10 Thoughts Every Mom Has When Christmas Is Finally Over

There's no denying that the holidays are magical. The lights and the parties and the food and the family time; it's all a joy. However, it's also a lot of work. In fact, it can be daunting, especially for moms. As the holiday season winds down and the big day comes and goes, there are thoughts every mom has when Christmas is finally over; thoughts that are both positive and a little negative.

Now that I have kids, Christmas is entirely different than when it was just my husband and me celebrating. While it's definitely a lot more fun, it's also definitely a lot busier. Prior to having children I never decorated much and, for several years, we didn't even have a tree. Now? Well, now we go all out; lights and wreaths and little Santa Claus figures and snowmen decorations everywhere. I happen to think it's pretty great.

Having kids added a whole new dimension to the holidays that I never truly appreciated before. It also added stress and chores and necessary preparations that, when you don't have kids, just aren't that important. The buildup during December is taxing but, for the most part, worth it. Still, in the days after Christmas, the come down is almost palpable and just because Christmas has passed, doesn't mean the work is finished. So I know there are some thoughts every mom has when Christmas is finally over, including the following:

"That Was Exhausting"

After a month (or more) of holiday preparation, it's suddenly all over. One minute there are stockings by the chimney and presents under the tree, and the next it's Dec. 27 and everyone is coming down from the holiday high. Once the day has come and gone it usually hits you that, wow, that was really freakin' exhausting. Like, the most exhausting. Time for a nap (probably until the new year, if at all possible.)

"Our Home Is A Disaster"

Glancing around at the mess — the new toys everywhere, wrapping paper on the living room floor like litter in a back alley, ribbons dangling from the ceiling fan — it's easy to realize that your house is never more trashed than it is after Christmas.

Sure, you could start clean up right away, but I say take a break. Let the kids play with the boxes and stuff. That's all they really care about anyway, right?

"Why Did We Buy So Many Toys?"

No but really, what were thinking? It's not like we looked around our home in November and said, "You know what this place could use? More loud, obnoxious play things for our children." Ugh.

"How Soon Can I Hide That One Noisy Toy?"

Why does someone always think it's OK to buy my toddler the noisiest toy ever created? Why did someone think it was OK to create noisy toys, in the first place? Apparently people who hate parents.

"We Need More Space"

Where are we going to put all this crap? I need a bigger house, or at least some built-ins in the garage. Maybe I should've given my husband a saw or something. Merry Christmas, dear! Here's some lumber, now go build something to store all of our children's stuff.

"How Long Can I Get Away With Leaving That Tree Up?"

Man, I don't want to deal with the tree right now. I have a couple weeks before it's a problem, right? Plus, the kids love it so much. Maybe next year we'll just buy a fake tree and leave it up all year, or whatever.

"I Need More Chocolate"

Where are the kids stockings? I know there's some in there. Judging by how mesmerized they are by that big box and leftover wrapping paper, they definitely won't notice if I take a piece (or seven).

"Somebody Better Help Me Take All This Crap Down"

I am not doing this by myself. Somebody needs to get in here and help me take down these decorations. I'm not climbing that ladder, either. Nope. Not happening. There are other people in this house who are more than capable of taking down a damned wreath. I'm not doing it. Now where's that chocolate?

"I Hope There's Some Pie Left"

We had like three pies yesterday, but surely these gluttons didn't all the pie. Oh, of course. The only one left is pumpkin. Thanks, family.

"I Can't Wait Until Next Year"

Christmas is awesome and I'm so sad that it's over and look at how happy my children are. Only 363 days to go. Yikes.