You Definitely Won't Regret Dressing Up Your Pet National Ugly Sweater Day

Let's face it, not all fake holidays are equal. Nutella day is good, onion ring day is bad — at least as far as your coworker's breath goes. Apparently, we're just a few days away from another fake holiday, and I don't hate this one, because it's actually pretty cute... if you don't mind things being hideous. A holiday celebrating all things ugly sweater related is right up my ridiculous alley, and I think everyone should be involved (including my own furry family). So I found 10 ugly sweaters for your pet for National Ugly Sweater Day, which just happens to be on December 21.

Most people don't know this about me, but I used to be quite the Goodwill-shopping mallrat in the late nineties and early aughts. I purchased a great many of my sweaters and shirts at charity shops, and I prided myself on the level of "ugly old guy" look they had to them. They paired quite well with my bell bottomed jeans and corduroy pants. I collected many a hideous sweater and sweater vest in those years, and while some of them were tragically lost in various clothing purges throughout the years, some real gems were saved, and I love them. And since I also love dressing my dog and cats up in clothing and taking pictures of them, finding holiday sweaters for your pet for National Ugly Sweater Day is a real boon for my 'gram.


Cat Santa

There is a distinct chance that in putting this on your cat you will get clawed, bitten, hissed at, or possibly cursed. However, beauty is pain (just ask anyone who's ever tried to bathe one of those little ungrateful balls of fur and teeth).


Rudolph, The Funny-Bootied Puppy

You didn't even know that your dog needed a fleece sweater with a reindeer on it. Thankfully, the people at PetsMart knew. They knew and they made it.


Fa La La La Llama Doggo

My dog's fur resembles a llama already, and she has a wonderful underbite like a llama, so adding a sweater to the mix is just enhancing the magic.


Let It Snow

This one is a winter classic. Sure, it's good for an ugly holiday sweater party, but it's also got a whole "puppy fairisle" thing going for it.


Merry and Bright

I had a dog that looked just like the one in the picture. She would've looked amazing in that sweater. Sure, she'd have filled it out a little more than what was strictly necessary, especially around the doggo midsection, but she loved food and lived with toddlers who dropped tons of it on the floor for her enjoyment.


So Ugly It's Cute

The color is hideous, the stripes garish. The reindeer is another level of "nope." In short, it's perfect for the holiday.


Because You Have A Guinea Pig That Wants In

So you're not taking your guinea pig out for a walk. So what. They shouldn't be excluded from the Christmas fun. Dress them up. Get them a fancy wheel. Have a party.


Nostalgic Knit

Deck the halls with your doggo in this delightful sweater. It's perfect for your holiday party, as the retro reindeer print is really ugly-cute.


Pet or Elf? Why Not Both?

Just think of it this way: When your dog's tail really gets wagging, it will look like the elf is dancing. It'll be adorable.


Jingle Bell Rock

I give this collar one hour on your dog before it annoys the crap out of the cat and they attack it. At least they're entertained.


Santa Cat Harness

This is about all my cats might allow on a very good day. They're jerks. Alas, it's not going to stop me from trying.

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