenting week, or general life week, sometimes it's easy to lose perspective due to the business and stress of life. Our Planet, another wonderful nature documentary featuring the voice of David Attenborough, is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring, it will help take you on a miniature journey through the world, to whisk you away for a moment to gain a refreshing perspective on life.


'Taco Chronicles'

Taco Chronicles is not just an ode to the taco, but a deep dive into Mexican cuisine, offering insight from people whose love for this iconic food, and for their culture, will give you a newfound appreciation for the taco's importance and how cuisine can inspire us.


'Groundhog Day'

It was a Tuesday on Feb. 2, 1993, but that's not the only reason Groundhog Day is a wonderful movie to watch on a Tuesday night. This classic comedy movie (which, in my opinion, is less of a comedy than a meaningful drama with comedy elements) examines the dreaded human condition of monotony. The film explores the concept of finding ways to appreciate life, and that the slog of a monotonous week can also be rife with opportunity to grow as a person.