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10 Hilarious Times Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Was Just Oh-So-Sassy

Chrissy Teigen has become pretty much everyone's favorite social media influencer for one simple reason, in my opinion: she is always herself. I get the sense that she doesn't put much thought into how she's perceived or whether or not people will like her if she behaves a certain way, which naturally makes everyone like her even more. Because authenticity is a seriously attractive quality in a human being. And it looks like her daughter has inherited Teigen's innate sense of self, no matter the situation. To prove my point, please enjoy these 10 incredible times Teigen's daughter Luna was the sassy little queen we all deserve because, TBH, she's learned from the best.

Luna Stephens is the 3-year-old daughter of the Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author and her husband, EGOT-winning singer John Legend. The couple also share 1-year-old son Miles, who so far seems to be a pretty chilled out version of his older sister if Teigen's social media posts of him smiling and relaxing are anything to go by. Which bodes well for Teigen and Legend, since I suspect they are going to have their hands full with Luna.

Although that being said, Luna might be all sassy and spicy, but she's also incredibly entertaining, as evidenced by these 10 examples of her being sassy and outspoken... two qualities I personally love in a human.

When She Gave The Perfect Side Eye

Little Luna doesn't just act like her mom, she looks like her too. In fact, her incredibly expressive face has been compared to her mother's face (Teigen is sort of famous for not being able to control her reactions) in thousands of memes across the internet, according to People.

But this photo of Luna giving an expert side eye while Miles grins happily is probably my favorite example.

When She Refused To Be Called "Cute"

Do you think Luna is cute? Whatever you do, don't tell her. Because she will set you straight and remind you she is "never cute, ever." Because she's pretty. Get it right.

When She Busted Out Her Tough Negotiating Skills

The Lip Sync Battle host recently sat down to some pretty intense candy negotiations with Luna, who took the whole thing very seriously.

In the end, she held out for two pieces of candy instead of one, proving she's a pretty great negotiator.

When She Insisted That She Knows, Well, Everything

Luna is very close to her grandmother, Vilailuck Teigen, who lives with the family. But that doesn't mean she's willing to concede to a grown woman would know more than a 3-year-old. After all, she knows how to eat a bunch of food and swim. Sure, she can't drive, but she points out she can learn when she gets a little bit older. Case closed.

When She Showed Off Her Twirl

When John Legend was in New York City set to perform for Saturday Night Live in May, of course Luna got to say the whole "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!" thing, according to Billboard. But she also added a little twirl, plus she looked ready to drop her mic and walk off stage. A perfect tiny diva.

When She Was Not Happy With Being Filmed

Back in October, Teigen was having a little family fun with new baby Miles, 2-year-old Luna, and her mom by pretending they were hosting a television show. The only problem was that one of the main stars named Luna refused to be acknowledged. Maybe she didn't want to share billing...

When She Fed Her Baby Brother

Luna tried to be a nurturing big sister by feeding baby Miles his bottle but he just wouldn't hold it with his own hands. She gave up, he looked wary, it was all great.

When She Said "No, No, No!"

Last July, Teigen posted a video on Twitter of Legend warming up backstage before a concert on account of he's a famous singer with a beautiful voice and everything. Except to his daughter... she was yelling at him to stop despite getting the concert for free. Maybe she's not a fan.

When She Ordered Some "Wine"

Apparently kids listen to everything you say, as Teigen found out after she was playing restaurant with her daughter recently, and little Luna ordered herself some wine. Which she drank before anything else. That's next level.

When She Got Sassy With Her Grandma

And speaking of restaurants; when it was Luna's turn to serve her grandmother some food from Luna's Playhouse, she was clearly not chasing those sweet five star Yelp reviews. Vilailuck tried ordering Thai food but she was told to "go down the street if you want some Thai" by Luna. Who promptly said "Bye!" because honestly, her shift was probably over and she wanted to go home.

Luna Stephens truly is a sassy legend. I can't wait for this to continue forever.