10 Times Babies Were More Attached To Your Phone Than You Are

Sure, it's easy to complain about technology and how we're all obsessed or addicted to it. In fact, you can use some technology to look up a bunch of articles about how horrible technology is. Still, it's hard to deny how helpful these technological advances are, especially when you're a parent looking to keep your kid entertained for a few minutes (or hours). Those little handheld gems known as iPhones are life-saving, which is probably why there are times when babies are more attached to your phone than you are. While the majority of our generation (and the generations before us) remember a time when we couldn't hold a phone in our hands, our babies are growing up in a world where handheld devices are not only common, they're a necessity.

When I had my daughter, I was on my phone around her far more than my mother was every around a phone with me. Say what you will, but I'm pretty thankful for the times I could use my phone to keep me occupied (I mean, what else are you going to do in the middle of the night during a feeding, or when your baby is asleep on your chest?). As a result, my baby girl doesn't view my phone as anything other than just a normal device, or "toy," and uses it with relative ease, which is nothing short of impressive. Of course, the debate of how much time children should be exposed to technology is very real and probably necessary. However, I don't think screen time has impeded on her learning abilities or social skills at all. In fact, my daughter is right on track (if not ahead) in her learning abilities, and I credit much of that to the learning apps and games she plays.

Still, there's no denying that my kid can get pretty attached to my phone. Thankfully, I know she's not alone, as this "struggle" is one many parents face. With that in mind, here are a few babies who love our phones as much, if not more, than we do. At least it's adorable, right?

When This Baby Already Mastered The Touch Screen

Talk about getting a head start on that whole eye-hand coordination thing, right? This kid is going to be texting like a boss in no time.

When This Baby Can Make A Call Before Crawling

I definitely don't remember reading about the "baby can figure out a cellphone" milestone in any of the baby books, so clearly there's been some oversight. Still, it's pretty impressive when a baby can make a phone call (or in this case, figure out how to use a map?) before they can crawl out of the living room.

When This Baby Figured Out How To Turn An iPad Into A Learning Device

Sure, there's an on-going debate about the amount of "screen time" a baby or toddler or kid should have. I'm sure, like almost every other parenting debate flooding our social media feeds, different people have different opinions. IN the end, though, it's pretty difficult to deny that some of those learning apps and games are beneficial. I mean, just look at this kid go!

When This Baby Was Having A Serious Phone Conversation

We all get it. We've all been there. Leave me alone when I'm on the phone and especially if I'm in the middle of a very important phone conversation, like this baby clearly is.

When This Baby Carried Two Phones Everywhere

You never know when you'll have to carry on two conversations at what. Time is money, people.

When This Baby Refused To Hand The Phone Over...

Once babies get a hold of a phone, they tend to not want to let go of it. It's a new toy and very complex and exciting and who wants to share something so fun?

...And These Babies Ended Up Fighting Over The Phone

Some may call it fighting, but I'd rather just call it the beginning of a very long and fruitful sibling friendship. Yeah, I'm going to go with that.

When This Baby Wasn't Ready To End Their Phone Conversation

Well, I mean, I would cry if someone took my phone away, so this is only fair.

When This Baby Was Going Through Extreme Phone Withdrawal

You do what you gotta do, baby. Sometimes it's pretty awkward to not have a phone in your hand so, in a pinch, I guess a foot would do. (Also, raise your hand if you're just jealous of this baby's flexibility. Lucky baby.)

When This Baby Found An Entirely New Use For A Phone

These days, phones are way more than just phones. I mean, they double as computers and televisions and, in this baby's case, a chew toy. Talk about multifunctional.