10 Things You Need To Know If You're Having A Taurus Baby

If you conceived between July 25 and August 15, chances are you'll be welcoming a tiny Taurus into your family come April or May. That's good news for you. The bull baby is strong and cheerful. An earth sign, Taurus is grounded and steady. Just because you have an easy baby on your hands, though, doesn't mean you don't need to do your homework. The Zodiac may not be the "be all end all," but it can absolutely provide some insights. Here's what it has to say if you're expecting a Taurus baby.

Born mid-May, my little girl is the consummate Taurus. Our friends dubbed her a "trick baby" because she was so placid she convinced them to have their own. (The same could not be said for their unpredictable little Gemini.) She was pleasant to be around, and a solid eater and sleeper from the beginning. As a toddler, our girl is as bullheaded as you might expect (she really doesn't like to be told "no"), but her sweet, shy personality wins everyone over. As a mom, I love the way she plays independently.

Caring for a baby, even one as agreeable as a Taurus, is no easy feat. I don't know about you, but I'll take any hints I can get as I raise the next Adele:

They're Snugglers

Affection is the order of the day for your cuddly little Taurus! When it comes to a baby bull, there's nothing a hug can't fix. They're naturally good sleepers, too (don't tell your friends), so that snuggle session might very well segue into a delicious nap for the two of you.

They Crave Security

Can't put your Taurus baby down? You're not alone. Feeling safe is a primary need for your little torito. Swaddling and being held can help meet those needs for security. Don't fight it. Instead, invest in a good baby carrier, and you might consider introducing a safety item for baby to attach to, like a lovey.

They'll Want To Be Outdoors

An earth sign, Taureans thrive in the natural environment. If you're a homebody Cancer like me, this might be a stretch for you. Go for a brisk walk in the stroller, post up at the park, or spread a blanket out in the backyard. Engaging in physical activity is important for your little bull, and sunshine and fresh air are good for both of you!

They're Sensitive

Taurus is a "touchy-feely" sign — literally. Your Taurus baby will be seriously in tune with their senses of sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell. Because they're so adept at using their five senses, Taurus babes experience everything at a heightened level. Notice how colors and sounds affect your extra-sensitive infant and adjust accordingly, and expose them to music early (they'll love it — promise!).

They Have Healthy Appetites

Your little bull will likely start out eating just about anything and in fairly large quantities. You'll have to be careful that their natural interest in food doesn't develop into poor eating habits. A Taurus toddler will have strong opinions on what they do and don't like, so capitalize early on their affinity for food by introducing a variety of foods (especially vegetables) when you make the move to solids.

They Have An Oral Fixation

If any baby is going to develop a sucking addiction, it's definitely the Taurus. Taurus baby is all about the senses, so you guessed it, everything goes in the mouth. If you introduce a pacifier, be prepared for a battle when it comes time for your willful little bull to kick the habit. Although we never used one, my partner and I are in the same boat with the thumb, so go figure.

They Can't Be Rushed

The Taurus baby is the epitome of "slow and steady wins the race." Try not to get too worked up about milestones. They'll get there, methodically and in their own time (a theme you'll see play out as they get older). Later on, you may need to help your Taurus child develop skills to fight their instinctual laziness, but for now, don't push.

They Play Favorites

What's your baby doing when they're engaged with their senses all the time? Deciding what they do and don't like, that's what! Soccer ball? Love (*begins lifelong devotion to sport*). Green beans? Not so much (*don't even speak the word in their presence). Taureans can maintain their favoritism for their entire lives, so if you don't want to spend the next 18 years listening to Rihanna ("Mommy, more 'work work work'!"), be careful what you expose them to!

They Thrive On Familiarity

Your little bull is a creature of habit. They are looking for continuity and ritual. Predictability is the name of the game, so this is not a baby you want to take by surprise. Know that your child is sensitive to changes in routine, environment, and company, and do your best to prepare them ahead of time.

They're Stubborn

Taurus is legendary for its obstinacy, and your baby bull is no exception. Little Taurus will happily wait you out in the hopes that you'll give in to their desires. When they're older, you'll do well to explain and reason with them as opposed to outright punish, but until then, you may see glimpses of that fabled temper (tiny baby fists of fury!).

Don't worry. Placate that Taurus baby with some time, love, and tenderness, and they'll be back to their reliable selves in no time.

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