10 Normal Things Every Pregnant Woman Cries Over

It comes as no surprise to anyone that pregnant women cry. Well, no surprise to anyone who's been pregnant or have been around pregnant people. However, to newly pregnant women and their partners, the frequency and intensity of such strong emotions is nothing short of surprising. You cry all the time and about things that wouldn't normally evoke a single tear. In fact, you might cry so often you think there's something wrong. There isn't, though. There are totally normal things all pregnant women cry over that while weird, to be sure, are not even remotely out-of-left-field.

When I was pregnant for the very first time, I was overwhelmed by the force of my emotions. I felt all the feelings all the time. Every emotion was amplified, so I was super happy when I was happy (and cried) and super sad when I was sad (and cried). Other times I had no idea what the hell I was feeling so I cried. Once, while driving to work, "Single Ladies" came on the radio. Now, I've never considered myself a huge Beyoncé fan, but I straight-up cried at that song because I thought it was so good. I cried. At "Single Ladies."

At that point I knew there was just no explanation for all the many things I would cry over, so I stopped trying to figure it out and just went with it. So, if you're pregnant and completely perplexed about all the things that make you cry, know that you're not alone. I guarantee you, most (read: all) pregnant women have shed a few tears over the following:

Puppies And Kittens

Because, really, how could you not cry over puppies and kittens? They're just so damn cute. When you're pregnant, it's not only frustrating stuff that makes you cry, it's cute stuff too. Your capacity to handle all the cuteness just goes out the window.

Baby Food And Diaper Commercials

I'm convinced advertisement companies are sadists, praying on emotional pregnant women in order to push their products. Sadly, however, it freakin' works.

Fill a commercial with a ton of squishy, sweet, happy babies, and you've got a million pregnant women sobbing their eyes out. It's inevitable.

Your Favorite Song

You know the one, dear reader. It's the one that's so good you can't help with cry. When you're not pregnant it's a pretty good song, sure, but when you're pregnant? Best. Song. Ever.

The Wrong Food

There are few things more important to a pregnant woman than food. We obsess over it and crave it and and pretty much need to eat constantly in order to keep from starving (or becoming irrationally upset).

So, when you get your heart set on something you want it more than you've ever wanted anything ever and nothing else will do. If you ask your partner for chocolate ice cream and chocolate vanilla swirl walks through that door, tears are falling. Just no way around it, I'm afraid.

Other People's Babies

This is just a given. If you someone you know has a baby, you are going to hold it and then you are going to cry. You will imagine your baby and emotions will happen because this is just what pregnancy does to you.

The Weather

It could be a beautiful day and you'll be moved to tears by the bright, warm sun on your face. Then again, it can be a crappy day and you cry because it's cold and raining and depressing. Regardless, chances are relatively high that you're going to cry about the weather.


That sweet, sweet ambrosia. There is nothing on this world better for the soul of a pregnant woman than a big hunk of chocolate. So good it will absolutely bring you to tears. Well, at least that's what happened to me and I'm perfectly OK with it.


Why does it have to be so hard, driving from place to place?! There are so many people and they're all in your way. This is more of a rage cry than a sad cry, but that fifth red light you're forced to wait out is going to do some emotional damage.

Maternity Pants

I did everything I could to wear jeans for as long as physically possible. Hell, I even did the rubber-band-around-the-buttonhole thing to extend my pants. However, the time came when I had to switch to maternity pants, and it was an emotional transition for sure.


I used to cry every single time someone gave me a hug. Overkill? Yeah, totally, but whatever. I was pregnant and so, so emotional. Hugs were life.